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Sky Zone Trampoline Park


1720 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 425-0800
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Sky Zone Trampoline Park

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Photo of Shantel Johnson Shantel Johnson
Apr 14, 2019 5

Was great. The kids and the grown ups loved it. The staff jumped around with the kids. was easy to get started and well worth the price. U pay for 1, 2, or 3 or more hours, but the staff really do not check the times they jsut let the kids play. ❤ it. Will go back and take the Kids again soon.

Photo of Victor De Leon Victor De Leon
May 26, 2019 5

Was a lot better experience than expected! Highly recommend! Had a 5yr, 2 3yrs, a 2 yrs, and a one yr old and they ALL enjoyed it!

Photo of He Wang He Wang
Apr 3, 2019 5

It's my 1st time stepping into a trampoline park. Wonderful! Fill out the waiver at the kiosks before you head to the counter. I think $19.99 for 1 hour/day for a month is the best deal.

Photo of LaPrecious Harris LaPrecious Harris
Jun 14, 2019 4

It was a fun place to go but I do wish there was more options like other trampoline parks out of Durham but it’s a great place to go for a quick break for fun

Photo of Noah Pulley Noah Pulley
Jul 8, 2019 5

i have had a lot of bad experiences here! I was going to keep quite because i like this place but i’ve had enough!! 1. My friend came here to have fun and ended up getting body slammed on to a trampoline no body came to help until the had already started fighting!! also the kid was 17 and here with 10 year old girl friend 1 employee was recording it 2. there was a lady stuck in the foam pit for over 30 minutes!! 3. my friend came here and he is over the 300 pound weight limit he did not know there was a weight limit and jump on the trampoline and it broke! everyone just laughed! 4. me and some of my friends came her to play at glow night and we could hear loud and inappropriate noises from someone it sound like there were doing bad stuff behind the trampolines it was so loud everyone in the building could here it!! 5. There was a girl around 16 screaming at me to hit her with a dodgeball i beamed her in the face causing her to get a bloody nose she then her family proceeded to cuss me out including the 8 year old using words that should not be in. anyone’s vocabulary

Photo of Zoe T Zoe T
Aug 24, 2019 3

I enjoyed visiting Sky Zone with the Mount Olive youth group and the service there was good but it could have been great. For example, while we were there we wanted to play dodgeball but we were to old for that group so a worker opened up one for older kids which a few of is were to you for. Two of my cousins were too old for the little one but top young for the big one. There needs to be a way that all kids can play, not just kids in either the 4-8 group and 13-17 group. I also noticed that water fountain had pretty warm water which was unusual. But other that I enjoyed my time there

Photo of Jennifer Ferris Jennifer Ferris
Sep 16, 2019 3

Kinda dingy and dusty. Kids had a great time but adults were underwhelmed. Well staffed. There were kids in "summer camp" while we were there and that appeared to mean they hung out in a tiny room playing fortnite.

Photo of Ebony Bullock Ebony Bullock
Aug 17, 2019 3

Me and my children had a blast! There jus is not kind of discounts for children which I find disappointing. 😒

Photo of Anita Daniels Anita Daniels
Oct 9, 2019 4

Great, safe place for kids. Need to pay closer attention to play behaviors of older children.

Photo of april hankins april hankins
Oct 5, 2019 5

Great price. Always a good time

Photo of Jacb Mclooses Jacb Mclooses
Oct 9, 2019 4

It was really fun, me and my friend had a good time. Kinda thought it was gonna be small, but it was actually quite big and not that bad on the price.

Photo of Brianna Sampson Brianna Sampson
Nov 6, 2019 3

Skyzone great area for last minute fun but quite frankly they’re taxing a little too much considerimg the few kids that go here.