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Rizzo Center


150 Dubose Home Ln
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 913-2098
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Photo of kikinovak1 kikinovak1
Mar 11, 2020 5

Always feel at home here, staff are friendly, rooms are clean and cozy, bed is comfortable and amenities are great.

Photo of Amanda Thomas Amanda Thomas
Mar 9, 2020 5

Absolutely loved Rizzo center everything about it was great I will come again for sure

Photo of Sherry Nunez Sherry Nunez
Feb 25, 2020 5

Wonderful property with clean, comfortable rooms and great amenities. I highly recommend!

Photo of Jerod Johnson Jerod Johnson
Feb 12, 2020 5

We had our work Holiday Party here. The food and service were excellent!

Photo of Steven Tardonia Steven Tardonia
Oct 11, 2020 5

Overall we had a great stay here, but I wanted to especially thank Aysha who went out of her way to make our stay more accommodating.

Photo of Carol Lasch Carol Lasch
Oct 25, 2020 5

Exceeds ExpectationsRoom was spacious, comfortable and clean. Very quiet. Staff are professional and friendly; Ali at the front desk was excellent. Grounds are beautiful. This is the best hotel environment in Chapel Hill at a reasonable price.

Photo of W ords W ords
Nov 20, 2020 5

This was THE place for a quick quiet day. The grounds are NC gorgeous and the business / conference environment provided the low noise I needed. Big opening windows, coffee maker and fridge... now I dream of coming for a lengthy stay with a conference!

Photo of Emily Green Emily Green
Nov 28, 2020 5

Our stay here was fantastic! Everything was kept very clean and you can’t beat the price! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Photo of Jocelyn Dennis Jocelyn Dennis
Dec 15, 2020 5

Truly a luxury experience. Bath products were very nice and high class. Tall ceilings, very quiet and classic traditional style with beautiful updates. Staff were very friendly and there were complimentary drinks and snacks for late at night. Will always come if I’m in the area! Also in a beautiful neighborhood!!

Photo of Sun Mee Sun Mee
Jan 9, 2021 5

Highly recommend Rizzo Center!!!With Covid-19 epidemic, the rooms were immaculately clean and the traditional decor were appealing to the eyes. Great rates. Great reception service.

Photo of Kathryn Abbott Kathryn Abbott
Jun 8, 2019 5

UPDATE- as a frequent visitor at the Rizzo, I’ve gotten to know the afternoon/evening front desk staff pretty well. I needed to book a couple extra rooms for my November trip so I mentioned it to Roderic and he asked me to come back later to book them. I totally forgot about stopping by and came back to a message in my room from him saying he had booked my rooms for me! I needed to make some adjustments to the reservation, and Dawud and May easily made that happen to accommodate my needs and get the cheapest rate. THIS is AWESOME customer service that I’ve never experienced anywhere else! THANK YOU Rizzo Staff!!! ———————————I love the lounge staff- specifically Eric and Tanya. They provide top notch customer service despite a packed bar. I’ve had other bartenders at the Rizzo who didn’t even come close to the quality of service they provide. Each visit, they make us feel like family. They not only remember your drink for the night, but they remember you as an individual. Its evident that they work together as a team to provide outstanding service. Thank you guys!

Photo of Lawrence Taub Lawrence Taub
Apr 2, 2019 5

Really nice hotel. The rooms are reasonably sized. The beds were comfortable. The bathrooms were modern. To top it off, they had free breakfast that was pretty good and "pantries" filled with soft drinks and ice cream desserts as well as coffee and popcorn. They had business school offices and facilities on site and lots of other space that I did not explore. There was also a shuttle bus to take you to campus so you don't have to worry about parking.

Photo of Fierro J Fierro J
Jun 16, 2019 5

My lady and I really enjoyed this property. Staff is very nice and respectful. Rooms were very clean. Having the snacks for guests was a plus. I would diffinantly stay at this property again.

Photo of bill d bill d
Apr 24, 2019 5

Best"unknown" hotel in rdu. Great buffet breakfast and top perks that are usually not discussed. I won't either. Usually good pricing if there's not an event going on.

