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Sound Pure LLC


732 Washington St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (888) 528-9703
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Photo of Kurt Ebersbach Kurt Ebersbach
Apr 8, 2022 5

Great folks to work with. Responsive, fair, prompt, friendly, just amazing customer service all around. And the quality of the instruments is off the charts. I now have two guitars from Sound Pure, and they're my two favorites. Special shout out to Ted Gasper who has been my point of contact there.

Photo of Richard Molk Richard Molk
Apr 10, 2022 5

Only THE BEST!!! I ordered a guitar from them and was able to easily reach and discuss all the particulars before and after purchase. Shipping was rocket fast, safely packed and even had a sticker warning to let the guitar acclimate for 24 hours before opening. All in all, a wonderful experience and I will certainly order from them again. Zak was tremendous. Thanks for all the extra effort. Rich

Photo of Justin Kosler Justin Kosler
Jan 6, 2022 5

These folks are fantastic to deal with. Very attentive to their customer's needs. Also, the gear they maintain inventory over is superlative. You could do a lot worse than shopping here, but you couldn't do a lot better!

Photo of Bob Powell Bob Powell
Mar 2, 2022 5

Wonderful people to deal with. Went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the transaction, even threw in free shipping which was not part of the deal. My new instrument arrived very quickly and was packaged well. Highly recommended!

Photo of Charles Cote Charles Cote
Feb 10, 2022 5

Ted and the guys at Sound Pure are my favorite place to go for audio gear. I have been recording for 30 years, and have dealt with just about every large music company out there, and while a lot of them are great, Sound Pure is a cut above when it comes to service and wide range of gear they offer. They also have given me very fair values for trade ins, which has allowed me to evolve my setup as my needs change. The Sound Pure staff are recording experts themselves, and use the gear that they sell every day, so they are able to discuss the nuances of the gear and share their personal experiences. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Photo of Bill Rogers Bill Rogers
Mar 25, 2022 5

Great working with these folks. Mr. Brooks answered any questions I had about my recent purchase of a Martin. My new guitar arrived very well packaged and ready to play. Frets, intonation, and the overall set-up were perfect! A great company! Thanks much Sound Pure LLC!!! Buck in TN

Photo of Bob DeVellis Bob DeVellis
Dec 22, 2020 5

Knowledgeable, friendly helpful folks. Barrett Brooks is the acoustic guy and dealing with him has always been a pleasure. Update: Since my initial review, I've purchased additional instruments -- both acoustic and electric -- from Sound Pure and have had equally good experiences each time. In some cases, the purchase involved trading an insrtument I already had toward the purchase of something new. Rob, the luthier who assesses trades, was clear and fair. You always take a bit of a bath on a trade because the store needs to leave room for the cost of any minor repairs and profit on a future sale. But given that constant, there's still a fairly wide variation in how badly you're hit when trading. At Sound Pure, I was given realistic expectations even before I brought the instrument in and feel that I was always treated fairly. Another point worth noting is that Sound Pure has in their inventory some of the best guitars available. They carry several top brands and it's great to be able to compare them side-by-side. The merchandise and experience are very different from what you'd find at a big-box store. The staff are really helpful and the atmosphere is low pressure. This may not be the place to bring Junior for his first budget guitar that nobody anticipates he'll retain any interest in for more than a couple of weeks. But for more serious players, this is a great place to find outstanding guitars at fair prices and with excellent service.

Photo of Sean Bonney-Burrill Sean Bonney-Burrill
Mar 31, 2022 5

Incredible experience shopping here! I have ordered several things from Sound Pure and each time it has been a great experience. The staff are incredibly knowledgable and super happy to help in any way they can. I personally have worked with Ted a couple of times and appreciate his help each time I call with a question. Do yourself a favor and order from Sound Pure, you'd be hard pressed to find better service paired with such a great inventory anywhere else.

