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Rock's Bar and Hair Shop


119 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 956-7625
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Photo of Rebecca Letterman_Personal Rebecca Letterman_Personal
Sep 9, 2023 5

I had a fantastic experience here! It was my first visit and I will definitely return. Brooke listened to what I wanted and gave me an amazing haircut. While I waited (briefly) Rock made me and my son feel incredibly welcome. And we met some amazing people both before and after my haircut. I can't recommend the place highly enough.

Photo of scott dallamura scott dallamura
Sep 3, 2023 5

Very cool hair place. I've had appointments with three different providers and I've been very happy with all three. Plus there's beer (a free small pour, probably like 8-10oz) with your haircut. It's a great location, right across the street from the Corcoran street parking deck, so it's really easy to get to. Get an early one and you can even park on the street right outside.

Photo of Robert Young Robert Young
Aug 28, 2023 5

I go to Mel. Very reliable and seems to be getting better each time. I go monthly just as I need it as opposed to wait until it looks like hammered shed. Mel Listens to what I want and knows how to do it. I told her I wanted it to look like Brad Pitt's hair and she told me well she can cut my hair but she couldn't help me with the rest of it. I get a monthly haircut and a beard trim on she charged me 55 bucks and I give her at least 10 bucks tip depending on my mood. I've been going there for about a year

Photo of Timothy Holland Timothy Holland
Aug 24, 2023 5

Christian was kind and friendly and gave me the best hair cut I've had in a long time. Gave me some great suggestions for products and how to care for my hair as well. Will be booking again soon!

Photo of Robert Wheeler Robert Wheeler
Jul 29, 2023 5

Best hair cut/beard trim I’ve ever had and why I keep coming back. I’ve been coming to Mel for nearly a year; a real professional I can trust so I sit back, relax, have a chat, and know I’ll step out of Rock’s looking great! Love the updates to the patio and the interior renovation, they clearly care about making great even better.

Photo of Louise Newton Louise Newton
Jul 19, 2023 5

My 7.5 year old son just got his first barber shop experience with Krystin on recommendation of my sweetheart, Dan. My son had a great time, his hair looks great, Krystin did a fabulous clean up job on an overgrown head of kid hair, and all the staff were awesome. Bonus points for the super fabulous and wide open space with a great look.

Photo of Joshua Howe Joshua Howe
Jul 18, 2023 5

It's a bit pricey, but worth it. I've met three fantastic stylists here that can translate my babbling into the haircut I want. (really, truly a customer service miracle) I've met one other outside of Rocks that can manage that. It's a lovely little salt space, the arts neato, the vibe is impeccable, and if you want a beer, you get one with your haircut! If you like styling products they've got a fantastic selection. They do beards as well. (trouble trimming yourself? Have them show you how to do it!) Queer friendly! Stellar service! Quality product! Worth every penny.

Photo of Justin Plant Justin Plant
Jun 28, 2023 5

No matter the stylist, you're going to get a quality cut. I used to go to one person every time, but scheduling forced me to find someone else. Since then, I feel confident that anyone will do a great job.

Photo of Michael Toussaint Michael Toussaint
Jun 19, 2023 5

Tony is truly exceptional. His skills and expertise are unparalleled, making him the absolute best. Whenever I schedule a haircut with him, I am always left completely satisfied. Tony listens attentively and executes my desired style with precision. His talent is truly remarkable, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in search of an amazing hairstylist.

Photo of Richard Palmer Richard Palmer
Jun 7, 2023 5

Just had my first experience at this shop. Rachael was kind, provided attentive conversation and was thorough with my cut and beard trim. Shampoo and a draft beer was included with the competitive price. The atmosphere was lively and relaxed at the same time. I’ll definitely be coming back.

Photo of Mark Hall Mark Hall
May 20, 2023 5

I stopped by on a busy weekend hoping to get a cut before Monday. They were fully booked but put my name on a wait-list. A person cancelled and they were able to get me in. The staff was courteous. They treated me to a beer while I waited which was absolutely deluxe. My haircut came out exactly how I wanted it. Ashleigh was kind and very professional. Overall, a great time!

Photo of Logan Mulholland Logan Mulholland
Mar 27, 2023 5

This was my first time visiting Rock’s as I’m new to Durham. I am usually skeptical about hair salons or barber shops. Not because I am particularly precious about how my hair is cut, because it can sometimes be awkward. Is my hair cut too long for a traditional male-oriented barber shop or too short for a hair salon that is used to long feminine cuts? After some research, I felt that Rock’s was a good balance. Sailor cut my hair, and not only did they do a great job on the cut, they were enjoyable to interact with. I wasn’t met with the standard “so ya married? So do ya have kids? So do you watch Game of Thrones?” banter you too often encounter from a hair stylist. The experience was genuine, approachable, and accepting. There was diverse clientele and diverse staff. Most patrons should feel like they are in good hands here for their hair cut. In short: I got a free beer (cool), we talked about Durham, cults, weird horror movies, and I got a good haircut without having to provide too much superfluous information or instruction. I showed Sailor a photo and said “I want this please” and that was it. I’ll be back.

Photo of Brian Gordon (packpowerfan) Brian Gordon (packpowerfan)
Mar 11, 2023 5

Do you want a quality haircut? Would you like a drink? Take the time and schedule an appointment with literally anyone at Rock's. Yeah, you might need to schedule a week or two out. I get it...as a man you're used to walking into a barber shop and getting chopped up same day. Just stop. Appreciate your awful whorls and hairline and let a professional take care of you. Also grab a beer. Your head is crying out for help, so maybe take some time to listen.

Photo of Chris Cardona Chris Cardona
Feb 25, 2023 5

Tony is PHENOMENAL! He is extremely meticulous and truly takes his time to “sculpt” my hair like a work of art. I honestly don’t think I have ever gotten a better haircut in the past than when Tony cut my hair in December. The second time, I scheduled with Tony again and told him that I was graduating soon and wanted to look good for graduation pictures. He took great care and even offered that if I needed a touch up coming up to graduation day, to just pop in and he’ll touch it up quick. Of course, I didn’t need to since he did such a great job, but his offer shows a great act of kindness and care in his work. Thank you!

Photo of Elizabeth Lord Elizabeth Lord
Nov 7, 2022 5

This eclectic joint has a pet-friendly environment with a bar. My husband and son have frequented Rock's over the years but this is my first experience. I had long hair for 28 years until I underwent chemotherapy. Now that my hair is growing back, I have decided to keep it short. I have anxiety about getting it cut and felt much better after Ashleigh got done. She did an excellent job in under ten minutes and handled my anxiety and my inability to articulate what I wanted with patience and professionalism.