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Rise Durham Southpoint


8200 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 248-2992
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Rise Durham Southpoint

Google Reviews

Photo of Richard Bobholz Richard Bobholz
Jun 16, 2019 2

Great donuts. Never too long of a wait and the staff is very friendly. Update 6/16/19: the wait times have gotten ridiculous. The food is still great, but unless you want to wait in an overly crowded hallway, this isn't worth the wait. Off-peak times are probably a lot better.

Photo of Jim Campbell Jim Campbell
Jun 6, 2019 5

Great local food. Unique menu. Friend green tomato biscuit with pimento is incredible!

Photo of David Green David Green
May 2, 2019 5

Been going here since it first opened. Their donuts are good, but I really go for the biscuits (bacon, egg, cheese) which are truly amazing. I do like the outdoor seating...kinda wish they had more space on the inside for those rainy days. Also, the key to survival is do not go on Saturday or Sunday morning :) By that, I mean, the lines can be crazy, I would avoid going there between 8-10am on those days if you can resist.

Photo of Elizabeth Jordan Elizabeth Jordan
Mar 29, 2019 5

The staff at this place are amazing! Tama in particular is absolutely awesome! Always knows what the customers want and thinks ahead! A real team player with a great attitude and smile! Five stars to all the great people there!

Photo of Julia Lloyd-Cowden Julia Lloyd-Cowden
Jan 5, 2019 2

Updated: Jan 2019. Since Rise had been expanding to new locations their quality at all locations including here at the original has severely dropped. They don't put as much topping on their biscuits as they used to, using significantly less bacon which is not cooked well. They're donuts are no longer that good, and they no longer have rotating specials. They have switched coffee beans to a worse company. Overall I no longer recommended Rise. Best biscuits in town! I'm not a big donuts/sweets person, but theirs are delicious! Love the rotating specials and donuts to keep things fresh. While not the best coffee it has gotten better... But really, who's going there for the coffee?

Photo of Kerry Graham Kerry Graham
Jul 6, 2019 5

Exceeded my expectations! We had the chicken biscuit, the tree hugger, and an applewood bacon. My husband put jelly on his egg, bacon, and cheese, for which I condemned him, but I stand corrected. Adding jelly somehow worked... like Joey "custard, good. Jam, good. Beef, good!"

Photo of Kyha Williams Kyha Williams
Aug 4, 2019 1

This is a “buyer beware” for any vegetarian/vegan that, like us, was excited that Rise had ventured into the plant based territory. Sadly, they need to rethink that. If there was a way to still give a review and give zero stars that’s what would be more appropriate here. We ordered online, the veggie chicken option. Picked up the order and got on the road, 20 minutes out we opened the bag to find real chicken. Called back and confirmed that indeed an error had occurred. Arrived to get replacement sandwiches and to have a calm, cordial conversation with the manager and instead of an apology or sorry for the inconvenience, we were met with hostility and anger. We were basically informed that it was the fault of the system and somehow by extension our fault that their internal ordering system did not receive the order as confirmed via e-mail online. This manager just unleashed his frustrations with corporate on us. He went on to say that even if we get the veggie chicken, they don’t use separate fryers and the veggie sausage similarly is not cooked on a separate grill but rather cooked where “we cook 2 pounds of bacon”. I tried to inform him of a separate occasion where we ordered on site and still almost received the wrong thing had we not spoken up. Instead of being appreciative of customer feedback, he continued to cut me off and try and escalate the situation. Clearly, Rise should just be like Arby’s and stick to the meats. We won’t ever go back here and will be sure and alert all those with plant based diets via social media and other platforms do to the same. Even if you eat meat, I’d think you would expect a better customer service experience that we just had.