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Sarah's Empanadas


5410 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 544-2441

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Photo of Hiker Guy Hiker Guy
Apr 11, 2023 5

My wife had been here before but it was my first time. We split 3 empanadas (one mushroom and two broccoli & cheese) and green beans. Awesome stuff!! Excellent staff. Unlike too many places these days, they don't have a "register display" they flip around to coerce you into leaving a tip (we left a tip on the table anyway). And, it's reasonably priced. Can't wait to go back again. .

Photo of A. Francis A. Francis
Nov 28, 2022 5

Went here today for lunch and I do not regret it! My interaction there was pleasant and my food was delicious. I had the Cuban empanada, the chicken empanada, and the yuca fries. Literally, all of it was delicious. I will most definitely be a returning customer.

Photo of Bailey Callahan Bailey Callahan
Nov 16, 2022 5

Amazing amazing Amazing! They were so nice and made sure everything was right (I ordered a lot of food) and the food is amazing!!!!!!! I’m so glad I tried this place finally after looking at it for years. I’m really glad they r now open till 8pm bc I would have never been able to try them other wise. Prices r perfect and the banana Nutella empanada is a MUST try! Everything down to the rice is just perfect! Thank u guys so much for what y’all do!! I’ll be back again And again!

Photo of Catherine Griffin Catherine Griffin
Nov 11, 2022 5

5-star experience here! I loved the food, the flavor was awesome, great value and portion sizes, and the staff was so attentive and kind. Between myself and my dinner date, we had the chicken and cheese, beef and cheese, Mexican, and broccoli and cheese empanadas, beans and rice, and plantains. We recommend it all! Such a cute atmosphere and a convenient location. We will definitely be back!

Photo of Layla Borisouth Layla Borisouth
Oct 29, 2022 5

Super friendly staff. Food was great

Photo of Michael C Michael C
Oct 19, 2022 5

A tale of two empanadas, pt. 2: Sarah’s Empanadas Sarah’s empanadas is a fantastic establishment and I could not be more supportive of their business. I am a tremendous fan of the ambiance of its strip mall surroundings and of the calm, welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant interior. The menu offers a fine selection of empanadas with a wide variety of fillings, my favorites being the spicy jerk chicken and beef. The staff are friendly, the service is fast, and the menu offers incredible value. A woman, presumably the owner, caringly ensures your satisfaction with the meal. And the meal itself is excellent. The empanadas are hand sized and two of them, offered as a combo with one side, will serve as a hearty lunch. For those of weaker constitution, a one empanada lunch combo is offered. The fillings are outstanding and the flour shells are baked perfectly golden, neither too crispy nor too floppy. Spicy red salsa and spicy tomatillo salsa are offered. Horchata makes a fine drink pairing for this entree. I have left Sarah’s with a smile on my face each time I have visited. Maybe things are looking up in the world these days, after all.

Photo of Ryuichi Okutani Ryuichi Okutani
Oct 9, 2022 5

Sarah's Empanadas has never let me down, the staff are always kind and courteous and the empanadas are absolutely delicious. Your order will arrive in

Photo of Makaila Roberts Makaila Roberts
Sep 13, 2022 5

The food was amazing! I got beef and cheese empanadas! I also love the atmosphere and decor. I will definitely be back and will recommend others!

Photo of Nancy Hatcher Nancy Hatcher
Aug 31, 2022 5

Great food, hot, tasty, and an abundance of choices. The staff is wonderful. They were all so kind and helpful.

Photo of T Perez T Perez
Jul 23, 2022 5

Great family owned restaurant with amazing food. This was my first time dining here and I will definitely be back.

Photo of HallWay Video Productions HallWay Video Productions
Jul 4, 2022 5

Quite possibly the best empanadas I've ever tasted! We visited Eno Fest in Durham where we tried a chicken and cheese empanada which was already amazing, and then followed it up with the guava and cheese empanada which was pretty much a religious experience 😆. Highly recommend and can't wait until my next one!

Photo of Hal Sandick Hal Sandick
Jun 24, 2022 4

Empanadas were very good. Good fried sweet bananas. Arepa was so- so, more like a pancake than a cornmeal pocket.

Photo of Brendon Loxton Brendon Loxton
Jun 15, 2022 5

Love this place. If it’s your first time, make sure you give the desert empanadas a try. Everything is delicious and so glad a restaurant like this is in my neighborhood.

Photo of Jim Elliott (RapidEye) Jim Elliott (RapidEye)
Jun 8, 2022 4

Interesting mix of central American foods. Was pleasantly surprised when they had gazpacho last time I was there.