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Shiki Sushi


207 NC-54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 484-4108
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Photo of Zaheda Rahman Zaheda Rahman
May 30, 2019 3

We arrived at 7pm on a Wednesday evening and were seated immediately. Our server, Courtney was attentive and grabbed our drink order as soon as we sat down. We placed our food order within 10 minutes. Then, we watched everyone around us (including those who arrived after us) receive their food. At the 7:55 mark, Courtney returned asking if we wanted an app since the kitchen was backed up. At that point, frustrated due to the lack of communication, we asked for the check to pay for our beverages, and she agreed. She returned a minute later with our kitchen entrees which we obligingly took. The sushi we ordered came shortly after. It was frustrating to see food and patrons come and go while we sat in the middle of the dining area just completely unaware of why our food was taking so long. I saw a couple who finished their first round of sushi after we placed our food order receive a second round of sushi before we got anything, despite placing their second order well after we had placed our initial one. We saw Courtney working incredibly hard, and our drinks were always refilled without even a request, but surely a wait time of close to 50 minutes after placing a food order should be addressed, or at least acknowledged. The restaurant is beautiful and seemed well staffed, and I'm not sure if we just got lost in the cracks, dropped ticket, or what happened, but it left enough of a sour taste that it's unlikely we will return. Kudos to our server for really working to help us get out quickly once our food arrived.

Photo of M. P. M. P.
Jun 17, 2019 5

I know the difference between American sushi and real sushi... I admit I prefer less fishy American sushi, and was pleassd to find that on Shiki Sushi's menu.. if you can stomach Florida style "you fish it, we fry it" you'll love the Bagel roll. I'm sad to call it sushi, but loved it. Also had a substantial House roll- also tasty. Happened upon buy 1 get one, enjoyed the bright, light citrus, elderberry flower cocktail. Lovely. Take out rolls ensure not over eating. Will repeat.

Photo of Charles Jolley Charles Jolley
Jun 13, 2019 5

I always enjoy going to Shiki. I find the food to very good and they have recently made some menu changes. The staff is also friendly and bends over backwards to provide good service.

Photo of L A L A
Mar 29, 2019 5

Delicious fresh sushi. Good value. Excellent service. Definitely worth going again. Highly recommend.

Photo of Sanga Poonia Sanga Poonia
May 12, 2019 5

You and boo can't agree on a restaurant, this is the pick for you. Amazing food quality, the portions are huge, and service swift. Give it a try, been regretting why I didn't go here sooner.

Photo of Arnold Flores Arnold Flores
Mar 22, 2019 5

Sushi 🍥 Sushi 🐠 Salad Beer 🍻 Ginger and Wasabi were all perfectly matched. I LOVE the 2 for 1 sushi deals. Service at the bar was spectacular. I was served and serviced quickly. Sushi had a fresh full taste. Two sushi rolls filled my tummy. I washed the meal down with an excellent ice cold IPA 🍻. I am going back again. Yum yum Sushi fun

Photo of Robert McLymore Jr Robert McLymore Jr
Aug 11, 2019 5

Shiki Sushi was great, we were looking for a good Sushi spot around Durham. We found Shiki on google and the reviews was good. Decided to give this place a try. One good thing was that Shiki stayed open later than the other local restaurants. The service was great and the location was very well decorated. The Sushi was delicious, so far Manhattan is my favorite.

Photo of M. P. M. P.
Aug 20, 2019 5

I know the difference between American sushi and real sushi... I admit I prefer less fishy American sushi, and was pleased to find that on Shiki Sushi's menu.. if you can stomach Florida style "you fish it, we fry it" you'll love the Bagel roll. I'm sad to call it sushi, but loved it. Also had a substantial House roll- also tasty. Happened upon buy 1 get one, enjoyed the bright, light citrus, elderberry flower cocktail. Lovely. Take out rolls (veggie only -for temperature safety) ensure not over eating. Will repeat.

Photo of Michele Michele
Jul 25, 2019 4

Best sushi place in Durham! And they have buy one get one free rolls. And everything taste really fresh. Favorite Rolls: Seared Sea & Eel Fashion UPDATE: taking one star away because this place isn’t good for large parties. If you have a large party, they do not give you the full menu. You are only allowed to order from an EXTREMELY limited menu and if you have someone in your party who does eat sushi, they might as well not come

Photo of Werner Matthews Werner Matthews
Aug 18, 2019 3

Ordered the Hibachi Samurai. Incredibly small portion for the price. Drinks and appetizers came out quickly, but the bang bang shrimp was disappointing. Our server was attentive, but it took over 25 minutes for our entrees to come out. And when they did, everything was cold. This place has seen better days. Very disappointed. Probably won't return.

