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Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews


5313 New Hope Commons Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 419-4980
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Photo of Julien Jomier Julien Jomier
Jan 28, 2023 4

Very tasty burgers and friendly staff. Ideal for kids.

Photo of Ny Barber Ny Barber
Oct 1, 2022 3

I’m not a burger person but Red Robins seems to make it good. I’ve tried a few different kinds and it has all been delicious. Cocktails are good as well. My husband always orders the boneless chicken wings and loves it almost as much as Applebee’s. Location is good. It’s in a small shopping center that is with Carraba’s. Parking is okay. Staff is very friendly. Service is quick but we were there during non peak hours of 8-9pm. Cleanliness was okay, could’ve used a little extra touch with the bathroom. Prices for food is standard for a chain. I think it’s reasonable.

Photo of Carleen Hollingsworth Carleen Hollingsworth
Sep 28, 2022 3

If you have plenty of time (which thankfully we did ) then sure go ahead. They are severely short staffed — at least in the Bar Area. The Bartender was the only one attending to 6 tables full of at least 3+ people each table AND 6 people at the bar. A server came over AFTER the bartender took care of orders. Poor guy was delivering the food too! On top of being the only one making the drinks. Bartender on 9/28 pm shift was Boss/i wouldn’t of handle it as well as he did. Good burgers. Just the “bottomless sides” were not really bottomless when the wait time was 2+ hours on service…

Photo of Jacqueline Harris Jacqueline Harris
Sep 8, 2022 5

We decided to have a late night meal. They are open til 11. The food was delicious. We had the burger with unlimited fries. The food was hot and our waiter was amazing. He was very friendly and had amazing customer service!

Photo of Michelle W. Michelle W.
Aug 20, 2022 5

Excellent experience in ever way! Our server Rae was the best! She had many tables to tend to as well as ours. She was busting her butt to make sure all her tables were taken care of at all times. She was so friendly and gave great recommendations on some things to help us. Our food was great! My son and I had burgers and they were cooked perfectly (MW and M as requested). My daughter had boneless wings and loved them.

Photo of Greg Searle Greg Searle
Aug 16, 2022 4

A little short-staffed, so service is slow; please be patient, as the servers are very friendly and are obviously working hard to please. The burgers are delicious and cooked to order perfectly... once you pick one from all the wonderful choices on the menu. Just come back and try them all! There's a good selection of sides to choose from as well. Prices are reasonable.

Photo of Melissa D Melissa D
Jun 26, 2022 5

Enjoyed everything we ordered, especially the Banzai Burger. As always, we love that they will refill your fries basket at no extra charge. Their strawberry lemonade is also excellent! Great service; great food.

Photo of Tommie Harris Tommie Harris
Jun 6, 2022 5

I really enjoyed the food at red robin new home commons area in Durham NC I was just finishing up my route, I went to the website to order pickup which was the active meuns button I believe, placed my order which I was about 12mins out by the time I arrived the front personal was bringing my drink to the counter! I requested some if that campfire mayo and he brought it back along with my food! That was exceptional service tonight!! Thank you again for the delicious food!

Photo of Diana Carranza Diana Carranza
May 24, 2022 4

I love Red Robin. It is one of my favorite restaurants. I’m a fan of their bottomless fries! I leave 4 stars because sometimes the fries are great and sometimes they’re not.

Photo of Michelle Michelle
May 23, 2022 5

Came here for my birthday dinner with my bf and we had fun. Our waitress was very tentative she made sure we had drinks and our food was good. She even thought at one point she forgot our drinks and brought us to fresh ones and we still had full cups. She was polite and very kind. Our food was delicious I just have an issue of finishing those huge tasty burgers lol.

Photo of K D K D
May 13, 2022 4

I feel like you pretty much always know what to expect here. Good burgers, good value, great service, and cold drinks. I will note the last few times I've requested my burger cooked with pink, but it comes with no pink. Of course I still enjoy it, but it would be better cooked as ordered. Also, they have the best ranch. Like it's so good I could drink it (I wouldn't actually, but it is that good).

Photo of Fran Tipton Fran Tipton
Apr 6, 2022 4

The service here was phenomenal. We came right at opening for lunch, and boy did we luck out. Super fresh food and amazing service! I would go out of my way to eat at this location next time I'm in the mood for some yummmm!!

Photo of Jim Gibson Jim Gibson
Mar 29, 2022 5

We tried the BBQ chicken pizza. It was wonderful. The steak fries where good as well. The crust on the pizza is just right. We weren't hungry enough to try the burgers. The tower of onion rings was impressive to behold and excellent to eat.