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Sarah P. Duke Gardens


420 Anderson St
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 684-3698
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Photo of Avinash Gomes Avinash Gomes
Jun 20, 2019 5

really beautiful relaxing place. ample parking available but it might be all taken during nice summer days. They have different sections dedicated to different themes and they transport you instantly to that culture. Also please try out their ice cream bars, really delicious and healthy looking.

Photo of Todd Peterson Todd Peterson
Jun 28, 2019 4

I'm from out of town. When the locals mentioned Duke Gardens, I thought there would be colorful plants and flowers. But everything was green. Everything was somewhat well maintained. The staff was friendly. But they were focused on improving the gift shop, rather than the garden itself. It was still fun, but the place should be called Duke Forrest. Given this, I still want to go back.

Photo of Sarah Majors Sarah Majors
Jun 25, 2019 5

Such a beautiful place to visit! While parking has a fee visiting the Gardens is free to the public! It is a great activity to do when you're on a budget or if you just want to enjoy a nice day outside. The Gardens is family friendly with a massive variety of things to see throughout the Gardens. There is something for everyone!

Photo of Caroline Martinez Caroline Martinez
Jul 4, 2019 5

It’s so gorgeous here! You must visit if you’re in the area! The many colors in the garden are mesmerizing 😍 it was my first time coming here today and I loved it! It’s a great place to go to enjoy time with family and friends. There’s lots to see & explore! It is also dog friendly between certain times. Parking is $1 for 30 minutes and they even provide maps to guide you through the gardens. There’s colorful birds butterflies and there’s lots of ducks and turtles along with fish! I will definitely be back!

Photo of Amanda Hudson Amanda Hudson
May 9, 2019 5

Absolutely gorgeous - a must see when the flowers are in bloom and the weather isn't too hot or too cold. Definitely wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle, because there is a TON of natural beauty for you to take in. The guide at the counter when we went into the visitors center was extremely knowledgeable and worked with us to plan a visit that would take about 1.5 hours (and she was spot on). I am so glad we made the trip over here!

Photo of Wende Sanders Wende Sanders
May 10, 2019 5

This Garden was so beautiful! I loved the inspiration that I got from the variety of plants, from shade-loving to sun-loving. The Garden had beautiful water features and other Hardscape to provide beautiful backdrop options for photographs and just for hanging out! I thoroughly enjoyed going to the Duke Gardens this Spring & look forward to coming back during different seasons to see what beautiful flowers and plants are in bloom at various times during the year. Make sure to bring your camera if you come to this Garden, and give yourself time to just wander around. The sights, sounds & smells of this garden paradise are a true blessing to the Soul!

Photo of Ishika Bhattarai Ishika Bhattarai
May 5, 2019 5

It's a really nice place to visit with your family and friends. They a variety of different flowers and plants. They also have couple of lakes/ponds. It's a great place to send you weekend. You can also have a picnic there too. That also have a great parking lot, so u don't have to worry about not finding a parking. I really recommend people going there.

Photo of Jim Weimer Jim Weimer
Jun 14, 2019 4

Wonderful gardens! Many time gardens are bigger than the staff can maintain... It's understandable the decide to give us more and more plants... When what you'd hope is for them to give you something about what a garden should look like. Something of how garden fits with the landscape... Fits with how we live.They're doing pretty good here. It feels like their a little over extended but on the whole they are able to manage a very large and complex garden.Good for them.

Photo of Linda Thorne Linda Thorne
May 14, 2019 5

I was a speaker on orchids to the Triangle Orchid Society. Staff was very helpful with sound. The grounds are amazing with lovely plantings. The front fountain is soothing in sound and mesmerizing to look at. I highly recommend a visit if you live nature and plants! They have a gift shop too!

Photo of Devilgorgor.com魔鬼哥哥 Devilgorgor.com魔鬼哥哥
Dec 31, 2020 5

On a hill, it was built layer by layer with a row of steps designed to become a platform with violet vines. What was disappointing was that they cut off the original vines and turned them into a bare pavilion. The scenery was not as good as before. Nevertheless, the entire garden has been renovated in recent years, and gardeners have kept planting flowers on the steps during the blooming season, adding a lot of beauty to the entire garden.

Photo of Gabby Gabby
Dec 22, 2020 5

Absolutely stunning place. I love going here.

Photo of Arttiparti Arttiparti
Dec 17, 2020 5

This is a peaceful place to visit. I took a morning walk and the fall colors were amazing. I went to every nook and cranny and enjoyed it all.

