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Sofia's Pizza


2201 Angier Ave
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (984) 219-3656
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Photo of Noah Ray Noah Ray
Aug 4, 2023 5

Great place I eat here at least twice a week. Pizza, wings, tenders, all top notch and the sauces are very good. Service is good and fairly quick (15 mins for slices and wings). Reasonable prices I usually spend 15-20 and eat two meals off of it.

Photo of aaron live aaron live
Jul 5, 2023 4

Work ordered some pizzas from here last week and I went in today for lunch. Both meals were really good. The guy at the counter was super friendly and informative. As others have said, the location is kinda sketchy and the bathroom (in a separate building) needs some work. For these reasons I had to ding the atmosphere. Otherwise, the dining area is not too bad. I'll get it again but probably stick with takeout.

Photo of Anthony Tillman Jr Anthony Tillman Jr
Jun 27, 2023 3

Good looking pizza. May need some exterminating. I have a severe sore throat after ordering a pizza before bed last night. I had 2 black bugs on a few slices I threw out . I didn't complain because it was 9pm & I understand that area isn't so great.

Photo of 朱丽莎老师 朱丽莎老师
May 17, 2023 5

Definitely 4.5 stars for food and experience. Food: I loved the pizza (and I’m a picky pizza person). The cheese was great quality and distributed well (semi-thickly; not overflowing off the pizza). The garlic knots were not what I expected. Drizzled cheese (which h I did not expect at all) were on the knots, but there was not much garlic or oil/butter. The knots were dry (not hard) and cheesy. I was hoping for moist and garlicky. This is why I take off .5 stars. The knots were not what I was expecting. Marinara sauce was amazing and hot (heated, temperature-wise; not spicy)! Customer service is great. Restaurant is clean and there is plenty of parking. Also, they are known for their chicken wings and Monday is “buy 2 get 1 free” for wings.

Photo of M M
May 3, 2023 5

This is my family's favorite pizza spot. And no, its not a "whole in the wall" as "tequila" suggested (I guess her taste is a bit more discerning than her name and ability to spell.. FYI sis, its hole, not whole.) The neighborhood it's in is dated and doesn't have a lot of activity. We frequently dine in here (our toddler loves eating dinner at the picnic tables and waving as people drive/walk by.) And we've gotten late night dinners and still ate outside. Really quiet, but nothing sketchy. For the life of me I do not understand the special snowflakes suggesting this restaurant needs security. I feel less safe on 9th street than I do here. I beg these people to never move to a real city if someplace like Sofia's bothers them. Food is consistently good, deliveries always arrive hot, and the service is always great. I wish more businesses would move to this block. Sofia's is a great anchor for adding more storefronts and restaurants.

Photo of Danielle Reyner Danielle Reyner
Apr 28, 2023 5

Our family LOVES Sofia’s! It’s tied for our favorite pizza in Durham. The pizza is always hot and delicious, they’re generous with the toppings, and the marinara sauce is amazing. We had the sticks for the first time tonight (we usually just get pizza) and they are a new favorite!

Photo of Yolanda Ray Yolanda Ray
Feb 2, 2023 4

I work and live close to Sofia’s and teammates often order pizza. I’m not a huge pizza fun but tonight I decided to try their sub and it was a great. It was fresh and the portion was huge and will be enough for two servings. The chipotle Mayo was a little spicier then I expected so next time I’ll opt for regular Mayo. The cashier had wonderful customer service and was very friendly.

Photo of Rachel C Rachel C
Jan 17, 2023 5

Come here often for the lunch special and I’m never disappointed. The staff there is always great and super friendly. The slices are generous and I love the crust. Generous toppings and the slices are never too saucy. I’ve ordered the lemon pepper wings on occasion and I’ve thought they could use more/flavor seasoning, but they’re great sized wings and I like that there’s the option to have them fried hard. Their salad is pretty good also. Overall, you can’t beat the lunch special. I can get two large slices and a generously sized side salad for under $10.

Photo of Prasad Patel Prasad Patel
Jan 13, 2023 5

Amazing pizza and Italian fast food. Small dining space and street parking