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Sky Zone Trampoline Park


1720 Guess Rd
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 425-0800
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Photo of Cay Dee Cay Dee
Apr 3, 2023 4

Pretty fun! I mostly only stay on the longer trampolines but kinda wish the trampolines were longer so i can have a longer tumbling/back flip space. There isnt that much to do here, just some square trampolines, a pit, dodgeball and a small arcade so I wish there was more to do but it's a pretty simple place. I would recommend going here, although there are some places nearby that have more options and excitement. This place never really gets crowded though, so if you're looking for something simple then you should totally come here!

Photo of Ramita Chitrakar Ramita Chitrakar
Mar 25, 2023 4

We had a birthday party here and had an awesome experience.. private area for birthday party where kids can just be in their own small group.. kids had a blast in dodgeball area.. for younger ones, foam pit is great... They help set up everything for birthday party and party room upstairs is cool, you can actually see lobby area. They serve the food also so hosts can just enjoy the party themselves too!!

Photo of Tom Higgins Tom Higgins
Feb 12, 2023 3

Chaotic feel, but that’s expected with kids. I really like this place for the kids, but I just can’t get over something. Staff carry (or better yet, “wield”) long wooden sticks that are unsettling and really look like they are being used to intimidate kids. I really think they need to rethink this practice.

Photo of Tameeka Norton Tameeka Norton
Jan 7, 2023 5

Though it gets crowded on the weekends, my kids always enjoy themselves, and we've never had any issues. They've even attended camp a few times and loved it. Considering a family membership.

Photo of Ronald Williams II Ronald Williams II
Jan 7, 2023 5

We have been coming here for years, we have never had a bad experience This is a great place as always. My kids love it here. The staff is awesome. The facility is clean.

Photo of Ana Blakely Ana Blakely
Oct 12, 2022 4

Great fun for the kiddos. Different jumping sections, a little of something for everyone. Concessions are a little pricey. I recommend not to buy while there unless you need to or if on budget. There are water fountains with free access. A bottle of water is $2.50, an ICEE is $6, soda is $4.50 . There's candies, tiny snack chip bags, dipping dots ice cream, nachos, corn dogs, nuggies, pizza and cheese quesadillas. can be very busy on weekends, during the week not too many people, but still fun.

Photo of Safonia Meadows Safonia Meadows
Oct 11, 2022 3

Overall I think it’s a good place and i also think maybe they have the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality. But it could use come serious updating. It is pricey and not much is offered. My son is 3 and honestly their isn’t a safe space for him. They have a 1-10 area but how can they really confirm who is under 10 or not. My son almost got trampled a few times by bigger kids but I can’t for sure say they weren’t under 10 maybe they were just tall. I also wish they opened a little earlier during the week to avoid older crowds but hey I get it.

Photo of William Evans William Evans
Sep 10, 2022 3

The event itself and the service were fine. The place could be spruced up a bit to look and feel brighter and more appealing. The birthday party package was a rip off though. The birthday room was bare had no type of decorations. The party package only included two pizzas for ten kids plus their parents and they charge $40 if you want to bring in additional food. So basically you're paying them for permission to go spend more money on the food you actually need or want which doesn't cost them a penny...so you're basically giving them a free $40 on top of the fee you already paid for the party package. How is that customer friendly? Yes you can order extra food from them but the menu is so extremely limited that you probably won't find what you actually want to serve at YOUR party. We held the party here because my son begged for it and I wanted him to be happy on his birthday but we won't do it again.

Photo of Brandi Rhew Brandi Rhew
Aug 22, 2022 5

I was greeted by a young lady, by the name of Shea, with the biggest smile on her face. She was super friendly and rang me up quickly. Also while on the trampoline floor with my boys I came across another young lady, her name was LaMisia. She was really nice and even gave me a compliment on my boys. I have been here many times, but the employees seemed extremely caring and helpful. I will definitely be returning!

Photo of Maria Paz Chua Maria Paz Chua
Aug 13, 2022 4

I loved it here! It was an amazing experience and was very fun. If I could suggest something, it would be more arcade games. Other than that this was great.

Photo of Tosha Sheets Tosha Sheets
Jul 24, 2022 5

My family had an amazing birthday party here today. The kids had a blast!! It's not often that you go to a place that is meant specifically for kids, and have the staff be amazing, not only to the kids, but to all of the family members and friends of the family as well. The manager "Ike" helped my son and I not once but twice with a game that took our credits. Not only did he give us our credits back, but her also gave us a Few extra for our troubles. There was also a young lady I believe her name was Jala. She was the lady who went over all of the rules of the establishment. She is the most bubbly, kind employee there. She made the rules a game for the children, and she also cheered on the birthday girl. All of The employees that we encountered were super friendly and extremely accommodating. My family and friends will definitely be making sky zone a regular fun spot.

Photo of Sarah Tant Sarah Tant
Jul 22, 2022 5

We started off with my daughter peeing on the floor. The young lady didn’t hesitate to clean it for us. Staff was attentive and concerned when our children would fall. Great place to take your toddlers and burn energy.

Photo of Christopher Mckinnon Christopher Mckinnon
Jul 22, 2022 5

This facility was very clean! The staff was very professional when helping customers. All of the staff ensured the safety of the little ones as well as the teens. The prices are budget friendly. Overall, a phenomenal place to bring your kids to have fun and burn energy.

Photo of Queen Taylor Queen Taylor
Jul 19, 2022 5

My nephew had a blast at his party. The staff was great and very good at catering to our needs. Great place to take the kids to let them jump and have a great time.

Photo of donte Kee donte Kee
Jul 13, 2022 5

I came to skyzone recently for my kids to jump and they had an amazing time there was these two employees one with green eyes and another one with dreads I didn’t get to catch there names but there amazing with kids they made my kids feel very comfortable

Photo of Ariany Ramos Ariany Ramos
Jun 11, 2022 3

Prices and time frames for little jumpers are misleading. Parents be aware that tickets are only on sale until 10 not 11. So if you have little ones most come before 10am on Saturdays if you don’t want big kids. Open jump starts at 10!

Photo of Tab Mcghee Tab Mcghee
Jun 7, 2022 3

It's was ok. Had my son's birthday party there and he was happy. The rooms are nice for setting up the food and drinks. There is a hour of jump time and about a hour of partying time. For what you get, the party price wasn't worth it. It would have been nice to have tokens for the arcade if you paid for a party package. The staff was nice and friendly and we appreciated that but the fees are overpriced. Definitely would go back just for a hour of jumping but not for a party. I'm sure some families will enjoy the party package especially if they have alot of people to jump.