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Saladelia Cafe + Catering


4201 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 489-5776
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Saladelia Cafe + Catering

Google Reviews

Photo of Michael Fogle Michael Fogle
May 12, 2019 4

Have eaten both lunch and dinner at Saladelia. Their side dishes (displayed in the deli cases when you come in the door) are very good and fresh. Lots of vegetarian and gluten free options. Good place if you are looking for something light. Their main entrees (lasagna, mac&cheese, spanakopita) are good but I'd rate them as average. Cafe had a relaxed, homey feel to it. Have 2 eating areas - one has a large table that could accommodate (est.) 12 people. Wait staff friendly and fast.

Photo of Melissa Porter Melissa Porter
May 6, 2019 5

This is a regular spot for me because the food is fresh and good. The food is in the case, the menu is on the wall, you can order hot or cold sandwiches, or pick out some Mediterranean favorites. The baked goods are from the Mad Hatter and the cake selections change throughout the week. There are also cookies, brownies, baklava, plus muffins, scones and a selection of pastries. If you want a coffee or espresso, they have a good selection of options. If smoothies or fresh juices is more your taste--they have some tasty ones. They also have some wines and beer, and people come in, meet friends, grab a table to work, and on some nights, enjoy some live music. Check them out.

Photo of Joi Whittington Joi Whittington
Apr 30, 2019 4

This reliable spot deserves an extra 1/2 star. Your party can be a few parts vegan, a few parts vegetarian, and a few parts total meat eater and everyone is happy! Gluten free? No problem. Just want some coffee? Look no further. Need a little dessert? Saladelia's totally got you. This place never disappoints! And they even have Italian sodas for those who aren't feeling like a fountain drink. There's a very friendly and helpful vibe from the lovely folks who work there as well!

Photo of G Hailey G Hailey
Apr 14, 2019 4

Food was good. Great desserts and coffee. Great place for a coffee and dessert break or a meal. Most of the meal choices are healthy. The high calorie choices are worth the calories. 😉 They serve great coffee.

Photo of Simone Christiano Simone Christiano
Feb 20, 2019 5

My go-to lunch-near-work. Selection is awesome, with all salads in their case always looking fresh and yummy. Their quiches and lasagnas are awesome, salmon is always perfectly cooked. Sandwiches are big enough to share and come with fresh made potato chips. Especially shareable if you grab a side from the great selection mentioned above. Summer kale salad is sweet without being overdressed or overly so. Both bean salads (black and garbanzo) are tasty and not too salty. The hummus is perfect, and the pita is always fresh. AND you get a free cookie if you order online and pickup! Brilliant!

Photo of Robin Dicka Robin Dicka
Jun 26, 2019 5

Great food! Different than other places so its a nice change. Very fresh too!

Photo of David Gordon David Gordon
Jun 29, 2019 5

Good selection of healthy eats. Can get a bit crowded at peak times. Also a good place to get coffee and snacks as there is much more space than the chain coffee shops.