Photo of A small cat (cat) A small cat (cat)
Apr 5, 2020 5

We visited these in Spring 2019 the day before we attended the Duke basketball game. I loved walking around the gardens. Everything is so beautiful. It was relaxing. People were walking, painting, laying around, playing in the open area, reading, talking, etc. The flowers are very pretty. There are several themed areas. There was a little farm area. There is over 5 miles of walkways/paths to walk. If I lived in this area I would visit often. I felt safe and felt super relaxed walking around. Visit the gift shop too! The staff we talked to were all friendly and helpful.

Photo of Frederick Fairbanks Frederick Fairbanks
Sep 17, 2020 3

Great place to gather with family and friends.

Photo of Donna Miller Donna Miller
May 27, 2020 5

Beautiful gardens. Nice place to walk around with a stroller. Be aware that some places are not stroller compatible. I learned the hard way when I was moving through the Asian garden areas and couldn't locate a ramp.

Photo of Courtney Mulveney Courtney Mulveney
Mar 13, 2020 5

Beautiful large garden with multiple areas that represent different types of gardening styles, plant biomes, and trail types. Great for getting outside and moving, your calves will be sore! Some of the trails are gravel and very hilly so be aware if you or your loved ones have mobility issues, it may not be the most accessible afternoon trip. My personal favorite is the waterfall in the Asiatic garden.

Photo of benjamintri benjamintri
Mar 12, 2020 5

Lush, beautiful gardens in the middle of the Duke University campus. A site for many an alumni wedding shoot, no doubt. Free to visit and walk around. Tons of varieties, terraced with stone work, edged with a good-sized koi pond.

Photo of Nickie Nickie
Mar 11, 2020 5

Absolutely beautiful place. I love it. Always a different experience in different seasons due to the changing of the trees and flowers 🌸. I’ve been here lots of times since 2001 and it never gets old. Great place to walk, have a picnic, take photos or just sit and read a book, whatever the case. It’s fun for everyone. I Love Duke Gardens!

Photo of Suci Farahdilla Suci Farahdilla
Feb 23, 2020 5

Such a beautiful place!Visited Duke Gardens for the first time last year during the spring and it was absolutely amazing experience. We went there for story time for kids and enjoyed our picnic here. The kids were thrilled too. The gardens are too big to enjoy every corners of them in one day. Some paths are difficult for strollers. Paid parking available. Definitely will come again.

Photo of Kelsey Smith Kelsey Smith
Feb 10, 2020 5

These gardens were beautiful, so peaceful to walk around in on a Monday morning. I had the place almost entirely to myself. I easily fell in love with lenten roses and camellias. They do a great job maintaining the spaces. Even on a chilly February morning there were flowers blooming and hearty greens galore.

Photo of Stephanie Ross Stephanie Ross
Feb 4, 2020 5

Wonderful even in the winter. Lovely native garden and nice variety of flora. The infrastructure is also really impressive. Nice paths and beautiful bridges. Looking forward to returning when everything is in bloom.

Photo of Victor Engle Victor Engle
Feb 1, 2020 5

Duke Gardens is a real treasure in Durham. Every time I visit the garden I get a genuine sense of peace. I’ve been hundreds of times. The terrace garden and koi pond are main attractions but you have to just wander through the entire garden to really appreciate its beauty. There’s parking at the entrance with machines to issue parking slips or you can just pay with an app. Instructions are on the machine.

Photo of Ravali sri Ravali sri
Jan 16, 2020 4

Lovely place and very big too. I would suggest to go on a good evening spring. Real beauty. I went during winter and still loved it. Picturesque places to take pics.

Photo of Caleb Roenigk Caleb Roenigk
Dec 25, 2019 5

Always a wonderful place no matter the season! Such a great place to bring kids and feed ducks! I used to always come here as a kid and it was so fun! Bravo Duke!!! Everyone who works here to make this place what it is should be proud!

Photo of Selim Yaman Selim Yaman
Jan 11, 2020 5

I have never seen such huge gardens in a university campus! My universities’ campuses were generally large, at least that was what I thought till I see these gardens. We came here around the New Year eve but the weather was so nice that all plants and trees were so alive with green grass. If you’re a student at Duke University and need a peaceful place to get some fresh air, this is the place.

Photo of Rick Heapz Rick Heapz
Dec 14, 2019 5

Most amazing gardens and spectacular views. Visited the Duke Chapel and it was breathtaking. From hand carved wood trim to the hand made stained glass all around. The pews and the tomb of the duke family. The organs of more than 5,000 pipes and the chapel bells . This place is amazing. Glad we went.

Photo of katnnv . katnnv .
Dec 2, 2019 5

Absolutely beautiful! Lots of trails and places to sit tucked away in quiet locations. A great place to take a walk or contemplate in peace. I can't wait to go back, and it's free (aside from parking).

