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Renaissance Village


8128 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713

Google Reviews

Photo of Sarah Chittenden Sarah Chittenden
Sep 18, 2019 4

Shopping center that is mostly just for Target. There are a few other restaurant and shops and overall it is a nice center.

Photo of Lucille Seaman Lucille Seaman
Oct 18, 2019 5

It is a neat place because of the mix of stores it has

Photo of G B G B
Oct 17, 2019 4

Target, Kirklands and Home Goods a in one area. There are a couple of restaurants (Rise, pizza place and Harvest 18) and additional small shops in the village too.

Photo of Yvonne Thompson Yvonne Thompson
Nov 15, 2019 5

Because if you want fabrics the have a great selection,if you want to do crafts or embroidery great place to go.

Photo of Wanda Cooper Wanda Cooper
Nov 3, 2019 5

Love the different options for shopping

Photo of Eve Stelzenmuller Eve Stelzenmuller
Nov 25, 2019 4

Smallish strip mall with a grocery, hardware store, bank, and various restaurants and shops. Well maintained and pretty convenient.

Photo of Alaonda Person Alaonda Person
Nov 22, 2019 5

Love this place .excessable, Parking, , easy to shop @ Favority

Photo of Jeremy Rodgers Jeremy Rodgers
Nov 16, 2019 5

Anchored by a Target with some good cafes and shops

Photo of Kat Kat
Dec 13, 2019 5

Love, love, LOVE THIS MACYS! I love Backstage(need tidying up) & I love the selections of Women's clothes; want more dress petite clothes; dress selections GREAT!

Photo of Dea Mc Dea Mc
Dec 17, 2019 5

I love this mall so much that I check into a hotel and stay over so I can hang out

Photo of Sharon Foushee Sharon Foushee
Dec 15, 2019 5

Very good sale on Dec 15 2019

Photo of Oliver Shea Oliver Shea
Feb 17, 2020 4

Great place to shop great selection of stores. Not that much parking though. So get ready to walk on busy / crowded days

Photo of Donielle Joslyn Donielle Joslyn
Feb 10, 2020 4

They have really nice and cute stores.

Photo of Richard SteeleJr Richard SteeleJr
May 30, 2020 5

It holds the 2nd Best Buy in Durham. What's NOT to love about that?! Oh yeah...Black Friday craziness lol

Photo of Randy King Randy King
Jun 22, 2020 5

Lots of shops I like it here

Photo of Ken Smith Ken Smith
Jul 5, 2020 5

Renaissance Village is a shopping center and not a business, O Great Google Spy in the Sky. But I was at Tomato Jake's and they have the best pizza in Durham. I lived in Italy and know the real deal. (And yes, pizza iS Italian and not an American invention.) T J's is the closest thing I've had to what I ate over there. The crust is not too thick or bready nor is it so thin that it looks and tastes like cardboard. It is by itself good to eat with no toppings. But the toppings there are always fresh and neither frozen nor out of the can. And the owner makes his own sausage to go on top. It is great pizza without the pretence of scissors to cut the slices (something I never saw in Italy.) My favorite is the Black Cadillac with a bit of everything on it but the kitchen sink. But every species is very special and well prepared. It gets five stars from me.

Photo of Magaly Star Magaly Star
Aug 31, 2020 5

Exellent Job! I loved it.Looking forward to coming back again.

Photo of Shera Fullenwider Shera Fullenwider
Sep 1, 2020 4

So much fun!

Photo of Tay Designer World Taylor Tay Designer World Taylor
Aug 30, 2020 5

In and out five minutes flat

Photo of Abdul Siddiqui Abdul Siddiqui
Sep 12, 2020 5

Best fried strips fresh and tender. We went on a saturday morning the weather was awesome there was a queue at the ordering register total time from order to serve was 30 minutes. We ate outside seating area. Every bite was worth it.

Photo of World Traveler VSD World Traveler VSD
Sep 8, 2020 3

Very chill and quiet.

Photo of Brent Palmer Brent Palmer
Sep 16, 2020 5

Great bike shop there

Photo of Nicholas Crail Nicholas Crail
Oct 29, 2020 3

Went to peco to get guinea pig food and rats for my snakes. I wasn't able to get to the rats though because I was chased out of the store by another patrons labrador named Bonnie. I do not blame the establishment for this. I challenged the dog by staring at her and barking and she was clearly the alpha I ran into the Sally beauty supply to escape the dog because I figured they would have some sort of perfume to cover my scent. Sally was a great store. Clean friendly staff. Found out which colors go well with my skin tone. I spent a good 45 minutes in sally store and bought a good amount of merchandise. Overall my experience at the shipping center was terrifying and I'll never go back. 3 stars.

Photo of Sofia Me Sofia Me
Oct 27, 2020 5

I absolutely loved the stores would DEFINITELY recommend them for things like Christmas shopping or birthday shopping

Photo of gina dial gina dial
Oct 3, 2020 5

Great area, I love the shopping.

Photo of Tana Hartman Thorn Tana Hartman Thorn
Nov 26, 2020 4

Pickup service at Target was good, despite the Thanksgiving rush.

Photo of Maria Arango Maria Arango
Nov 30, 2020 5

Clean.a lots of stores... keeping social distance ann numbers of costumers inside.... great place

Photo of A R (AR) A R (AR)
Dec 1, 2020 5

Clean, variety of stores, near off I40, plenty of parking spots. Highly recommended.

Photo of Robby Birdsong (birdblue4u2) Robby Birdsong (birdblue4u2)
Dec 29, 2020 4

I'm just happy we still have this retail location available to shop at

Photo of Daniel Englebretson Daniel Englebretson
Jun 16, 2019 5

Great area with easy access

Photo of Tracy C. Tracy C.
May 21, 2019 5

Good shopd

Photo of Chris Bohler Chris Bohler
Jul 8, 2019 4

Photo of Michael Kirschner Michael Kirschner
Jun 22, 2019 4

Nicely kept up.

Photo of Linda PR Linda PR
Jul 29, 2019 5

Great place to shop and eat.

Photo of Sherry Colby Sherry Colby
Aug 5, 2019 5