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Rumors Boutique Durham


2501 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 381-8585
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Photo of ashley burnett ashley burnett
Jan 8, 2024 5

such an awesome place, i drove from raleigh and it was so worth it!! prices are insanely great for quality, name brand pieces. music is such a vibe and everyone working here is so kind and helpful. will def be back :’)

Photo of Nicole Neville Nicole Neville
Dec 26, 2023 5

Let me say. As a plus sized person this is THE most positive shopping experience I’ve had in a long time. The vibes are awesome here and they’ve got something for everyone!

Photo of JéLyn Batey JéLyn Batey
Dec 22, 2023 5

The selection of clothes is always fun, colorful, and quality items. I always find great pieces that make me feel like a bad b. I enjoy selling/trading clothes for store credit so that when I find a piece that speaks to me, I don’t have to use my actual money. The employees are always welcoming and helpful.

Photo of Lydia Lydia
Dec 22, 2023 5

I love LOVE LOVE RUMORS!!!!!! there’s literally no other store quite like rumors. LGBTQ+ friendly and offers a plethora of styles and size options. Shop here if you have swag and style 🙈 !

Photo of Love& Peace Love& Peace
Dec 15, 2023 5

I love this place so much!! I’m scared to even tell anyone bc I want to keep it my little secret just for my self! Bahahaaa! The clothes are soooo unique…Love all the employees they are amazing too. I’m so happy I found my happy place… what a great boyfriend to bring me here

Photo of Maro C. Maro C.
Nov 13, 2023 3

I used to love this store, but over the past year the selection seems to have gone downhill. On the racks while I was in store, DIY projects were priced well above reasonable for items fraying and self cut that were not finished and would fall apart with washes. Another item had visible damage and was not marked as is (if I remember correctly it was 10+). Not a lot of selection differences, mostly denim coats, t-shirts, and most sweaters leaned more towards grandma than trendy vintage. The plus size section was lacking and mostly filled with 3x+. On the plus side, staff is ALWAYS friendly and lovely to chat with and the store is quite clean and organized. The shoe selection has also improved a lot, but not enough to negate the other issues. Unfortunately the selection just doesn't garner me traveling as far as I usually do to look. (1+ hour out of town) Hopefully things will look up with newer donations!

Photo of Zoe McDaniel Zoe McDaniel
Nov 11, 2023 5

This store is my absolute DREAM! I’ve been following them on insta forever and I was not disappointed. Staff is so nice and the store is clean!

Photo of Allan Romero Allan Romero
Oct 17, 2023 5

Literally so pretty how everything is organized by color🗣️ so helpful for someone like me

Photo of Jade Squires Jade Squires
Oct 14, 2023 5

Love Rumors! They have GORGEOUS, high quality clothing and I find unique, well fitting pieces every time I go! The associates are also the absolute friendliest and I have always felt incredibly welcome shopping there. The gender-neutral organization makes it easy to find your style, too!

Photo of babamski babamski
Oct 1, 2023 5

very cool place. there's lots of neat clothes, 2 dressing rooms, and pretty good prices. definitely coming back:)

Photo of Anna DiGiacomo Anna DiGiacomo
Sep 30, 2023 5

Excellent selection and excellent prices! I love coming in because you never know what you're gonna find and, if you have any questions about anything, the staff is super kind and helpful

Photo of Connor Paul Connor Paul
Sep 23, 2023 5

Excellent selection of clothing for everyone, lots of accessories as well! The staff was nice and the store was kept very clean. Prices were also very fair. We will definitely be back again!

Photo of Amy Fisher Amy Fisher
Sep 23, 2023 5

Very nice and friendly staff!! Very cute and affordable clothes. Would come again as a big thrifter and this is one of my faves

Photo of Eileen Melis Eileen Melis
Jul 13, 2023 5

I love the selection of clothes they have here! I ended up picking two pairs of shorts. I spent sooo much time here trying and picking out clothes to wear. I’ll definitely will be coming back.

Photo of anonymous anonymous
Jun 26, 2023 5

i love this place!! i go here to donate my clothes, buy clothes, just look around, i go with friends most of the time bc i live super far from here and cant go often. i def try to get smth when i do go tho! their clothes are always so cute and fashionable, such a great place to thrift at for gen z 💗