Photo of Ed Fulton Ed Fulton
Nov 20, 2019 5

A wonderful place to spend your time! A first-class decorative garden, great variety and layout. Parking can be difficult at times, and you may find it expensive, but the gardens themselves are free to enter. I've been three times so far, each time for a couple of hours or so, and there's still more for me to explore. Highly recommended!

Photo of Nathan Mize Nathan Mize
Nov 8, 2019 5

Love coming here with my daughter. Plenty of space for her to run around and play with other kids. Lots of tails, beautiful flowers and landscaping, ponds with ducks. Parking can be a little challenging in busy days, but worth it!

Photo of Kunjan R Kunjan R
Nov 11, 2019 5

Really well maintained botanical garden with detailed maps to each location. The visitor center was good. You can get duck food for $1 from the store next to the visitor center. Do pick up a map which really helps you guide through the park. Overall spread in 55 acre but you can probably stroll through it in 3 hours or so. Parking is $2 per hour and you need to anticipate your stay duration and prepay for parking.

Photo of Nixzali Salcedo Pena Nixzali Salcedo Pena
Nov 8, 2019 5

One of the best gardens I have ever visited! This is a wonderful place to visit. So many great things to look and discover that it's hard to get it all in one visit. I love the beautiful landscapes and the integration of the different types of gardens. I would recommend visiting this place more than once, and during different seasons. It's a great place for photography and to spend time with the family.

Photo of Al Fabrizio Al Fabrizio
Aug 31, 2019 5

Really lovely place unlike anything in the region. Beautiful in every season. Give yourself at least a couple of hours to stroll the gardens and consider a side trek to the Duke University campus and chapel. Enjoy lunch in the food court or adjoining panda express, if you have the energy for the extra walking (hours vary with the school calendar, be advised) The gardeners gift shop (adjacent to parking) has something for everyone. Parking is $2/hour payable by cc.

Photo of Christopher Winkler Christopher Winkler
Aug 12, 2019 5

Completely beautiful. You'll find flowers of every color, shape, and size, all arranged in a gorgeous, well-kept array. There are 4 themed gardens, each equally beautiful. There are ponds with fish and frogs, a small farm with chickens, fruits, and vegetables, a lake with ducks, a bird watching station, and much more. The gift shop is actually surprisingly tiny but has some cool items. There's a good amount of shade and benches to relax, and some paths that feel like little secrets. I wish there was more interactive activities for children, and more children-focused play areas in general, but the beauty and the price are hard to beat.

Photo of Ashlea Higgins Ashlea Higgins
Oct 1, 2019 5

This place is heavenly! I have seen a lot of gardens and not many compare to the Duke Gardens. I love how they are continuing to expand and create more trails that lead to even a bigger range of flowers. You can't just spend an hour here, you need at least 3 to really experience the tranquility and the sounds of nature. It's seriously a beautiful thing, and I have been here on way more than one occasion and it never ceases to amaze me.

Photo of Kara M. Kara M.
Oct 10, 2019 5

This is such a beautiful spot and the perfect place to take out of town visitors.I'd budget about 2-3 hours to spend here. Parking can be a bit tight, so it might be good to go earlier in the day. I did see signs for an overflow lot, but I'm not sure how much of a walk it is to get there. Once you park, you do have to pay for your spot, but it's a very nominal fee of a few dollars per hour. Entry into the gardens is free, yay! I have been here twice now, in April and October. I have to say it was a bit more impressive in the spring with all of the beautiful blooming flowers.On our last visit, there was a wedding going on that day, so the parking lot was closing early. There is also a gift shop on the premise, plus bathrooms. A great place to take a walk in a peaceful setting. A visit to the gardens combined with a meal out would make for a romantic date night!

Photo of Myszka Theuerle Myszka Theuerle
Oct 20, 2019 5

Beautiful gardens. There is the great agricultural part of it, that grows. vegetables etc Then there is a lovely Asian area with bamboo and Bridges and a tea house. Then they're the formal gorgeous gardens with ponds and fish and flowers. They also have one area dedicated to local floral and fauna. The lovely paths lead to so much beautye.

Photo of Dan Thompson Dan Thompson
Apr 2, 2022 5

GARDEN OF EDEN QUALITY!!! 😮😮😮 Hands down thee most amazing floral botanical garden in the state of North Carolina and definitely in the Top Ten in the entire nation! We have visited here probably 50-100 times in the 20 years we’ve lived here in Raleigh. Words cannot describe the variety of the beauty of Creator God’s handiwork and creativity that you will see here. GO!!! VISIT!!! BE AMAZED!!! You’ve never seen anything like it! The month of May has always been my favorite time to go. Bring your camera, a picnic lunch, and ENJOY YOURSELF! Thee most beautiful free garden you will find anywhere! I literally shoot HUNDREDS of photos every time I come here, it is simply INSPIRING! THANK YOU, DUKE UNIVERSITY!!!