Photo of Lizzie B Lizzie B
Dec 2, 2020 5

I just bought a mandolin here and am very happy with the entire experience. Thanks to Zak on the sales team for helping make this a very pleasant and very smooth transaction. This was my first visit to Sound Pure, and I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a high quality instrument and high quality service!

Photo of Michael Keane Michael Keane
Dec 4, 2020 5

I just purchased my first guitar online and discovered Sound Pure since they were the only retailer offering what I was looking for. I am extremely satisfied with the level of service and care. The guitar came quickly and in perfect condition. I was basically assigned my own representative to field any questions or issues, so I'm confident that they would have handled anything that came up. Definitely recommend!

Photo of jay bolan jay bolan
Sep 18, 2020 5

I discovered Sound Pure by coming across some mic shootout vids. I m a long time Pro Performer /Artist, I Produce and Compose Music for a multitude of TV shows. Originally from L.A. ,Now living in Vegas. Ive had long relationships with "GC ,VK" and SWM. After my experience with Ted at Sound Pure . i will no longer purchase high end equipment from anyone else ..(UNLESS THEY DONT CARRY IT)..;not only is the customer service outstanding , so are the Pro Deals!! and my gear ships to me with no sales Tax...So far this year ive purchased an API 2500 , Bock Audio 47, Neumann U67 Collectors Edition and a matched pair of Telefunken M60s from Sound Pure . If they carried Neve i would have happily purchased my 1073spx pair from Sound pure also. Thanks Ted

Photo of Lee Garrett Lee Garrett
Sep 24, 2020 5

I've never gotten to visit the physical location but this is now my go-to for pro audio. First off, they know what they're talking about. They're also honest, low pressure and simply easy to work with (particularly my man Ted Gasper). Their deals are exceptional as well. I've dealt with other retailers and most don't even come close. These guys make sure it's a great overall experience, every time.

Photo of Brian Reites Brian Reites
Sep 10, 2020 5

SoundPure is the best music store in town. They have awesome guitars/gear constantly flowing through the store and are also willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service. Eddie, has helped me out with numerous times and has created a loyal customer for life!

Photo of Mark White Mark White
Jul 28, 2020 5

Sound Pure is by far one of the best in the nation if not THE best! They helped me with a special order of a James Tyler guitar. They made it quick and easy. Zak was especially great! He even called me during the waiting time (during Covid) just to see how I was doing!! That’s a real professional right there! I would not hesitate to work with Zak and the staff and the owner again.

Photo of Joe De Paolo Joe De Paolo
Aug 4, 2020 5

Drum specialist Barry Knain from Sound Pure was extremely helpful in my search for a snare drum. When I told him what I was looking for in a drum, his expert advice was spot on. If you are ever looking for a snare drum, I strongly recommend first giving Barry's snare drum demo videos a watch. He knows snare drums from the inside out. In my opinion he is a drum specialist of the highest order. I have been drumming for over 40 years and I have not yet heard a person speak of a drum and its nuances in the way that Barry does. He truly knows his craft. Also his willingness to help, and his easy demeanor during our phone conversations and email exchanges, made my purchasing a snare drum from Sound Pure seamless and as easy as 123.

Photo of Charles Li Charles Li
Jul 2, 2020 5

They have a great collection of guitars, useful specs and reviews. Craig was great helping me out with a purchase of an Eastman.

Photo of esdel1955 esdel1955
Jun 16, 2020 5

Best guitar buying experience ever! Zak is The Man. He’s totally committed to your satisfaction. Great guitar, fast shipping, top notch customer service - I highly recommend!

Photo of Ashesh Chatterjee Ashesh Chatterjee
Jun 17, 2020 5

An excellent store to buy a great instrument! Craig was super awesome and professional from the emails to the actual trying of the instrument. The store is super professional and everyone their knows their stuff! Spend your money there. It's worth paying a little extra to get the right guitar and have a lifetime of enjoyment.

