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Shady Grove Church


3805 Carpenter Pond Rd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 596-8616
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Photo of Paul Raiche Paul Raiche
Sep 21, 2018 5

Solid Biblical Church. Preaching is done on layman's terms where the average person can easily take, and apply each message. Real people, who've made mistakes in the past, listening to a real pastor preach the truth.

Photo of Albert Markham Albert Markham
Sep 8, 2018 5

Visit this church. You are always treated like family. The music program is awesome and if you have children, the children’s ministry is very active, engaging and biblical.

Photo of Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson
Sep 20, 2018 5

Shady Grove is a great place to be! Visitors are always welcome and there are classes and activities for all ages!

Photo of brian sanfilippo brian sanfilippo
Aug 28, 2016 5

This is a wonderful church! My entire family loves it here - my kids participate in Upward and the Awana programs and love going to church. The preaching is great and very practical. You can truly tell that Pastor Tim cares about the people of his church! The sermon series and children's programs are definitely worth checking out.

Photo of Fishin Baba Fishin Baba
Sep 8, 2013 5

Great church in the Raleigh Durham area - friendly people and great preaching. You will definately feel welcome if you are visiting. Easy to find - close to Brier Creek.

Photo of stephanie morris stephanie morris
Aug 15, 2019 5

If you are looking for a place to belong and a group of other Bible believing Christians to do life with, then look no further than Shady Grove Church! Solid preaching and teaching that is straight from Bible and is presented in a way that it is easy to understand and very applicable to daily life. Very welcoming and friendly congregation that spans a wide range of generations. Truly like a family! Shady Grove offers awesome children’s programs, teen youth group, small group studies for various areas of life, and lots of opportunities within the church to serve. Bring your family to meet the Shady Grove family this Sunday!

Photo of Brooke Hamm Brooke Hamm
Aug 7, 2019 5

If you are searching for a church TRY THIS PLACE!! I can't say enough good things about this family of believers! Pastor Tim and his wife have created a true God centered family first atmosphere and that is what keeps us coming back. No kidding the first time I walked in the door I felt at home. Absolutely love this Church!

Photo of James Rockmore James Rockmore
Aug 15, 2019 5

This was the first church we visited 13 yrs ago when we moved to the area. They were so friendly and welcoming that we didn’t visit any other churches. They preach God’s word and teach biblical truths about how to serve and be a Christian. Come by and visit and you will see for yourself . We have children and youth programs.

Photo of Rebecca Bailey Rebecca Bailey
Oct 4, 2019 5

We LOVE Shady Grove church. You immediately feel welcomed into their family. They are so loving. The preaching is solid, and Bible based. There are also many kids/teen programs and other programs for men and women to be involved. It is just a great place to raise a family and grow in the Lord.

Photo of Kristie Locklear Kristie Locklear
Oct 9, 2019 5

This is a wonderful place to be. I have no doubt that you’ll feel genuinely welcomed the moment you step inside. Whether you’ve been in church or you’re new to it, Shady Grove Church is a great place to learn and grow for people of all ages.

Photo of Brooke Berneking Brooke Berneking
Aug 30, 2019 5

Wonderful,warm friendly people at Shady Grove. We always try to make all visitors feel at home. Love listening to Preacher Tim preach and hear the excitement when he preaches God's word! Definitely recommend if you are looking for a place to call home!

Photo of Mandy Anderton Mandy Anderton
Mar 31, 2020 5

I went to shady Grove when I was 13 years old and I am now 24. My family ended up going to homecoming and came back talking about how awesome the preaching was. My husband and I decided to start going to church again and because of Shady Grove FAMILY we have joined a church for the first time as a couple. Shady Grove is an awesome and welcoming environment and you can feel the spirit of God as soon as you walk in those doors.

Photo of Marcus Bailey Marcus Bailey
Oct 9, 2019 5

Me, my wife, and my 2 year old daughter have been attending here for alittle over a month now. The thing that stands out to me about this church is the family atmosphere. The people are so friendly and genuinely caring. Pastor Tim always delivers his sermons with passion and conviction and truly opens my eyes to things I had never seen in that particular passage of Scripture. The music is great, as they have a large worship team. On another note, the kids programs are top notch. They offer Sunday school, children’s church, Awana (kids Night Out), nursery for every service, Upwards basketball, Teen visitation and service, and activities throughout every month. We are thrilled to now call Shady Grove home.

Photo of Britni Johnson Britni Johnson
Mar 31, 2020 5

Shady Grove has been my home my whole life. My family has been going here for over 20 years now and we have always felt loved and cared for. It is very apparent that the members of this community love God and seek out a life that is lived for God. This is a direct reflection of the leadership of this church. Pastor Tim and Marcus put so much time and effort into serving the Lord and we are so thankful for them. If you are looking for a church in the Raleigh/Durham area and want to be apart of a family that loves God and each other then Shady Grove is the place for you!!