Photo of Craig Hall Craig Hall
Jul 5, 2021 5

Sarah P Duke Gardens make for a very pleasant outing. The flowers and trails are very well maintained. There were a lot of people at the facility when I was there so parking was a bit of a challenge. However once inside this place is so large once inside the gardens it didn't seem that crowded. If you want to see everything wear good shoes. There is a lot of walking with some hills and steps. I'm anxious to return in the fall when leaves turn. It should be a completely different experience.

Photo of Ankita Kapadia Ankita Kapadia
Mar 24, 2022 5

Beautiful grounds that are well cared for. The different areas are unique in terms of the plants and decor, which I can appreciate. It’s easy to find a tranquil spot to relax. It’s also easy to stay in the larger, more elaborate, areas if you’re with a group. Plus, there’s parking available on site. And as someone who grew up In the NYC area, that’s something I definitely appreciate.

Photo of Cristian Campos Cristian Campos
Sep 12, 2021 5

This Garden is a MUST VISIT if you are in the area. It is likely the most serene place you will visit with beautiful paths and a grand variety of vegetation (my favorite area is the Japanese Gardens. There is no better place to study, have a stroll, hang out with friends, or have a picnic. This area includes places for tons of great pictures and nooks for you to discover visit after visit. Best of all, there are many benches for you to rest and a path that’s ADA accessible.

Photo of Dan Thompson Dan Thompson
Mar 27, 2022 5

GARDEN OF EDEN QUALITY!!! 😮😮😮 Hands down there most amazing floral botanical garden in the state of North Carolina and definitely in the Top Ten in the entire nation! We have visited here probably 50-100 times in the 20 years we’ve lived here in Raleigh. Words cannot describe the variety of the beauty of Creator God’s handiwork and creativity that you will see here. GO!!! VISIT!!! BE AMAZED!!! You’ve never seen anything like it! The month of May has always been my favorite time to go. Bring your camera, a picnic lunch, and ENJOY YOURSELF! Thee most beautiful free garden you will find anywhere! I literally shoot HUNDREDS of photos every time I come here, it is simply INSPIRING! THANK YOU, DUKE UNIVERSITY!!!

Photo of Hannah Ringler Hannah Ringler
Feb 11, 2022 5

This is my favorite place in Durham to come hang out, practice nature photography, and go for an easy walk! Most of the garden is stroller and wheelbarrow accessible - if you have a stroller with big wheels, you can also access some of the smaller paths that have two or three broad steps. The plantings in the formal garden change seasonally, and it's always lovely to see what new things are added to both the formal garden and the gardens as a whole. The new garden near the red bridge is really excellent, as is the valley garden near the parking lot. One of my favorite places is the Discovery Garden - it's a great sensory experience for little ones, and the chickens are especially popular with my son! If you're interested in garden design, there's a lot of great inspiration. If you want to watch birds, the native garden is perfect. If you want to sit quietly by yourself, there are tucked-away corners where you almost never see anyone else. I wish I could bring my dog during weekdays, but it is what it is.

Photo of vikas vishwakarma vikas vishwakarma
Feb 24, 2022 5

Beautiful garden with nice little scenic spots and bridges. They have benches all around the park if you want to sit and soak in the quiet nature around you. It's got an Amphitheatre, fish pond and lots of trails to walk around. Would be beautiful during spring and summer when the garden is in full bloom.

Photo of B Keerthi Naragoni B Keerthi Naragoni
May 31, 2022 5

Beautiful gardens with even more various colors of flowers and plants all over the place. Gardens is maintained well and walking through gives you good feel all the way through. It's most famous for its natural light and scenery views for capturing your beautiful memories of any events or occasions😍 better carry strollers if you going with kids or toddlers as the walk can be easy with it instead of carrying them all the time.definitely makes you feel good and worth visiting this place.

Photo of Jason Chamberlain Jason Chamberlain
Jun 24, 2021 5

I can't imagine anyone making a trip to the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area as a tourist just for the sake of tourism. But if they did, it might be to visit Duke Gardens. This is a spot we always hit when we have out-of-town guests staying with us. We particularly like the Japanese garden selection. I also like the small, unobtrusive signs that tell you what each plant is. Plan to pay for parking if you go, but they do have a kiosk that accepts cards. They also have an auxiliary parking lot about 1/4 mile down the road if it is really busy. But if you have older guests you can easily drop them off by the main entrance, go park, and walk back. Whether you've lived here for 20 years or are just visiting, it's always worth a trip to Duke Gardens.