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Rockin’ Rolls Sushi


3405 Hillsborough Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 251-8822
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Photo of Melanie Rowe Melanie Rowe
Feb 11, 2023 4

I enjoyed getting to try a variety of rolls. I loved that you could get as much sauce as you need on your own. The sushi was good- better than grocery store sushi, yet not as good as specialty sushi restaurants.

Photo of Nicole Patton Nicole Patton
Sep 2, 2022 5

I love to go to Rock n Rolls for lunch and it is always a good experience! Clean and friendly staff. There is one employee who always takes the time to check on the customers and is very kind. I believe her name is Michelle. She is always very friendly and has a smile on her face. She always talks to my son, who loves that! It's nice to have a place to go to get unlimited sushi and friendly faces! I will continue to go, quite frequently!

Photo of Ron “Ron’s Picks” Pearson Ron “Ron’s Picks” Pearson
Aug 18, 2022 5

I was very impressed with the freshness, quality, and the way the sushi was plated with an unique styling. The conveyor belt system of food delivery was awesome.

Photo of Jasmine 'JB' Brown Jasmine 'JB' Brown
Aug 8, 2022 5

We had such a great experience here with the all you can eat conveyer belt experience. I like sushi, but, I’m always nervous to purchase rolls I’ve never tasted before. This experience gave me the opportunity to try whatever I want and it was all great!

Photo of Keith Keith
Jul 8, 2022 5

It's a conveyor belt of infinite sushi, what's not to love? Go hungry and see how many little dishes you can stack up, then go home deeply regretting what you did. Set expectations, it's bulk sushi that they're making as fast as they can. It's not stellar, but I've had far worse. They also have a touch screen where you can order hot dishes and sides. Great spot to bring friends from out of town if they've never been to something like this. Sometimes if a bunch of large tables are seated further up the line, you may be upset watching them completely clear out all the good rolls. Eventually what you want will make it to you though. Prices aren't nearly as good as they used to be, but the same can be said for literally everything.

Photo of Erik Kovatch Erik Kovatch
Jun 13, 2022 5

My wife and I discovered this place by accident. Been here twice in a week and just had to return with family! Pay at the front once and it is literally all-you-can-eat. Friendly staff, A+ quality, and fun environment with conveyor belt style serving for rolls plus on-demand appetizers. Come hungry, leave *stuffed*. Truly a gem.

Photo of Troy Kiernan Troy Kiernan
Jun 4, 2022 4

I love the place, love raw but I don't understand why it's more on Sunday. There's nothing extra and that's the only day we are all off so it stops us from going. We're great tippers and easy customers. Talking with others, many agree. You're hurting your profits.

Photo of Anya Schrader Anya Schrader
May 14, 2022 5

Service and food are amazing. You can stuff yourself full of great sushi at a reasonably priced buffet. And the staff are so kind and understanding. I came with a party of 12 during the Saturday dinner rush and they got us in in 20 minutes and were super kind with bringing food and stuff. Absolutely worth it, one of the best places in Durham to get lunch or dinner.

Photo of Jasmine Clark Jasmine Clark
Apr 6, 2022 5

It's a buffet with a good selection. It was a fun place to visit and I'll for sure go back. The staff was nice, food was fresh and the bathroom was clean. The sushi goes by on a conveyor, you pick what you want. You can also select appetizers and entrees to add to your meal. There are lots of sauces to pick from, miso soup and other items. Definitely worth the money.

Photo of Emmerson r LaraGonzalez Emmerson r LaraGonzalez
Mar 31, 2022 5

Is a great place to eat with friends and family.. the place is to die for.. the people that work here are so nice. Specially the manager well spoken and nice to the people under her supervision.. well done. I’m looking forward to come back again with my friends.. awesome