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Sarah P. Duke Gardens


420 Anderson St
Durham, NC 27708
Phone: (919) 684-3698
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Photo of E D E D
Dec 30, 2023 5

This place is magical. It’s like a mini trip to Italy 😍 We didn’t have a lot of time to explore the entire garden but what we saw was heavenly. Great location for a stroll, a picnic, or just a relaxing time outdoors. Also good for all ages. Highly recommended

Photo of Siba Siddique Siba Siddique
Dec 1, 2023 5

I have visited the Sarah P. Duke Gardens during all the seasons (cherry blossom season is the best imo), and these were the pictures I took during my latest visit. The routes are well-maintained with leaf blowers, and you can enjoy the fall colors and exotic plants such as cacti and chrysanthemums (in the Asiatic Arboretum). There are also cute nooks where you can spend time.

Photo of Justin Trosclair, D.C. Justin Trosclair, D.C.
Nov 22, 2023 5

One more could you ask for. Great fall foliage and a really cool Japanese area with other Asian country plants. Nice bridges, chrysanthemums, tiered gardens, lots of places to escape from the rain too. Whole family enjoyed are 2 hours

Photo of Holly Holly
Nov 9, 2023 5

*LOVED* this place!! We moved here from Idaho in September and have been exploring a lot. This has been our favorite place so far. If you are from here, you might not realize how special it is to have banana trees and bamboo just growing outside in nature under pine trees and elms and maple trees. In Idaho, there was only pine so you didn't see leaves change colors with the seasons at all. I can't believe how colorful everything is here!! It's the thing I had been looking forward to the most, and it didn't disappoint. There's a smell outside as you walk around. It's this earthy tree smell that is my absolute favorite smell in the whole world (tied for the #1 spot with my daughter's head and my dog's feet). It was a 76 degree day with a light breeze and it felt like walking around in a rainbow heaven. The grounds are beautiful and there's lots to see. I'm certain we'll come back frequently. That being said, I will give one suggestion. It's a little bit hard to get around with my daughter's wheelchair and it would be helpful if paths were marked with arrows showing which way to go if you're in a wheelchair. They had an info both but it was busy so we skipped it, and I'm sure they could have told us where to go. Alas! We had to backtrack a little bit here and there, but there were other ways to get around. We took a detour to the chapel which was about an 8 minute walk from the gardens, and we did have to go up some stairs for that part. It was so pretty though and barely out of the way. Worth seeing. I expected only one chapel, but the university has tons of buildings that look like ancient mini castles. I didn't expect it to be so utterly breathtaking. Back to the gardens, there were some gravel areas inside the gardens that we decided to skip. Otherwise, the majority of the gardens were very accessible. We all loved this place so much.

Photo of Lilie Wilkinson Lilie Wilkinson
Oct 31, 2023 5

Visited with my boyfriend last Spring and the scenery was gorgeous. Lots of different kinds of flowers to view, as well as walking trails. We also stopped at the little shop and bought popsicles to cool down. Great place to visit and lots you can do!

Photo of Greg Laux Greg Laux
Oct 31, 2023 5

I'm a plant nerd, so I absolutely love it here. Going on overcast mornings means there won't be many people there. Parking is $2 an hour. Great for getting foliage reference photos for the artists out there.

Photo of Jacque 3777 Jacque 3777
Oct 28, 2023 5

Absolutely beautiful. Visited twice while in town and still didn't get to see everything because it was so big. My favorite was the vegetable garden which consisted of a compost and watering system and a bee keeping section. The workers and volunteers were super nice. There was a little building that sold snack and wraps that were delicious,fresh and reasonably priced. They also had a gift shop and area where you could purchase plants. The garden is free but you have to pay to park but the parking fee is reasonable but parking fills up quick.

Photo of Michael Cohen Michael Cohen
Oct 18, 2023 5

The visit to the Duke Gardens on the campus of Duke University was spectacular. Much of the gardens were still in bloom. The staff, volunteers and workers were quite pleasant, very knowledgeable as well as helpful. It was a beautiful day to spend walking amid such floral beauty. We brought a simple picnic lunch to enjoy at the conclusion of our walk. If you are in the area, leave at least an hour or more to enjoy this treasure.

Photo of Bunny Flower Bunny Flower
Oct 11, 2023 5

Awesome place to visit! We enjoyed the garden and it was just so mind-blowing that there’s such a beautiful and huge garden in Duke university! Highly recommend to pay a visit to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens if you are here in Durham.

Photo of Kat3 Kat3
Oct 3, 2023 5

What an awesome place to relax, wander and soak up the calming vibes! From the time you walk in through the entrance, the waterfalls. beautiful gardens and varied wildlife just put you at instant peace! Honestly, I wish I'd brought a book and a blanket- this place just begs you to sit down and stay awhile! I now want to come back in the spring!