Photo of Samantha Rieger Samantha Rieger
Sep 26, 2019 4

Overpriced for small portions. Great service. Food was decent but I can get Asian food elsewhere that’s just as good for cheaper. Probably paying for atmosphere here. We had drinks which were delicious.

Photo of EA H EA H
Sep 20, 2019 5

Fresh sushi. Great deals. Great variety. Fast and efficient service when we went on a Wednesday night. Would recommend for a casual sushi night

Photo of Ignasi Tobella Ignasi Tobella
Oct 12, 2019 4

Even though they were extremely slow on bringing our food (30+ minutes), the quality-price is very good. Service was acceptable and the atmosphere was average. We will come back hoping they will be faster.

Photo of Shoshanna Carroll Shoshanna Carroll
Oct 8, 2019 5

Great sushi and at BOGO prices it's a staple in my restaurant list. I personally love the Crunchy Roll, Woman in Red, White Tiger and Florida Rolls. Also, the Fried Tempura Ice Cream for dessert is a crave item.

Photo of Jason Rivera Jason Rivera
Oct 24, 2019 5

The buffet was pretty impressive and had a lot of selections. They had half dedicated to breakfast-type foods and the other to lunch ones. Everything was hot and tasty. My favorites were the smoked salmon and carved prime rib. The bartender was very attentive and we enjoyed our time.

Photo of Dylan Noriega Dylan Noriega
Nov 15, 2019 5

My food and server were phenomenal, and the overall design and layout of the restaurant is amazing. The only thing that isn't good are the booths. If there's a somewhat big person sitting behind you, you can feel them hitting and moving the booth if they move too much. The person behind me kept moving and backing into the booth a lot, it got a little uncomfortable at some times. Other than that, it's a very nice restaurant.

Photo of Victoria Alles Victoria Alles
Nov 12, 2019 5

Very rare that I find a restaurant with such an impressive atmosphere in a strip mall. Everything was excellent from drinks, food, and service. Highly recommend!

Photo of Michelle Louie Michelle Louie
Dec 11, 2019 3

Nice ambience and good service but sushi is average. Lots of combination rolls - all dolled up with various toppings and add ins but overall nothing particularly tasty and definitely not authentic in flavors. The sushi is “buy one, get one free” but the prices are so inflated that it ends up being more than your average sushi place (ended up spending about $50 for two people). As a sushi lover, I don’t feel the quality of the sushi is worth the expense. Cocktails and flavored sake were tasty(obviously not authentic Japanese.) The ambience is nicer than most neighborhood sushi joints, so if you’re on a date or with a friend, might be an OK option, but I don’t recommend if your goal is really good sushi.

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Dec 5, 2019 5

Great lunch deals and the food is great. Plenty of space so getting a table was not a problem. Very attentive staff.

Dec 15, 2019 3

One of my favorite restaurants but the last couple times I went the staff were very rude and not accommodating. I usually have a great experience when I come but this made me wonder even if I want to come back. Their sushi rolls are the best in Durham to me but the staff needs training-

Photo of suresh J suresh J
Jan 15, 2020 5

This place is huge!! Located in the midst of RTP IT park and most of the time its busy. We love the ambience. Staffs are nice and the place is very well kept and clean. I just love their Red curry with rice and sushi spread.

Photo of Kimberly James Kimberly James
Feb 14, 2020 5

Elissa is a great server and took wonderful care of me on Valentine's night. She made sure she went out of her way to make me happy. I enjoy the hibachi menu selection and great prices for what you get. I will be back!

Photo of Amy Franks Amy Franks
Mar 12, 2020 4

Friendly staff. Great tempura! Large servings of the cooked dishes. Easily shareable. The sushi list has a nice mix of options; however, you have to order a beverage in order to enjoy the buy one, get one offer---a small concession for a double order of sushi. Overall, worth going back again and again.

Photo of Caleb Bryson Caleb Bryson
Jun 15, 2020 5

Absolutely excellent. The food and ambiance were too notch! This is absolutely a place I would return to when looking for a high quality date spot or location for a celebration!