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Sitar Indian Cuisine


3630 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 490-1326
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Photo of Sony George Sony George
May 18, 2019 5

Last day visited Sitar for discussing the menu options for a party. Pleased with their experiences and patience to listen our requirements. And as always best price and quality. Waiting to visit for a buffet with family. My last rating was from a pop up click while driving. Apologize!!!

Photo of Timothy Timothy
Mar 19, 2019 5

Love to go here for Indian food. I feel like they really create an experience when you go. The food was fresh, hot, and tasted amazing. The staff is always so nice and friendly. I love the atmosphere of Sitar. Well worth checking out!

Photo of David Van Wagener David Van Wagener
May 10, 2019 4

I really like Sitar. I like the veggie dishes. I like the curries. I like the tandoori dishes. I tend to like spicy foods, but some friends don't and you can get either. I think the vegetable pakoras are wonderful. I am not a huge fan of Indian desserts though. I walk away from the last trip to the buffet line knowing I will be stuffed.

Photo of Jerry Bell Jerry Bell
Jul 5, 2019 5

We were very impressed as the exotic smells awaits you as you exit your vehicle. Opening the doors was like entering a myriad of spices and music flooding the senses. The food was amazing! Period end of discussion and well worth the visit!

Photo of Cristina Avila Cristina Avila
Jul 3, 2019 5

I wanted to post a food pic but it looked so good I couldn't stop. The service was sociable and attentive. The bill won't break you. They have a lot of great reviews for a reason.

Photo of Davis Dawson Davis Dawson
Oct 5, 2019 5

Went here for the first time for dinner and will definitely be going back. While there was a full buffet, we decided to order off of the menu. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. Great atmosphere, too! Upscale finish and generally quiet makes perfect place for a date. Also, real sitar playing on Saturday nights!

Photo of Erianna Erianna
Oct 18, 2019 5

This place is the best Indian restaurant I have ever gone to. You can taste the quality ingredients in every bite!!! I can't wait to come back.

Photo of Bala Goparaju Bala Goparaju
Oct 10, 2019 3

Non-veg dishes are NOT separated from Veg dishes. Fish curry is in veg items and Rice is in non-veg items... Hence they get spill from other dishes... Taste of items is good.

Photo of Shahzad Ali Shahzad Ali
Oct 27, 2019 3

Saturday lunch buffet was ok. I've been to many Indian buffets with larger buffets and more selection than here. Polite servers, but were a bit slow to bring drinks, etc. Overall I would prefer more buffet options like similar restaurants in the area.

Photo of Omer Butt Omer Butt
Nov 10, 2019 3

Good quality is good...Tandoori stuff is always on the very dry side...and the weekend buffet price is little on the higher side for the dishes provided in the buffet..17.99 + tax / person... i have to mention though that their sweets/desserts are exceptional.

Photo of Stephanie Pratt Stephanie Pratt
Nov 16, 2019 5

Love this place! Food is excellent! Great atmosphere and service. Family owned and they are always so sweet and grateful for their customers! Support local, family owned eats like this, you won’t be sorry :)

Photo of Christine Dickerson Christine Dickerson
Nov 23, 2019 5

A friendly, clean atmosphere with an accomplished sitar player for entertainment. . The delicious buffet is reasonably priced with an ample variety Indian dishes to choose from. An A+ experience!

Photo of Sean Haugh Sean Haugh
Dec 29, 2019 5

Ms Sweetie and I have been eating here at least twice a month for, golly, years now. The food and the service are both consistently excellent. Holiday buffet offerings are especially fun. We both avoid wheat, so we appreciate how all the dishes are labeled with possible allergens, and if we have any questions the staff is always happy to answer them. We hope to be enjoying this family's home cooking for many more years to come.

Photo of Cynthia Campbell Cynthia Campbell
Jan 24, 2020 5

Delicious dishes from North and South India. Appetizers, main dishes, and breads are all wonderful. This is our favorite Indian restaurant in the Triangle.

Photo of Timothy Mutambuki Timothy Mutambuki
Feb 18, 2020 4

Very nice atmosphere. The food was tasty but it did not blow me away. That may probably be because I was there for the buffet. Very polite and attentive staff too.

