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South Durham Farmers' Market


5410 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (984) 377-7301
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Photo of Mary Lemmer Mary Lemmer
Aug 28, 2021 4

A small, friendly farmers market with plenty of parking and a fair amount of variety. I wish they allowed dogs, since there’s plenty of outdoor space and (at least when I was there) no prepared food vendors.

Photo of Jake Hofmann Jake Hofmann
May 29, 2021 5

Great outdoor market only on Sat. mornings.

Photo of Jenna Spain Jenna Spain
Jul 3, 2021 5

A smaller Market with all the seasonal essentials, plus a few specialty vendors!

Photo of Benita Perkins Benita Perkins
Jul 10, 2021 5

Fun vendors with quality, locally produced items.

Photo of Daniel Englebretson Daniel Englebretson
Jan 29, 2022 5

Great people in a low pressure environment. Good variety of goods, plus some pretty great coffee and pastry options while you pick up your goods.

Photo of Trudy Hurley Trudy Hurley
Oct 31, 2020 5

Always great produce and friendly people.

Photo of Greg Paschall Greg Paschall
Oct 31, 2020 5

A nice variety of local produce, poultry, beef and pork products, baked goods, and even seafood. We were happy to still find fresh tomatoes today.

Photo of Robyn Miller Robyn Miller
Oct 10, 2020 5

My favorite market. The vendors are so friendly.

Photo of Quynh Nhu Dao Quynh Nhu Dao
Jan 16, 2019 4

Small retail plaza lot, but a nice find. Especially keep returning for the educational lessons on mushroom varieties from Fox & Forea Farms(?) as well as the sunflower sprouts!

Photo of écrivaine périple écrivaine périple
Aug 20, 2020 5

Obviously I come here for the fresh vegetables and foods!

Photo of Rebecca Murison Rebecca Murison
Jul 23, 2020 5

The best local farmer's market. They always have fantastic vendors and great products.

Photo of Becky Winders Becky Winders
Jun 13, 2020 5

Smaller, convenient, and well run. I love buying food from friends. The farmers are so dedicated and conscientious.

Photo of Detra D. Davis Detra D. Davis
Aug 3, 2019 5

Amazing as always. I love this market.

Photo of Belle Duvall Belle Duvall
Mar 14, 2020 5

They had some nice stuff. No gluten free stuff this week

Photo of HC Tally HC Tally
Mar 7, 2020 5

Awesome organic products. Super friendly vendors. Great choices for a small market.

Photo of Micheal Peters Micheal Peters
Feb 15, 2020 4

Great place to pickup fresh produce, meats, cheese, and flowers. Great people too!

Photo of Lee Nelson Lee Nelson
Oct 26, 2019 4

Very cute and nice local farmers market. Everyone was very nice and I love the fact that it's a year round market. Unfortunately they do not allow dogs which is the first time I've come across that kind of rule at an outdoor farmers market. That being said I still plan to go back in the near future.

Photo of Erik Raudsep Erik Raudsep
Jul 29, 2019 5

It's amazing to meet the farmers fisherman and butchers of your food they give you great ideas on how to make it ways you may have never thought of before.

Photo of So Oo So Oo
Jul 27, 2019 5

An excellent place to purchase good farm grown eggs, fruit, meat, pastries, and vegetables. There are herbs and ornamental plants for sale too. An overall great place that adds value to South Durham and which supports local and regional entrepreneurial small businesses!

Photo of Evan Creekmore Evan Creekmore
Jul 6, 2019 5

Lots of great vendors, fresh produce, flaky baked goods, and fresh local cheese. Definitely worth a visit on the weekend.

Photo of Almira Stirrup Almira Stirrup
Nov 19, 2018 5

I've been going to this market since I was a teenager and I love the small community of farmers who sell there! You always know you're getting fresh and local produce (its in the market rules!) Theres nearly always something interesting going on there so go check it out!

Photo of Roselyn Kachuck Roselyn Kachuck
Dec 1, 2018 5

I almost hate to say how good it is. It is small enough to be a neighborly market, all the vendors know us. Just large enough to have all you need - fresh home grown greens, farm raised meats, home baked goods, etc. Now, I am afraid if it is discovered, will it get too big? In the meantime, if you like farmers market, try this one.

Photo of Jim Gundersdorff EA Jim Gundersdorff EA
Nov 3, 2018 5

This market isn't as large as the market downtown. The parking is better than downtown. The vendors are excellent! It is a more intimate shopping experience. It's like seeing good friends with great food each week. It has incredible variety. We buy treats for ourselves most weeks. Support your local Farmer!

Photo of Kathy G Kathy G
Jun 15, 2019 5

Farmers Market every Saturday. Lots of vendors. Great variety of goods. Open from 8:00-12:00 in the summer.

Photo of Savanna Steele Savanna Steele
May 11, 2019 5

This time of year (early May) is such a perfect time to go to the farmer's market. Several stands are loaded with lush green plants, veggies, and bouquets of flowers.

Photo of Nichol Tate Nichol Tate
Apr 23, 2022 4

Nice place to get locally and humanly/ organically raised food. The bakeries are amazing. So many beautiful plants and flowers.

Photo of Michael Kirschner Michael Kirschner
May 23, 2022 5

Fair prices, friendly vendors and people that go. We'll definitely go again.

Photo of Dan Dalton Dan Dalton
Jun 11, 2022 5

Quaint, diverse, friendly and value-driven.

Photo of Todd Cherner Todd Cherner
Jun 26, 2022 5

Fabulous little farmers’ market that has a good selection of fresh produce, meats, pasta, seafood, and even soaps! Plus, they have some guest vendors who bring different foods and products to try. Definitely a great place to spend some time on a Saturday morning! Parking is easy, they do some special themed markets from time to time, and I kinda like that it’s dog free. Totally kid friendly.

Photo of Amy Van Devender Amy Van Devender
Jul 18, 2022 5

Somewhat different than my local farmer's market with later in season vegies, more exotic selections and fewer crafts. The peaches were so good. Friendly vendors.

Photo of Princess K Princess K
Aug 20, 2022 5

Lots of produce, CBD, Bakery goods all l9cal, all fresh