Photo of Jazz Doc Jazz Doc
Oct 12, 2018 5

Yesterday I received a new Craviotto Solid shell snare drum in Walnut with Inlay after talking to Barry Knain just a few days prior. This was part of SoundPure's "Try It Out" program where you actually try out the gear you're considering purchasing "on approval". He had described the drum's features and its response and tone, had me watch a video and sent me pictures. Almost needless to say, the drum blew me away immediately. Incredibly beautiful craftsmanship and reeking of aesthetic beauty and quality visually, with an amazing gut and depth of tone along with articulate precision. What a snare drum! I called Barry back within 30 minutes of trying out the drum and told him to finalize the purchase. AND the price given to me was absolutely phenomenal for a Craviotto like this - a way better than competitive price! So BIG shout out to Barry Knain! I am one happy guy. SoundPure is the place to go when it comes to drums, cymbals and all gear associated with drumming. Thanks, Barry! Looking forward to doing business with you again. - Mark Polis, MD

Photo of Michael Tyler Michael Tyler
Feb 23, 2018 5

A music store that lives outside the realm of reality. AWESOME inventory, AWESOME people, and AWESOME service.... plus a very chill environment (very important). My experience at Sound Pure warrants a review of immense magnitude, and I could in all actuality make this baby a full page long, but alas I'll just leave you with this. Do yourself a favor and just call, click, or stop by... you definitely won't regret it! P.S If your looking for an awesome acoustic (especially a badass one with a sitka top and mahogany back and sides) contact Barrett. He'll take good care of you and provide you with any info you could possibly need, and you can tell he loves what he does! Cheers! P.S.S if the Bourgeois in my picture is still their BUY IT, it's a handcrafted Sonic Bomb built to blow your mind.

Photo of Ben W. Ben W.
Oct 22, 2019 5

Stopped by on a Monday not realizing their Monday hours are by appointment only, but none of that mattered. They welcomed me in and Jake took his time showing me some great guitars that were well within my budget and far less than I was expecting to spend. They were focused on finding the right guitar for my fit and playing style instead of trying to up sell me to a guitar at the upper end of my budget. I’m very pleased with the guitar I took home. Will definitely be back for future purchases, and cannot recommend them enough! Great place + great people + great products!

Photo of Brad Lopp Brad Lopp
Mar 7, 2020 5

This is a professional music shop. Very knowledgeable and courteous service. I highly recommend this music store

Photo of John T. John T.
Feb 7, 2020 5

I took delivery on an Eastman E10SS from Sound Pure today. Zak Jenkins was awesome!! It was a great experience all around!! I would recommend this company highly!!

Photo of Chris Fanella Chris Fanella
Oct 26, 2019 5

Bought a guitar from Sound Pure with the help of Craig Russo. Craig knew Eastman products very well and was able to answer all my questions in great detail. Craig is very knowledgeable and made buying a guitar a breeze. This was my first experience buying something from Sound Pure; I think they are a great company.

Photo of Tracy Lynn Tracy Lynn
Oct 19, 2019 5

Eddie Berman is my hero and expert go-to for all things musical. I have enjoyed a professional relationship with Eddie for over two decades. Honest, humble, hell of a guitar player and seriously - knows more about guitars than anyone I have ever encountered.

Photo of Fred Kaoud Fred Kaoud
Oct 3, 2019 5

The absolute best in the business. Great products and prices with friendly service. One of the sales reps phoned me after the sale! Speedy service too ! They have my business for sure. Well done!

Photo of Delton Agnor Delton Agnor
Oct 11, 2019 5

Went to Sound Pure for the first time today and was very pleases by the service I received. Jake was great and very friendly. I purchased the Eastman E20d and I must say that guitar is amazing. I have had and played many high end Martin's and none of them come close to the sound and playability of that Eastman and it's more then a couple thousand dollars cheaper. Thanks Sound Pure and I will be back.

