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Rose's Noodles, Dumplings and Sweets


121 N Gregson St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-2233
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Photo of Liz Templeton Liz Templeton
Aug 20, 2023 4

Honestly, worth the trip just for the golden belt noodles! But careful, they do have a kick! I love the location and it was pretty easy to get parking and a table, but definitely not a spot that is set up for a party larger than 6 (though they did a great job!) We will be back for a less-rushed date night soon!

Photo of Monica Iravedra Monica Iravedra
Aug 19, 2023 5

Amazing food and pastries! Menu changes weekly, but the tomato ramen was top notch :)

Photo of Joanne Lager Joanne Lager
Aug 19, 2023 5

This place was amazing! I sat at the bar and enjoyed overlooking the kitchen. It’s clear that they cook most of the food from scratch with fresh ingredients. I asked the waitress what she would recommend without dairy or gluten and she suggested the summer veggie noodle bowl (with rice noodles). It was delicious- fresh tomatoes and green beans and just the right amount of a spicy, crunchy sauce. It’s a small place, but clean and comfortable with some outdoor seating. I would go out of my way to eat here again and highly recommend. Prices were very reasonable given the high quality of the food. Oh, and while I didn’t partake, the bakery items looked and smelled delicious.

Photo of Lisa & Wes Williams Lisa & Wes Williams
Aug 16, 2023 5

Small local restaurant that fits in well with the local community. The handmade belt noodles with the spicy pork belly sauce is perfect for my taste.. Some may find it a bit too spicy but for me just right! Lots of deserts to choose from, all were excellent. The service was quick and friendly, they let us move two tables together when another of our friends dropped in half way through our lunch. Can’t wait to go back!

Photo of Claudia Amand Claudia Amand
Jul 20, 2023 5

WOW. This place blew me away! The noodles are 100% fresh and you can tell they’re made in-house. It’s small so if you’re with a group make sure you call ahead. And the macarons were incredible as well. I got the spicy miso ramen and one of each macaron to go. The ramen had an intense flavor but it was not overwhelming - it was salivating. You know when your jaw starts getting that weird sensation? The smell alone was super satisfying.

Photo of Jesse Gonzales-Smith Jesse Gonzales-Smith
Jun 23, 2023 3

Amazing ice cream sandwiches! Pretty expensive food (17+ per person) but its good. but I saw one of the employees moving the Chocolate peanut butter cake from the tray onto the display with her BARE HANDS which definitely touched the food because she had to wipe chocolate off them. Ick and was super bummed bc i was gonna order one before I saw her touch it

Photo of Anna Lobastova Anna Lobastova
Jun 1, 2023 5

The vegan/vegetarian options are amazing! The cold tofu salad with herbs is one of the most flavorful uses of tofu (outside of frying) I’ve had in some time. Between that and the veggie belt noodles (spicy, flavor bomb, but still cozy and soothing), I think Rose’s has two of the best vegan dishes in Durham. The kitchen is open-air so it can get a little sizzly for anyone with allergies/respiratory stuff, but they do have an outdoor patio. Last week, I got a takeout order when my partner wasn’t feeling well and I waited for my food a little bit longer than normal. The sweet employees were so apologetic and comped me several fantastic desserts to take home. Our takeout meal truly made my night! The restaurant is small and gets busy, but if you go around 3-4 it’s a good way to experience it without the chaos :)

Photo of Kylie Kylie
Nov 13, 2022 5

My first time coming here and it was great. The steamed bun was delicious. Belt noodles were spicier than expected but still good, and the ramen was delicious. The restaurant is small so a reservation is a must. Try to baked goods as well, they’re all delicious!!

Photo of J. B. J. B.
Oct 1, 2022 3

Rose's is a cute spot in downtown. It's a small shop jam packed with lots of food and flavor, unfortunately of the things I had none of them appealed to me. I had a dumpling, can't remember which but I am pretty sure it had chicken in it. I also had the house belt noodle. The noodles were good but the flavor wasn't anything special to me. Again, not bad, just not my preference. Then we had ice cream sandwiches, the flavor I selected was the cookies and cream, it wasn't great either and didn't hold up well after they cut it down. Overall it was an ok experience, probably worth a try if you're a fan of desserts and Asian cuisine.