Photo of Anita P. Barla Anita P. Barla
Jun 20, 2019 3

Masala dosa we ordered was not crispy at all & the stuffing was bland too. Uttapam we got was slightly raw. We went there expecting to get authentic taste of Indian food but were disappointed. Tea & Coffee was fine. Gulab jamun was good. Ambience is great with soothing background music. Service could have been better.

Photo of Michael Tapper Michael Tapper
Jun 29, 2020 5

We have been avid fans of Sitar for probably 20 years at both their current and old locations. We joke that both our boys (now ages 19 and 13) were raised on Indian food, most notably Sitar, since the time they were able to eat solid food. The variety, service and attention to detail are second to none! They are our "go-to" restaurant at least 2-3 times per month! So pleased that they remain open for take-out during the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish we could provide more than 5 stars for our favorite place!!!

Photo of Shalabh Srivastava Shalabh Srivastava
Apr 13, 2018 3

Sitar Indian Cuisine is a specialty restaurant located in Durham. The ambience was superb. We went there for lunch buffet, they did not had variety in food to choose from. Just one non veg entree and 2 starters but the food was non spicy and fresh and tastes goodWe went there on a busy afternoon for lunch and staff was mostly busy attending customers. I would thumbs up Sitar for Nice ambience.

Photo of Peter Raines Peter Raines
Aug 30, 2020 5

Great food and fast service. They are about to add outdoor seating to help with pandemic related service.

Photo of Bernard Jordan Bernard Jordan
Sep 11, 2020 5

Haven't been back here since we able to visit in person... used the "BeyondMenu" app via Sitar's website (apparently Grubhub is also an option for online ordering). Food quality didn't seem to suffer, so this is a viable option if you don't absolutely insist on the "touchless" experience.

Photo of Judy Shearin-Evans Judy Shearin-Evans
Aug 30, 2020 5

Awesome food and service

Photo of Jd Slatta Jd Slatta
Nov 11, 2020 4

The menu is extensiv with several Indian dishes that I have never seen before at other restaurants. The dishes are a great value and the interior of the restaurant is beautiful. Takeout and dine in options are both available now and there is plenty of parking.

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Nov 18, 2017 4

Service: 4/5. The hostess/waitress/bus girl/food prep woman was all over the place. As a result, she came off as curt and hurried. Come time for the bill, she tosses it on our table without even looking at us and says "Pay whenever you're ready" before tearing off again. We literally had had ONE PLATE when the bill came. Price: 4/5. $38 for two all-you-can-eat dinners with only waters to drink. You're looking at around $18 bucks per person! Yeeesh! Way too expensive! Cleanliness: 5/5. This place was incredibly clean! Cloth tables and napkins. Silverware spotless. Super clean buffet bar and bathrooms. Quality: 5/5. The food here is incredible. I have never tasted such an incredible myriad of flavors and spices. The Lamb Ghosts was my favorite. Spicy and perfect. So many different powders to add for spice. I didn't feel like tampering with an already perfect product. I will definitely be back.

Photo of Melissa Grahn Melissa Grahn
Jan 16, 2021 5

Enjoyed a delicious dinner at Sitar tonight. The food was amazing, fresh, and authentic. I think they have the best Indian food in the triangle! The service was wonderful. Staff is extremely friendly and very attentive. They are following strict CDC guides lines which made us feel very comfortable eating inside the restaurant. Would highly recommend Sitar. 5 stars all around!

Photo of Erin Gabriel Erin Gabriel
Jan 16, 2021 5

Great dining experience from start to finish. Hosting and serving staff is extremely friendly and engaged with the customer. They provide a pitcher of water for the table and a delicious weekend buffet. Have not tried the dinner buffet, but they have shrimp on Friday evenings and lamb on Saturday. Will definitely come back for dinner after an amazing lunch experience!

Photo of Michael Vaught Michael Vaught
Jan 16, 2021 5

Very pleasant dining experience. The staff were very helpful and polite. The food was also very well prepared.

Photo of Kylie Longoria Kylie Longoria
Feb 5, 2021 5

Just got done eating at Sitar and the experience couldn't have been better. My friend and I got the dinner buffet and we were not disappointed. The buffet was full of options, the food was delicious and fresh, it was served cafeteria style (I'm sure to reduce cross contamination), restaurant was clean, regulations adhered to, and the employees are VERY nice and attentive! Definitely will be a repeat! #sofull