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Photo of Rene Couch Rene Couch
Jan 12, 2019 5

Reeds is a fine jewelry store and a great place to purchase multiple types of jewelry. Michael is a great source of knowledge and information; he also knows what a customer is needing and keeps that in mind during the decision of what product best works, and what is needed after the sale is complete. He goes beyond all expectations to make the customer feel at ease during the entire process. Michael is the only person I have dealt with during my purchases; however, I have always been greeted with kindness and concern by all the sales staff on each visit. Reeds is not a store looking to get the sale and forget about the customer; Reeds is a family owned jewelry store who invites its customers into its family. Thank you Reeds and Michael.

Photo of Anastasia Forte Anastasia Forte
May 7, 2019 2

The staff is helpful and kind. However, we purchased my husband's wedding ring here and my husband felt his ring was too big after it came in and the associate told him it would be fine. We trusted her, and the ring was so loose it slid off his finger into his bag so he returned the ring to get one size smaller and they told him it would be 3 weeks. We call a little over 3 weeks later because no one has contacted us and they said it was supposed to be in but it wasn't. So we give it 3 more days and call again for the associate to tell us that because of the type of the metal it cannot be resized but if he want a new ring he could purchase one. He asked about returning the original but they say there's a 30 day return policy, remind you, they've had the ring for 4 weeks at this point so it's past the 30 days. The associate said she'd contact the owner to see what can be done. If you're going to shop here ask important questions, like what is the smallest size this ring is available in, this way you wont encounter the same issue we did. Again, the associates were nice, and it's possible they didn't know this would happen, but do better in the future.

Photo of booker izi booker izi
Jun 7, 2019 5

Michael Phillips and Mark Phillips gave great customer service. They made it possible for me to get a engagement ring for my lovely fiancee.

Photo of Brad Brad
May 2, 2019 5

Mike C. And Victoria A. made my entire experience awesome! They were very knowledgeable and didnt waiver from my price ranges and styles at all to try and upsell. They really wanted to help me find the right ring for us. Very professional and overall A+++ service. Highly recommended.

Photo of Rachel Moore Rachel Moore
Feb 3, 2019 5

Today my fiancé and I came to Reeds in search of our wedding bands for the big day. We were approached by a very attentive and professional sale associate, Michael who listened to what we wanted and helped us find the perfect rings. We would definitely recommend this location and will be back in the future!