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Saltbox Seafood Joint


2637 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 237-3499
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Photo of Amy Zhang Amy Zhang
Nov 11, 2023 5

Food was delicious!! It was the least greasy fried seafood I think I've had for a while! The tarter sauce and slaw really helps to cut the oil. While the fried potatoes were delicious, I would've opted for the collard greens to get something not fried! The hush honeys were also a nice sweet element! We went on a Saturday night at peak time so there was a line almost all the way out the door. Service was pretty slow but it was worth the wait. The inside space is pretty small but there are outdoor tables. On a rainy or cold day though, you'll probably want to make sure you can get a seat inside!

Photo of Emir Akins Emir Akins
Nov 7, 2023 5

Such a small place with so much to offer. We Absolutely enjoyed the crab cakes and the collards take you back to grandma's kitchen. Definitely will be back.

Photo of Leah Branch Leah Branch
Sep 28, 2023 5

Was very excited to try saltbox and it didn't disappoint. The service was very friendly and love the atmosphere. Looking forward to coming back to try more things! Great oyster plate and collards.

Photo of Brandi W Brandi W
Sep 13, 2023 5

Excellent all the way around. The service was terrific, food was delicious and restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating. We found out about this place from Vivian Howard’s “A Chef’s Life” and it has been on our list to visit since. We shared the mackerel, potatoes, collards and hush honeys. The collards were out of this world and the hush honeys were so good. Fish was cooked perfectly and the potatoes were very good. No complaints at all. The restaurant has a small parking lot and very clean restrooms. We can’t wait to go back.

Photo of Elsa Lou Elsa Lou
Aug 26, 2023 4

I heard so much about this place and finally made it there. I ordered a flounder plate, which came with a vinegar based coleslaw and home made fries. The seasoning on the fish was good but the fish itself was slightly over fried. The coleslaw has a sweetness to it (i didn'tneed that). There was a huge line to place your order in the middle of a Saturday afternoon (the line does move quickly) so clearly folks love the food.

Photo of Ralph Rojas Ralph Rojas
Jun 27, 2023 5

Best damn collard greens I've ever had. Seriously, the food was good but what stood out were the collards. Perfect. Flounder plate was really tasty and the portion was fair for the price. Sliced potatoes could have been a little more crisp but not too soggy. Shrimp plate (fried) was ok. I'd probably go with grilled next time. Location is nice but small and a little cramped. I'll be coming back but taking out. Sauces were good and slaw is different but it grows on you. Good food overall.

Photo of Tashara Ross Tashara Ross
Jun 22, 2023 5

Awesome as always! I got a chance to catch the braised oxtails with the salt fish and potato cakes! Made me and my tongue dance! Flavors all through both items! Might not look like much but it definitely was! I hope Chef Ricky brings that back again!

Photo of Quintin Coppola Quintin Coppola
Jun 10, 2023 4

I've had this place on my list to try for a couple of years - it was featured in a YT video before winning the James Beard award. I'm in town for work and decided to stop by for lunch. I arrived as early as possible to avoid a line and because the menu is hand written - I couldn't plan my order. I was energetically greeted and was helped thru the menu. I settled on the amberjack, coleslaw, collards, and sea peas. Last time I had amberjack was a day fishing trip off the Virginia coast and I enjoyed it. The slaw is vinegar based - IMHO, that's how it should be. It didn't take long for the food to come out - I got all three sauces to try. For every item, the texture was perfect - fish was not overcooked, collards weren't mushy, the slaw had crunch, and the beans were firm but not undercooked. Also, the fish wasn't greasy - you could eat it with your hands and not have to carry a packet of napkins. My only critique would be the seasoning on the fish. In my opinion, it was a bit under seasoned. I took steps to try the fish - first as it came out, then with lemon, and finally with each of the sauces. Tasting it as it came out and with lemon, I never felt like I was getting the full flavor of the amberjack. But there were sauces and they were very flavorful, so not all was lost. Everything else I had exhibited great flavor. I might reduce sugar and increase acid on some things based on personal preference, but that's what that is, personal preference. I wouldn't call any of the sides flawed - they were enjoyable. Would I come back, yes.

Photo of Amelia Lee Amelia Lee
May 29, 2023 5

Finally got to visit this place + easily made my top five eats in the triangle. I came here with a friend and decided to try the shrimp and oyster plate with a side of collard greens and hush puppies. We were instantly in love with the food cooked for us. The batter for both the shrimp and oysters were well seasoned and only highlighted the main ingredient. It was also garnished with herbs that made it taste even better. The collard greens were rich and flavorful from the way it was cooked in a good ole soul food style. The hush puppies were elevated with a honey glaze and was also a star of our meal. My friend and I were even impressed with the coleslaw that was refreshing from the rich and fried flavors. Usually coleslaw is a hit or miss for us, but this one had just the right vinegarette taste and then elevated with maybe parsley or a fresh herb, but simply amazing taste. The service is warm and friendly with food prepared quickly and called by number. The indoor seating area is cute with a southern sailor aesthetic and close seating areas that is great for a small group. Overall it is simply a fantastic joint that you can't miss + that I can't wait to go back to!

Photo of Karl Sawyer Karl Sawyer
Apr 8, 2023 5

Wow! Saltbox did not disappoint. Amazing food, fried but was not greasy at all. The hush honeys are a must abd chowder was delicious. Fried flounder was light with a great spice along with fried oyster that were succulent. Also, grab a bag of taffy to enjoy after a meal. A must stop if you are in the Durham area.

Photo of Jen Jen
Mar 25, 2023 5

Went on 3/25/23. It was a busy lunch crowd. The wait in line and for the food took a bit but it was totally worth it. The honey hushuppies melted in my mouth. The soft shell crab....seasoned well, soft, juicy, well cooked. The blend of flavor along with the soft roll(not a bread person) was amazing. It's worth the visit.

Photo of Hillary Varner Hillary Varner
Feb 4, 2023 5

Incredible food, great atmosphere & service. Best seafood I have had in NC! Great flavors, all the sauces taste homemade and every single thing was cooked to perfection. Even in winter the outdoor seating warms up in the sun. Edited to add: I read the other reviews. If you want fish like your mom made, or fish like the place you went to every summer on the beach, go to any other fried seafood spot. If you want fresh and mind-blowing flavors and lots of seasoning, EAT HERE.