Rose's Noodles, Dumplings and Sweets


121 N Gregson St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 797-2233
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Rose's Noodles, Dumplings and Sweets

Google Reviews

Photo of Zachary Andrade Zachary Andrade
Apr 11, 2019 5

This is truly amazing food. I highly recommend the belt noodles. Also, the best ever ice cream sandwiches you could ever imagine. I love that they are also very careful about nut allergies. All deserts really are amazing there, but the ice cream sandwiches are divine.

Photo of Tad Goetcheus Tad Goetcheus
Apr 19, 2019 5

Phenomenal food and bakery products -- can't miss choice for food. A little wait for food but well worth it. I am impatient as they come and based on aroma, look at all the plates and baked goods, I waited 25 minutes for seat (my fault as it was busy Saturday and right at lunch)-- couldn't have been more satisfied

Photo of Erin McGrady Erin McGrady
Apr 8, 2019 3

We stopped at Rose's noodles on a Friday, early evening. The place was moderately busy. We opted to sit at the bar and later wished we had opted for a table so we could have had a more intimate experience. The ramen was pretty good. Nothing overwhelming about the flavor but it was still solid. There was a healthy portion of noodles. The broth, we thought, could have used a little more flavor. Caroline asked for some chili oil to add to it and said it helped but it took a while to get. All said, we'd try it again if we were passing through.

Photo of Maram Tizon Maram Tizon
Jun 14, 2019 4

Great food. I love their ice cream sandwiches. They have different flavors.

Photo of Ruchi Doshi Ruchi Doshi
Apr 7, 2019 5

Excellent food! We tried the rice porridge, savory Chinese doughnuts, and dumplings. Everything was delicious and me, my husband, and kid devoured the food. We will definitely be back - the pastries looked amazing and we want to try them!

Photo of Abby Franklin Abby Franklin
Jun 20, 2019 5

It sat in front of me, tantalizing.Its cookie crust shimmered with sugar,the red strawberry ice cream glistening in the light.I bit into it eagerly, and was amazing by the beautifulsensation of perfectly tart and sweet strawberry sorbet.The cookie crunched and mixed with the ice cream,creating a swirling array of sweet and tangy flavors.This place is great, they make awesome ice cream sandwiches!

Photo of Jess Whang Jess Whang
Jun 20, 2019 5

Literally the best ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream is really soft and smooth, and there is so much bright flavor packed into every bite. I especially like the strawberry ice cream, because you can really taste the freshness of the strawberries (there are even small seeds!). The cookie part of the ice cream sandwich is so crunchy and lightly covered in sugar. It really complements the flavor of the ice cream by adding a textural element that makes the whole experience wonderful! Please try one (or many) when you come.

Photo of paul brusco paul brusco
Jun 20, 2019 5

Today I tried to Rocky road ice cream sandwich which is very soothing on a hot summer day. The texture and quality of the ice cream is excellent, and the cookie/crust outer layer isn’t too crunchy but isn’t too soft either that sandwich will fall apart, it is just the right amount in between. The marshmallows and almonds inside the ice cream add flavor to this already very tasty dessert item. This is not your average ice cream sandwich, it is a 9 out of 10.

Photo of Jordan Mittleman Jordan Mittleman
Jun 20, 2019 5

The ice cream sandwiches have an exceptional taste to them and provide an exemplary balance of sweetness between the ice cream and saltiness from the cookie. Unlike the majority of ice cream sandwiches that I have consumed in my life, these do not crumble and create a mess. Most bites create a clean break that does not cause parts of the sandwich to fall on the ground. I could also pick out the distinct flavors from the ice cream coupled with the less noticeable taste from the cookie. What's more is that every bite induced the same amount of flavor. A truly delightful experience/ice cream sandwich that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a sweet, savory dessert.

Photo of Laura Samone Laura Samone
Jul 3, 2019 5

Really good customer service and food. Not really wild on their dessert section. But their almond cookies were great. I got the dumplings and the duck soup. Ooo it was good