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Salt N Cocoa


1125 NC-54
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 251-9917

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Photo of Tyler Jones Tyler Jones
Aug 10, 2023 5

Got the rolled ice cream and it was beautiful and delicious. They have a nice selection at a good price. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for ice cream, boba, or taiyaki

Photo of Han Stw Han Stw
Jul 27, 2023 5

Good place to grab some ice cream, bubble tea, and taiyaki in Durham. I had the mango matcha latte with boba/tapioca pearls and a red bean taiyaki pancake. The taiyaki probably was a little doughy still but overall both were really good. The staff/owner was also super friendly. Indoor seating/tables available and plenty of parking.

Photo of Arpad Szabo Arpad Szabo
Jul 23, 2023 5

Everything the other reviewers write is true! Great ice cream, great presentation, great service and very clean. Finally an ice cream that has real ingredients and isn't pure sugar like most other places'. Do try the fish shaped waffles, they're amazing, as well. I'll be coming back and recommending it to everyone!

Photo of Mirty Soto Rosario Mirty Soto Rosario
Jun 18, 2023 5

Excellent rolled ice cream, service with a smile and Nutella-filled taiyaki (fish shaped waffle) ….HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! (So good we started eating before we took a picture)

Photo of Brandy Renee Newton Brandy Renee Newton
Jun 15, 2023 5

Stopped in as a treat for the kids as a prize for doing so well at their appointments today, and this place did NOT disappoint! We were first timers and will definitely be back. Not pictured were rhe 2 bobas we ordered. But the match, cookies & cream, and strawberry rolled ice creams certainly hit the spot. The owners were a LOVELY couple as well.

Photo of Efiogo !! Efiogo !!
Jun 3, 2023 5

Great spot for some delicious Taiyaki, rolled ice cream and boba tea. Glad I found this shop and was able to introduce these flavors to my fam and friends. Everyone who works there is amazing and The kids loved seeing the ice cream being made right in-front of them. I definitely recommend this place. My sis knows how picky I am with flavor’s especially since I’ve lived abroad for over a decade where I was able to experience these flavors time and time again, can definitely say these hit the spot.

Photo of 朱丽莎老师 朱丽莎老师
Apr 1, 2023 5

Very friendly owners (they’re from Korea, btw!). For the milk boba teas, they have tons of milk alternates (oat milk, almond milk, etc). I asked for no milk at all, which seemed strange to them, but they happily customized my drink (Thai boba Tea) to my request. Generous amounts of boba! The red bean TaiYaki fish-shaped pastry was delicious as well. The shop has high and low counter seating + standard table seating. One of the owners said they make the chocolate in house and serve hot chocolate. Can’t wait to return!

Photo of Rebecca Rebecca
Mar 19, 2023 5

This is a great place to go for a sweet treat! The salted hot chocolate is amazing. I had the soft serve (you get unlimited toppings) with the homemade strawberry preserves - delicious! My boyfriend had the cookies & cream ice cream and it was just the perfect amount. The staff (I assume the owners) are very nice and helpful if you have any questions. 11/10, we will be back!

Photo of David Hong David Hong
Mar 11, 2023 5

Best taiyaki in the area! It was very authentic. Not only were the rolled ice creams really good, but the service was excellent! Family-owned shop! They have many different taiyaki flavors, but the classic red bean flavor is the best!

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Feb 21, 2023 5

They took extra care to get the toppings on the rolled ice cream just right. That’s the little extra you like to see in a place like this. Drink was good too!

Photo of Amber Chase Amber Chase
Feb 5, 2023 5

Very delightful store. Friendly staff. Awesomely fresh taiyaki! Tasty boba. The store was very clean and organized. Only one outside table, but plenty of seating inside.

Photo of Youngjun Lee Youngjun Lee
Feb 1, 2023 5

Both coffee and chocolate ice cream were amazing! We also loved the dessert (couldn’t stop eating😊)! Highly highly recommend this place.

Photo of Rebecca Keppler Rebecca Keppler
Jan 13, 2023 5

So yummy. The people who own it are so nice. Hoping I can use this yummy treat as a bribe to get my boys to help around house. Boba tea too. Yes please. So yummy. Nothing is overly sweet. It’s perfection

Photo of Xinyu Guo Xinyu Guo
Jan 7, 2023 5

They are very kind and generous. Rolled ice cream is a good choice.

Photo of Lou Jent Lou Jent
Jan 6, 2023 5

I wandered in here about 6 weeks after its opening on an uncharacteristically warm day in January. The owner warmly greeted me, and let me take my time choosing from all the options. The words “red bean” caught my eye from the Taiyaki menu & she talked to me about what Taiyaki is (sweet fish-shaped waffles stuffed with various treats from nutella to ham & cheese with spicy sauce!). She helped me select an iced latte that would taste best with their in-house made mocha sauce & even made me extra red-bean taiyaki bcs she heard me telling my friend on the phone that red bean anything is my favorite! As she and i were chatting, i casually asked who made a painting at the back of her store — she did! Come see this beautiful gem of a cafe with it’s bubble tea, rolled icecream & multi-talented owner who just moved here after 17 years in San Francisco. Let’s give this cafe a Durham welcoming!

Photo of Rachel Wilkie Rachel Wilkie
Jan 3, 2023 5

Great service and amazing ice cream! The fish-shaped waffles were tasty as well. I got the matcha ice cream with a Nutella waffle, and my fiancé got the s’mores ice cream with the Oreo cream cheese waffle. So good, will be back!

Photo of Rebecca Reyes Rebecca Reyes
Dec 17, 2022 5

Amazing (rolled!) ice cream sundaes, lovely space, great service. Special treat for our family. Best of luck to this new enterprise!

Photo of Jenny McMillan Jenny McMillan
Nov 26, 2022 5

Lovely coffee and ice cream store. Great pour over. They also have sweet and savory Taiyaki (fish shapes pies with different fillings) and rolled ice cream. The staff are incredibly kind and generous. Well worth a trip