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6911 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 806-3442
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Photo of Marley T. Marley T.
Mar 11, 2019 5

My sister and I went to REI last week to get a travel backpack for an upcoming trip to Greece. After looking at some by ourselves, we found Gabe and asked him for help. Turned out to be the best thing we did! He was so knowledgeable, asking us about the details of the trip so he could make the right recommendations. We ended up with the perfect solution for us - and both joined the co-op too. If all the staff who work at REI are as helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable as Gabe at the Durham store, it's a great investment to join and I'll certainly be back!

Photo of Mitch Franklin Mitch Franklin
Jun 3, 2019 5

Great place! ❤️❤️❤️ It is very enjoyable to shop online for items and pick them up in the store.

Photo of John Jung John Jung
Feb 16, 2019 5

Staff is super friendly! Everything in this store has great quality, you will pay for that quality as well as customer service. For discounts go online for the same products, especially cots, but you wont get the great customer relations as well as personal experience, that only the in-store offer.

Photo of Shengwei Zhang Shengwei Zhang
Mar 27, 2019 5

This place is definitely your best choice for one stop shopping of all outdoor gear and supplies. Staff are helpful and friendly. As a road cyclist, I can find almost everything you need including clothes, repair kit and energy food and drink. It's worth stopping by a few times a month.

Photo of Payam L Payam L
Nov 9, 2021 5

Long time big fan of REI in general. This store is no exception! Fantastic, knowledgable and helpful workers that make shopping easier. Keep it up!

Photo of Donna Donna
Jan 11, 2022 5

I've been a customer at this location for years, and always enjoy shopping here. Today, the person who checked me out at the register went above and beyond to help me. It's great to shop local, get to try on before I buy, and occasionally get a warm fuzzy from dealing with a human!

Photo of Wei Yue Wei Yue
Oct 28, 2021 5

The bike shop inside the store is awesome! The staff took good care of my daughter's bike. Price is reasonable too. So glad I found this place.

Photo of Cindi Stout Cindi Stout
Jul 20, 2021 5

Always my Go To store for anything Outdoors. Great service and staff from West coast to East coast. Classes are always very educational.

Photo of harininsn harininsn
Dec 24, 2020 5

I have received nothing less than stellar customer service at REI Durham. My bike came with a set of tires that were different from what was in the description. Jason, the bike tech, promptly ordered a new set of tires(the original ones were not available, so he ordered something close) and fitted them. Unfortunately, I did not like the new ones, but Jason was happy to swap them with the old ones at no extra charge. He went above and beyond to keep his customer satisfied. All the other employees are friendly and responsive as well. I am also impressed that they take covid precautions seriously.

Photo of Ellen Vogel Ellen Vogel
Nov 13, 2021 5

I bring my bike here every year to be tuned up. I'm not very active but enjoy taking a ride now and then. They have always given me a realistic quote and replace parts and cables as needed without getting carried away.

Photo of Lin Lee Mingx Lin Lee Mingx
Jan 23, 2021 5

no complaints here. the store was well organized and lots to pick from. the sales team were quite lovely and helpful when I had a couple questions. I did not know there was a location closer to my house but non the less I found it well worth the drive.

Photo of Greg Scopel Greg Scopel
Oct 19, 2020 5

The Durham (NC) REI location is a very well managed and run store. Associates are knowledgeable and helpful as well as sensitive to the customer's needs. Also, it's comforting to see that REI is taking great efforts to keep their customers and employees safe, especially this COVID time.

Photo of Timothy Shober Timothy Shober
Oct 22, 2020 5

I am a novice backpacker, and I stopped by this store to pick up some gear for a camping trip that I am planning. Tyler, an employee, approached me and provided me with some extremely helpful information about the gear I was shopping for. He was very friendly and knowledgeable, and thanks to his help I have everything I need for my upcoming trip. Every employee was delightful to interact with, and I'm certain that I'll visit again soon. Thanks!

Photo of Jd Slatta Jd Slatta
Aug 23, 2020 5

Smaller than the Cary or Greensboro locations but the store is well laid out and easy to navigate. Checkout was fast and friendly. Plenty of parking in the strip mall. I can't speak to customer service since I found what I needed and didn't ask anyone questions. Plenty of associates around though if I needed help.

Photo of Eli H. Eli H.
Jun 30, 2020 5

Friendly staff, and a very warm and welcoming environment. Love this place!

Photo of Randy Shepherd Randy Shepherd
Jul 7, 2020 5

This is my favorite REI in North Carolina by far. The staff here is super helpful with any questions that you may have while shopping around. They have a very large selection for all of your outdoor needs. The quality of the products they carry really impresses me everytime I’m here. Love the atmosphere in the store as well, always a great shopping experience.

Photo of Derek Green Derek Green
May 26, 2020 3

Staff is ill trained and couldnt care less about helping the customer.

Photo of Brendan Monahan Brendan Monahan
Aug 8, 2017 5

This is my favorite REI out of all the ones in the Triangle. You can always get a parking space and there rarely ever a line. You can get your bike in and serviced the same day most of the time. The staff are friendly, helpful and talkative. It's hard not to buy something when you're here :-)

Photo of Ignasi Tobella Ignasi Tobella
Mar 4, 2020 4

REI is a great place to look for an expert opinion. I was lost when buying a backpack (to do a long trip) since was the first of this kind, I didn't know who to trust. So I went to REI and they gave me tips about everything, from how to balance the backpack to recognize the differences between brands and models. A great experience. If you are trying to find something cheap, forget about it because here you are paying the expertise of the employers and the store experience.

Photo of Yair Nativ Yair Nativ
Sep 24, 2019 3

Excellent service but prices aren't cheap

Photo of Katie Berry Katie Berry
Sep 30, 2019 5

This is my favorite REI store in the Triangle. Casey was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in helping me choose a hiking backpack that fit me, and took extra time with me to answer my questions and to make sure I found one that fit just right. I come here for all my gear because of the excellent return policy in case something goes wrong with a product, and the dividend for members is great.

Photo of Philip M. Philip M.
Apr 22, 2022 4

Nice people, but not as knowledgeable as they used to be in this store. I used to feel like everyone here was an expert hiker and outdoors type, but it's another job. Also the return policy isn't close to as amazing as it used to be. Still good tho. All in all, good if not compared to its former self.

Photo of John John
Oct 11, 2021 5

The best. Got me a CTY bike from here. Love what the CoOp stands for. And they adjusted the reach on the bike and tuned me up quickly the next day without having to make an appointment. I really felt like a priority as a customer here. Special thanks to Kate for info on the membership and extra special shout-out to Sara for the attention to detail on my bike adjustments

Photo of Gary Hatch Gary Hatch
Jul 12, 2022 5

This bike shop has served me well for 12 years. They are personable, reasonable and totally helpful.

Photo of T T
Aug 12, 2022 3

May (thanks for help with my trying on 1,000 running shoes) and Noelia (thanks for keeping my shoebox up front) are professional, helpful, and nice people 8/12/2022 update: One of two pairs of running shoes I bought ended up being a half size too small, so I bought a larger size online since they were out of stock at the store. I wore the smaller shoes for two weeks while waiting for the new shoes to come in When I returned the small shoes at REI, the cashier, first letter J, was insulted that I had worn them over a period of two weeks. He couldn’t even make eye contact with me once he saw the sneakers, which had dirt on them because I wore them outside. If it’s REI’s policy to allow for sneaker returns within a year, train your cashier to not be a jerk about it