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Sabor Latin Street Grill


105 NC-54
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 908-8044
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Photo of Kaitlyn Turner Kaitlyn Turner
Dec 7, 2023 5

I'm honestly so upset that I've lived near here for over 2 years and this was my first time trying it- I moved to NC 7 years ago and no Latam food I've had even come CLOSE to this! I never really get the hype about Latin food because most places don't have very much flavor to me at all, it's only ever when my Latino friends back home used to cook that I ever really liked it. But THIS!? I get it! I got the Thursday special- an arepa and an empanada for $8- and I was really expecting to be hungry afterward so I made some rice to go with it (so many places sell 2in empanadas for like $3.50 a pop) but I was more than satisfied with the portion and it was GOOD! I got pico on the side and it was probably the best I've had, heck, even the chips were better than most other places I've been. My food was ready at 7:15 but I didn't get to eat until after 8 and it still tasted/felt relatively fresh. I can't wait to go back!

Photo of Isaiah Hyman Isaiah Hyman
Nov 21, 2023 5

Really good street food here. A lot of delicious options with decent prices. The service was good, the staff was friendly and our food came out pretty quickly and hot. The dining area was clean with a salsa bar. Pop in and give them a visit if you want some good latin street eats

Photo of Jennifer Hollar Jennifer Hollar
Nov 14, 2023 5

Salsa bar is great. Bowls are excellent and far superior to the national chain bowl place around the corner. We regularly get those when we need a quick meal. I love that they have cabbage, which gives them an extra crunch. The empanadas are excellent and the best around. The arepas are tasty. Our favorite protein is ground beef. It has a special spice we can't pinpoint but it's what makes it unique and flavorful. I can't believe it took us this long to give this place a try. We eat here every Tuesday now and most Thursday's.

Photo of Becky Utley Becky Utley
Oct 26, 2023 5

I cannot get over how good the food is. It's sooo flavorful every single bite..and a perfect portion size. It's a good price point as well, and they offer specials throughout the week. Seriously, each time we come here, we love it even more. Both desserts were delicious too!! This is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to eat.

Photo of Kulpana A Kulpana A
Aug 23, 2023 5

Great dinner there. I got the Carne asada fries. Wonderful dish. It's my go to. Just enough for a meal with awesome flavors. 😋

Photo of Jennifer Hollar Jennifer Hollar
Aug 20, 2023 4

Salsa bar is great, although not always consistent with spice levels. Bowls are excellent and far superior to the national chain bowl place around the corner. We regularly get those when we need a quick meal. I love that they have cabbage, which gives them an extra crunch. The chorizo empanada is excellent. The arepas are tasty when fresh (Guasaca still has the best ones). I can't believe it took us this long to give this place a try.

Photo of Donna Darragh Donna Darragh
Jul 18, 2023 5

My husband and I enjoy eating in or taking out from Sabor regularly. We love choosing from the great variety on the menu and now have a list of our favorites. We ate in last night and had exceptional service. The very energetic and charismatic person at the front taking our order was quick to suggest things and offered ideas not listed on the menu since we told him we have tried most items. The person delivering our food to the table added an idea of adding a protein to an item I ordered for our next trip and before we were done with our meal another employee came out to ask how everything was. I have not experienced this level of customer service anywhere in Durham in a very long time. This was the cherry on top when you add it to the deliciously fresh food. Well Done Sabor!!

Photo of Chandra Jennings Chandra Jennings
Jul 11, 2023 5

I've struggled to find good Mexican food since I moved here, and so I am so glad that I took a chance and went to Sabor. Sabor is located at the end of a long strip mall sporting a few tables and a self-serve salsa bar. I was greeted by a very sweet guy who gave me the low down on the menu. I decided to get an al pastor taco, chicken Taco, chips, and large beans. While I waited I checked out their salsa bar that was a mixture of mild, spicy, and hot sauces. I got a couple of red sauces, a Pico de gallo, and firey green salsa that I mixed with some of the Pico. Once my food came out all I could say was wow! So authentic, juicy, and yummy! All of my taste buds were on a super serious high and I did not want to come down. I loved that the food was not super salty and just tasted so delicious! I cannot wait to come back for their Taco Tuesday specials so I can try more of their tacos! Such an amazing spot!

Photo of Joshua Howe Joshua Howe
Jul 5, 2023 5

A massive surprise. I skipped this place for the longest time thinking "Oh another wannabe Chipotle is out here, miss me" Completely incorrect. It's great. Prices are where they ought to be (low) the flavor is all extremely on point, you're not relying on the salsa bar (which they have a solid selection of as well) to compensate for lack of flavor, everything was good. Ceviche, tacos autentico, queso, whatever burrito we picked up (Dominica maybe?) all fire, so good. Service was great too, the dude upsold everything he could and yet it was still relatively inexpensive. But he upsold in a helpful way (i.e. Try the ceviche, add Chorizo to the queso, mad deals on tacos right now) I sat there for a few minutes while they slammed the whole order out, everything was there, and the staff still seemed relaxed and happy to work there. Whatever this business owner is doing they're doing it right, happy staff, great food, priced accordingly. Don't worry about marketing I'll sing your praises everywhere I go as long as this stays consistent.