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RTP Fitness


4310 S Miami Blvd
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 361-3539
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Photo of Rusty Bonasso Rusty Bonasso
Jan 2, 2019 5

This is a review specifically for Max Gordon Fitness at RTP Fitness. I worked with Max for about 9 months and long story short, he is amazing and I could not possibly be happier with the results I got with him. I am a 5’11, 25 year-old male who had struggled with putting on weight over the last 5 years. I found max when I moved to the Triangle and from day 1, he was the epitome of professionalism. He did a quick evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses, listened to my goals and expectations, and he developed a personalized plan just for me. This included workouts 4 times each week while paying careful attention to my diet. Over the next few months, I quickly gained muscle mass and started to feel much better about myself. Countless people commented on my new physique saying, “Wow, you’ve really beefed up!” or “What the heck? When did you become ripped?” While that wasn’t the main reason for seeking Max’s help, it was still nice to hear these things and to have validation that my hard work was paying off. In addition to the obvious “If you work hard and follow the advice of your trainer, you WILL get results”, Max gave me something else. He quickly became a counselor, a trusted confidant, and a friend. He knew about my friends, my family, and my significant other. It was really great to see him every session and know that I was more than just some customer to him. After I moved away from the Triangle to go to school out of state, I transitioned to his online coaching program. He would send me my 4 workouts each week with clear instructions about what to do. If there was an exercise that I needed clarification on, he would send photos and video instructions to show what he meant. This was particularly helpful. Each week, he would ask if there was any feedback or adjustments that needed to be taken into account for the upcoming week. If there were too many reps of something, or if an exercise seemed too easy, I would let him know and he would adjust it. Being honest is the key to success here. I also think I was at an advantage, because I had worked with Max in person for all those months before I went out on my own. He was very diligent about proper form with many of the exercises. This helped me be able to continue the same exercises once I left. Because of this, I feel confident that I will not injure myself when he is not around. I’m very excited to continue working with Max in the future and cannot emphasize enough that if you do what he says, HE WILL GET YOU RESULTS. In summary, I 10/10 would absolutely recommend Max as a fitness trainer and/or nutritional counselor. My life has been changed by working with him. And I can now walk into a gym and not be intimidated by other people because I feel like I belong there too.

Photo of Hemanth Ramineni Hemanth Ramineni
May 7, 2019 5

Family owned - no fair smiles at the reception. Great for weight training.

Photo of Ben Abebe Ben Abebe
Aug 24, 2018 5

I've gone here for 2 years. A very motivated clientele and an affordable access to all kinds of strength equipment. The hours are great, easy parking, and even at peak hours there is plenty of space to move around. I've enjoyed my time here more than other big corporate gyms.

Photo of Bill Powell Bill Powell
Jul 23, 2018 5

This is the best Gym value in the Triangle. If you go to the gym to get a workout, you will be pleased. This is a place of fitness not a social club with a treadmill. That said everyone from your CEO to your record setting power lifter works out here. People are helpful and the price is right.

Photo of Marcus Best Marcus Best
Aug 17, 2019 5

Old school feel makes be feel right at home

Photo of Eric Odum Eric Odum
Jul 13, 2019 5

Great place for old school lifters and newcomers alike. Practically every type of weightlifting machine you could want. The choices in the RTP area are limited, with the other two being very crowded AND more expensive. This place is definitely the best in the area by far, and I’d recommend it if you work in the RTP area.

Photo of mr sam mr sam
Jul 20, 2019 4

Gym has all the essentials to strength train or ect. But gets very crowded around 7 pm on work days. The 3 legitimate squat racks are usually filled because of this

Photo of April Manyon April Manyon
Aug 23, 2019 5

This gym is an awesome family owned gym. It has the equipment you need minus the frills (because you don’t need frills). I drove 45 minutes each way to work out at this gym. The staff is amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

Photo of Anthony Fitts Anthony Fitts
Sep 14, 2019 4

Funky place with good people! Check the Aikido class!

Photo of Jeremiah Gelb Jeremiah Gelb
Jan 5, 2020 5

This place is gritty and kinda dirty but they have everything you need. This seems to be the gym where the serious lifters go. Interesting mix of bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Photo of Taylor Cuthrell Taylor Cuthrell
Jan 17, 2020 5

If you need weights this place has pretty much everything you will need.

Photo of Jon McIver Jon McIver
Apr 5, 2017 5

This place is a gyms gym. Friendly staff. No fuss. Nothing but weights, a little cardio and focused energy. Great price for those who want to come and lift. Great hours as well.

Photo of Guyon's My Favorite Cheesecake Guyon's My Favorite Cheesecake
Jan 14, 2018 5

Privacy, Family like & great hours!

Photo of Kathryn Thomann Kathryn Thomann
May 6, 2020 5

HUGE thank you to RTP Fitness for allowing members to train during these uncertain times! It's been a game changer for my mental health being able to have some consistency in my life with my physical fitness. Not to mention, it's helpful to keep the quarantine weight away! 5/5 would recommend!

Photo of Shelley Matthews Shelley Matthews
Apr 10, 2020 5

This gym is more than a place to work out... it’s family. Yes, they will whip you in shape, teach your proper training mechanics and healthy eating... but they will be there for you when life throws you a curve ball as well. There’s a gym on every corner but one that treats you as family is special. Love this place! ❤️

Photo of Dennis Crenshaw Dennis Crenshaw
Apr 15, 2020 5

RTP Fitness is a real gym with a real community. After going there for years I'd have a hard time giving this place less than 5 stars because it's not perfect, but neither am I. And just like me, it gets a little better each year. If you want somewhere that's got power racks, character and the atmosphere to make you want to push yourself, I'll see you there.

Photo of Micheal Haag Micheal Haag
Apr 10, 2020 5

Best gym in the triangle. Hands down. I should know, because I tried a ton out. If you want be more fit/healthy, or stronger there is no better place. Atmosphere in a gym means everything and this place is the Mecca of fitness. Not too many places like this left aroind the nation either.