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115 Fuller St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (984) 219-1605
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Photo of Austin Cole Austin Cole
May 29, 2019 5

Great atmosphere, decent selection, welcoming but on the small side. Best bottle shop I've found in Durham besides Sams bottle shop which is way out of the downtown area. I highly recommend

Photo of Lillian Hagmann Lillian Hagmann
Mar 30, 2019 3

Not a super great selection of beer on tap. The music was a little loud, but the seating area was well laid out.

Photo of Jd Slatta Jd Slatta
Oct 9, 2018 5

Relaxed and low key with beer wine and even sake. The mini bottle shop within is a blessing if you need a beer for later. Located right next door to a parking garage makes getting a drink a breeze even in the heart of downtown Durham.

Photo of Mika McDaniel Mika McDaniel
Feb 14, 2019 5

Great corner bar with a wonderful selection of bottles to purchase as well as on tap. I love the friendly chatter and can strike up an easy conversation with others at the bar.

Photo of Wade Perrigo Wade Perrigo
Dec 5, 2018 5

Excellent chill environment with a decent beer selection. Highly recommend.

Photo of Kushal Byatnal Kushal Byatnal
Jul 7, 2019 5

Great place to bring a laptop, grab a beer, and get some work done.

Photo of Justin Plant Justin Plant
Nov 9, 2019 5

Great hosts, good beer, good prices

Photo of Joe Bass Joe Bass
Nov 17, 2019 5

Great beers fro local breweries. Keep supporting the local craft beer scene!

Photo of David Heider David Heider
Dec 20, 2019 5

Great local craft brew bar. Has a large selection of craft beers on tap. Good atmosphere for a private meetup or to meet locals looking for a drink after work. Often has food trucks outside (every Tuesday for sure) that offer a great food selection.

Photo of John Dorminey John Dorminey
Sep 3, 2020 5

Great selection of brews and some very nice wine choices, too. Brittany knows her stuff!

Photo of Mark Joseph Mark Joseph
Oct 31, 2020 5

Plenty if good beers on tap. Nano brewery and a great space out back. Staff were helpful and friendly. Staff and inside seating were a bit to lax for my admittedly corona conscious self.

Photo of Maddy Hamel Maddy Hamel
Nov 3, 2020 5

Best vibes and nicest staff. Great selection as well.

Photo of Kinley Johnson Kinley Johnson
Feb 4, 2021 5

My go-to place! Great beer and wine selection, the owners are super knowledgeable. Almost everything is local. There’s always something great on tap and good conversation to be had!

Photo of Michael Case Michael Case
Nov 26, 2020 5

A great neighborhood gem tucked away on a side street in the Warehouse District of downtown Durham. The rotating taps have a good variety of beers; always some solid choices and occasionally a really great intro to a beer or brewery you might not yet know. Tipper knows his beers and serves them with a smile. The package store has a great selections of beers and the wine selection, although limited, is curated with care by Britany, who definitely knows what she is about when it come to wine. Britany and Tipper are taking special care to observe COVID rules - which they strictly enforce. Definitely worth a stop for a beer, or to replenish the fridge or wine rack.