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Riverview Shopping Center


5100 N Roxboro St
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 471-0481
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Photo of Doug Smith Doug Smith
Jan 12, 2023 5

As you can see the label on the honey, this is almost like molasses honey It is so thick and so rich I know it's so healthy for you I was looking for minooka honey but this was just excellent I was trying to get over so her throat and this helps so much!

Photo of Robert Hamilton Robert Hamilton
Dec 10, 2022 4

Kroger is now Harris Teeter. There is also a new ABC store in this shopping center.

Photo of doug elliott doug elliott
Nov 20, 2022 5

Always have what you need but a very busy place.

Photo of Richard Eubanks Sr Richard Eubanks Sr
Oct 21, 2022 3

Little Caesars 5.55 pizzas are gone? 7.99 for a pizza at Little Caesars,nah I'll pass

Photo of Megan Young Megan Young
Sep 28, 2022 5

I dont really frequent the entire shopping center much, I mainly just go to the new Harris Teeter or Upchurch Drugs and Gift shoppe, but it's a nice little area. I believe theres a dollar store, then like I said a pharmacy/gift shop, a restaurant or 2, and a new Duke Medical facility. Oh, and a bank. But it's a nicer shopping center than some others in the nearby area.

Photo of Marie Liebelt Marie Liebelt
Sep 9, 2022 5

Great grocery store.ABC store.Upchurch Drugs and Optical,Duke clinic,Batteries and Bulbs and Dogwood grill

Photo of Nathaniel Butler Nathaniel Butler
Jul 17, 2022 4

Good eplre Nce

Photo of Ronald Johnson Ronald Johnson
Jul 16, 2022 4

Great store. Always visit the store when I am in Durham. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Photo of Zenaida Anderson Anderson Zenaida Anderson Anderson
Jul 9, 2022 4

Very quick and practicle! Nice Management!

Photo of michael dixon michael dixon
Apr 29, 2022 5

This is a Harris teeter now great service and fair prices

Photo of Charles wood Charles wood
Apr 2, 2022 3

They didn't have scanner guns at the self checkout so I had the swipe my pack of paper towels across the table scanner. Please add scanner guns.