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Salvation Army


3167 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 384-7130
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Salvation Army

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Photo of Jay ONeal Jay ONeal
May 25, 2019 4

Enjoyable experience here. Operations are a little slow but they have good deals.

Photo of Anthoney Perry Anthoney Perry
Jun 14, 2019 1

Ok people's listen to this I contact the head of the store guy name Captain Perez he never call me back or nothing so I contact a lady name Ms Tammy off Holloway st store support be head of community service so they stand behind there manager Annette talking to people's any kind way and being disrespectful this is a place where people's bring clothes and etc. A place where Walmart donates food where people's donate this is something people's need to know I will take this to newspapers and Walmart head office let it be known this is the type people's Salvation Army Store has working for them I believe in people's right!!!

Photo of Ami Jackson Ami Jackson
Dec 19, 2018 1

The staff was rude, from these reviews I’m not sure if they pick and chose who they’re nice to... and there’s not much else to the store. It’s decently clean so there’s that. Good job

Photo of Annie Williams Annie Williams
Feb 1, 2019 5

Best thrift store in Durham! Love the prices and friendly staff.

Photo of Tasha Gervais Tasha Gervais
Sep 17, 2018 4

I like Salvation Army because they do the thing where a certain tag color is 50% of each day and you can find some great deals. This storr isn't particularly big--in fact it used to be much bigger but they cut it in half--but the people are very nice and it's fun to breeze through and see what you find.

Photo of Lee Holden Lee Holden
Apr 8, 2019 5

Support them when I can ... donated 2 mattresses today.