Photo of Mircea Ionescu Mircea Ionescu
Oct 2, 2023 5

These gardens are a pleasant surprise. You will need more than one hour to enjoy the place . Lots of cute spots along with the pond, the fountains . By the plants they have, I can say it's the prettiest at spring, but you can enjoy it all sumer long They have packing and the is free entrance.

Photo of Greg Alford Greg Alford
Sep 30, 2023 5

Absolutely stunning gardens next to the Duke University campus. I like that they try to do the all natural. 55 acres of absolutely stunning scenery and on top of it all it’s free.

Photo of Khaleel Bremby Khaleel Bremby
Sep 25, 2023 5

Simply blissful. I just sat and enjoyed the scenery for about an hour. I took a couple of photos and enjoyed myself. This place feels so peaceful.

Photo of maryroselol maryroselol
Sep 24, 2023 5

After you figure how to pay for parking, you will be amazed at the beauty of this garden. It’s free to enter and has such majesty. Great place to come explore, relax, and spend time in a tranquil place. Many people come to peruse the garden, others come to have a picnic with friends and family in the greenway. Left this place feeling at peace.

Photo of Dana Dane Dana Dane
Aug 5, 2023 5

Probably one of the most well laid out parks I’ve visited, and this was my first time visiting. The only bummer was that there were some areas closed off due to landscaping so I wasn’t able to get photos there, but this park is a nature enthusiast or photographer’s dream. There’s such a broad spectrum of plants throughout the garden that you just have to see. The ground along the paths are pretty even which makes for comfortable walking since you will find something eye catching down every path. I wasn’t planning on going on a misty day, but the photos I took still came out amazing. Would love to do photoshoots in this location.

Photo of Sasank Gadiko Sasank Gadiko
Jul 31, 2023 5

Duke Gardens are a beautiful and tranquil oasis in the heart of Durham, North Carolina. The gardens are home to a wide variety of flowers, plants, and trees, from the Japanese Garden to the Discovery Garden. There are also walking trails, a lake, and a chapel. The Japanese Garden was particularly stunning, with its koi pond, waterfalls, and bamboo groves. The Discovery Garden was also a lot of fun, with its interactive exhibits and play areas. The gardens are free to visit, but there is a fee for parking. There is a small parking lot at the entrance to the gardens, but it can fill up quickly. There is also street parking available, but it can be difficult to find. If you are visiting the gardens in the off-season, be aware that some of the trees may be dry and without flowers. However, the gardens are still worth a visit, as the beauty of the architecture and landscaping is still evident.

Photo of FayzieKay Wolf FayzieKay Wolf
Jul 23, 2023 5

Beautiful and expensive garden with an amazing variety of plants. It's truly a paradise nestled in Durham. Some water fountains located through our the park, lots of because for resting and observing the beauty surrounding you. We strolled through the park for about 2 hours and saw most of the park. Park is free, parking is $2 an hour

Photo of Sarah Mansell Sarah Mansell
Jul 20, 2023 5

The most beautiful botanical garden I have ever seen. If you’re visiting Durham, this is a MUST. My absolute favorite place for a nice long walk on nature, I am partial to the Japanese gardens. The grounds are maintained immaculately! Bring your dogs during off-peak hours, morning and evenings.

Photo of Chanchal Chanchal
Jul 15, 2023 5

This place is awesome. Beautiful gardens and well decorated with various plants, flowers, birds, ponds, butterflies throughout the walk. A lovely pond with fishes and lotus. There is lake and great walk along the lake. This place is for whole family. Plenty of benches and a lawn. It has a small cafe inside, chapel and gift shop at the entrance. No entry fee but parking is $2 per hour. Restrooms are available. Gets busy during weekend.

Photo of John Turnbull John Turnbull
Jul 11, 2023 5

Nice walk through various regions themed gardens and woodland. Not busy, pay to park. Staff very helpful and polite. It has a children's discovery area with staff supervision indoors and out. Great place to chill with tree coverage providing shade.

Photo of Areen dhoon Areen dhoon
Jul 1, 2023 5

Yes, please go there and enjoy the breathtaking gardens. Different plants and flowers, they decorate everything in a beautiful way. It was super hot, but we enjoyed every single stop. The entry is free, but you have to pay 2 dollars/ hour for the parking.

Photo of paisleygirl paisleygirl
Jun 29, 2023 5

This place is amazing! Fun for the whole family if they are able to appreciate beauty. Notice: Wear walking or supportive sportswear because there's lots of different attractions and trails. Might be too large of a walking area for toddler's and young children.

Photo of Scottie Lipa Scottie Lipa
Jun 27, 2023 5

Went here Saturday before Father’s Day around 10am. Both parking lots at address were full but huge overflow parking just a couple houses down street. One of the biggest and better botanical gardens we have been too. Lots to see and walk around. Plan 2 hours of walking. Had bathrooms onsite as well! They should charge admission it’s that amazing, but all you pay is $2 parking. This is a must see for all at cost of free admission.