Photo of Clarissa Murphy Clarissa Murphy
Nov 24, 2018 5

I absolutely love the free breakfast, free laundry detergent for the free washing machines and dryers, and the thermostat inside of the room. The gym is decent. Again, the breakfast was great. Fried eggs, harsh browns, oatmeal, fruit, bacon, sausage, breads, grits, and more. The eating area looks great. The workers are extremely nice.

Photo of Ronald Carnes Ronald Carnes
Sep 20, 2019 5

What I do know about Rizzo Center would only fill a thimble. But it is well worth talking about. This facility has a Five Star rating. And is well deserved. The staff, from the front desk to the banquet waiters, the Kitchen staff, and the managers, all go the extra mile to bring that special experience to each and every guest that enters the Rizzo Center. I know this because I have worked there.

Photo of Silas Calhoun Silas Calhoun
Sep 15, 2019 5

Great staff. The food and hospitality is off the charts. This place brings out the best of those interested in becoming thought leaders. You're able to step away from the office and feel more integrated within the rich learning environment. The amenities keep your mind focused.

Photo of Audra Smith Audra Smith
Oct 1, 2019 3

Only problem with this location is the parking is confusing. There are building names “halls”. And there is no such one called “Rizzo Center.” So if u made the mistake I made, you park half a mile away from hotel which has very convenient underground parking! I think all these honorary names are nice and all but make it easy. Especially when you’re attending a meeting and don’t have anything more specific. Would have been nice to not be so vague in their signage. Not the easiest place to find based on the people who set this up. I would think Rizzo center could have understood this and made sure whomever was scheduling to provide a room number and a building name!

Photo of River River
Jul 13, 2019 5

An excellent place to lay your head for a spell..or more. Totally blown away by the complimentary breakfast! Not fancy mind you! But it had enough food items to satisfy my early morning cravings. The hotel room was nice and clean as well I’d definitely go back!

Jul 20, 2019 5

I enjoyed the Rizzo Center. I just wish we had more time. The Southern charm is very apparent at this hotel. From the young man at the front desk who did a great job checking us in and making suggestions about various restaurants to the servers in the dining hall who were very attentive during the complimentary full breakfast. The rooms are ENORMOUS. I cannot recall the last time I stayed at a hotel with this much space. It seems this location was renovated about four years ago with a very cozy, modern, and well thought out floor plan. The decor reminded me of a very upscale home featured in ""Southern Living" magazine. There is also a common area available on every floor and every wing for guess use which includes a kitchen, a bar, and a laundry room with full size washer and dryer. They even have snacks in the kitchen. Enjoy! 😊😎

Photo of Angela Thompson Angela Thompson
Nov 8, 2019 5

This place was incredible! Everything was perfect from top to bottom. Cleanly, the decor was appealing and calming. I love the shampoo and conditioner and such.. Luxurious! One of the coolest things was the complimentary ice-cream, popcorn and drinks! My husband and I got some popcorn, ice-cream and a drink and watched a movie in our spacious, cozy, comfortable room. Will recommend the Rizzo with enthusiasm for sure! Definitely will be back when in town again. Thank you 🙏

Photo of Melissa Story Melissa Story
Nov 4, 2019 5

What a delightful find! We've never been to Chapel Hill but we stopped for the night on our way back from D.C. We booked the Rizzo Center on hotwire because we got a great last minute deal. We are now planning on coming back for another longer trip. We want to be able to explore the beautiful grounds more and check out some of what the area has to offer.

Photo of jenea ross jenea ross
Dec 5, 2019 5

This is the best place to stay hands down. I love it here and the guest pantry is always stocked w cool stuff for the kids. Free by the way. Very affordable especially thru hotwire

Photo of Deven Thaker Deven Thaker
Jan 20, 2020 5

Why stay at any ole hotel when you can stay at the Rizzo Center. The rooms are beautiful and breakfast is included. The staff is excellent and make you feel like family. The facility had great business work rooms and a pantry with coffee, tea, soda, popcorn, ice cream, juices and more to keep you going.

Photo of Sean Hawkshead Sean Hawkshead
Feb 5, 2020 5

Such an unexpected gem. From the beautiful room to the great staff to the free goodies in the pantry. We only stayed 1 night but that 1 night made an impression on me. Great job 👍!!

Photo of Harold Perry Harold Perry
Jan 27, 2020 5

This place was unbelievable. A hidden gem of first class luxury. First class staff service.