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Solite Park


4704 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Photo of Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson
Jun 10, 2018 4

This is a cool park. It has a nice place to cook out. There are plenty of seating areas for you and your family to sit while enjoying the cookout. There is a play area for kids. There is a basketball court as well. There are town open fields for kids to play or for the adults to run and have adult time with others. They are adding a few new things to the park but I have to wait until it's competed before I can provide more information.

Photo of John D'Adesky John D'Adesky
Jun 26, 2017 4

Lots of room for kids to run and play Good walking track where my kid likes to ride his bike. It can get real hot at midday. Great for morning/ late afternoon or evening activities.

Photo of Nickalus Johnson Nickalus Johnson
Sep 8, 2018 4

The bicycle pump track here is great for young kids. I can imagine it's a little hectic of there are more than 5 or so at a time. Was empty when we were here. The playground is also quite nice. Medium size play structure. Nice picnic area. Great area for a family bike ride and near the American Tobacco Trail.

Photo of James James
Jun 17, 2020 4

There's a nice great knoll to picnic on, a small play place, a small swing set that would accommodate 2 adults and 2 toddlers, a pavilion with a barbecue, basketball court, volleyball court that needs a little TLC, and what appears to be a bmx pump trail. When I visited it was a little over grown but this was during the time of COVID so I understand.

Photo of Gracie Conte Gracie Conte
Oct 1, 2019 5

Great park that's easy to access from the Tabacco Trail and also had convenient parking. The play area has good equipment and a functional water fountain near by. There's also a cute little dirt, bike park that my son loves.

Photo of Amanda Amanda
Oct 5, 2019 5

Such a spacious little park. We go to an annual Family day there and we always have a great time. Perfect for outdoor events!

Photo of Aaron Hobbs Aaron Hobbs
Sep 22, 2019 4

The playground is all in the sun, but it does have swings. Also a newly added pump track and forest trail for mountain bikes is pretty cool.

Photo of D Roberts D Roberts
Sep 21, 2019 5

Great area, quiet park and able to prepare foods and eat under a shelter.

Photo of Chris Classen Chris Classen
Aug 17, 2019 4

Took my great grandson to play in the park He enjoyed the play structures. The American Tobacco Trail is nearby.

Photo of Brenda La Pierre-Davis Brenda La Pierre-Davis
Nov 8, 2019 3

It would be nice if you have signs showing you how to get directly into the park that is hidden from the main Street it's located off of... After going back and forth for 3 times , it was nice for the kids.

Photo of Ms. T. Ward Ms. T. Ward
Jun 1, 2019 4

Picnic shelter has plenty of cover, tables, and grills that are close to the playground. There's also a basketball court. Construction on the road outside the park makes the entrance difficult to enter but overall, nice park.

Photo of Cheryl Reavis Cheryl Reavis
Jun 1, 2019 5

Nice and clean! Love the fact that children can ride their bikes there and that there are restrooms available.

Apr 13, 2019 5

Great place to have a kids party at. Safe place to work out at bathroom was clean.

Photo of uknowwho_imani 10 uknowwho_imani 10
Jun 4, 2019 4

Nice area but under construction now