Photo of Maggie Maggie
May 17, 2019 5

Went in to get started setting up a home recording studio and Ted took the time to explain every piece of equipment I would need in detail. Never felt pressured into buying anything and I feel confident that I could walk in there anytime just to ask questions and would still receive phenomenal customer service. I'm thoroughly enjoying my purchases (shout out to Ted for knowing exactly what I needed) and will be a life-long customer!

Photo of John Mann John Mann
Jun 3, 2019 5

Excellent transaction experience working with Barrett Brooks at Sound Pure. Barrett is both knowledgeable and trustworthy. One of the best if not the very best person I have worked with in my 50 plus years playing acoustic guitar. Recommend him highly.

Photo of Fred R McKinney Fred R McKinney
May 3, 2019 5

Great trade, Zak made the entire process smooth and easy. Having one of their instruments shipped to me to try out and shipping one of my instruments to them for trade-in was effortless! I traded a high quality electric guitar that I was no longer using for a high quality classical guitar that I'm now playing daily and performing regularly on. This was not my first time dealing with Sound Pure, and every time that I've dealt with them I've been very happy with the results.

Photo of Gordon Dean Gordon Dean
May 3, 2019 5

Seven stars for the assistance Barry has been giving me with percussion. I have dealt with some of the most regarded music professionals and Barry is unequaled. He is extremely knowledgeable, listening to my needs and coming through with helping me get the sound I want with a fantastic value. Barry understands music and the needs of a musician. Thanks Barry. Gordon Dean

Photo of Scott Maness Scott Maness
May 28, 2019 5

So, my brother in law and I stopped by today as we had been looking at going by sound pure for a long time. I had bought a few guitars from Eddie in the past when I lived in Raleigh and he was at indoor storm, and my BIT had bought from sound pure more recently. We had wanted to ride out for a while, but being an hour and half away with a full family life it’s just hard. Today we finally had that time and once we got there we realized that it was an appointment only place now. Luckily, Eddie was there and wow did he roll out the red carpet. Neither of us were really there to buy today, but we’re looking to just have a day of fun and get caught up on life. None of that bothered Eddie, and I can’t express how great of a job he did showing us around. Sound Pure is amazing and lucky to have him. Best music store experience ever. Will be back before long. Thanks, for taking valuable time and spending with us. Scott

Photo of Tommy Mettier Tommy Mettier
May 18, 2022 5

Excellent customer service and competitive prices! I was looking to replace my throne and after tons of research and online shopping, Sound Pure was the only shop that had what I was looking for, at a great price. Although I never needed them, their customer service team seems to be at the ready and more than willing to help you out should you need anything. My order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. If you’re looking for some new gear you can’t go wrong with Sound Pure.

Photo of Wes McCraw Wes McCraw
May 23, 2022 5

Absolutely fantastic experience! Quick shipping, good prices, responded right away to questions, and great follow up after the sale. Even had a little issues with a piece of gear and they handled it quickly and 100% to my satisfaction. I would recommend this store to anyone…and I’ll be back.

Photo of james kalsnes james kalsnes
Apr 23, 2022 5

One of the best buying experiences I've ever had. The try before you buy process worked out well as I ended up with what I'd been hoping for. Also, fantastic products offered at fair prices. Jim even made videos and a/b comparisons for me. Great advice and counsel, as well. 5 Stars for sure

Photo of jeff katz jeff katz
Jun 10, 2022 5

Excellent customer service. Very knowledgeable staff, helpful and friendly. They will do their best to make you happy. Jim Dennis is my go to guy. Love this place. Top quality guitars to choose from. Fast shipping and customer follow up. Just a wonderful experience. I love you Bourgeois guitar….and I got a great deal too.

Photo of Matthew Wilhelm Matthew Wilhelm
Aug 17, 2021 5

OH MAN... This is the kind of place that gives you faith in humanity. The kind of place where you realize there is lots of beauty in the world. The kind of place that just sparks joy. Look, FOR REAL, if you like guitars, if you like amps, if you like MUSIC, do yourself a favor and go to this place. You will not regret it. Zak's a great dude. Appreciate him. 10/10 would recommend.