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Raging Bull Harley-Davidson®


300 Muldee St
Durham, NC 27703
Phone: (919) 596-9511
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Photo of Rodney Goswick Rodney Goswick
Apr 3, 2022 5

I went in to shop for clothing. Jennifer in clothing was very helpful. I asked a lot of questions about the clothing and durability. She was super nice and informative about Harley Davidson products

Photo of Victoria Turner Victoria Turner
Mar 6, 2022 5

Boone & boonior (scott) were such a great help finding me my first bike. Knowledgeable staff, positive, & kind! Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Photo of CLH 1 CLH 1
Jan 1, 2022 4

Expected a greater variety of long sleeve shirts for men than what they had...but saw the most beautiful bikes!!

Photo of Hanna Hanna
Nov 14, 2021 5

Best experience Ive had buying a motorcycle. I traded mine in for an upgrade and from the moment I walked in the door, everyone was welcoming. Scott was very thorough and easy to work with. I was nervous about trying out a new bike and he made everything comfortable and easy. Super happy I chose raging bull to purchase from!

Photo of Rob Mixon Rob Mixon
Nov 14, 2021 5

Went there after trying Tobacco Road in Raleigh. Let me tell you that this experience at Raging Bull was way better! From first contact they made us feel important and welcome. At risk of sounding cliche I won’t say they made us feel like “family” but I will say they made us feel like “friends”. Scott Fisher was our primary contact and him and his father work there. They gave us all their time and attention and we’re incredibly knowledgeable and kind. We weren’t planning on taking a test ride just planning on buying but they insisted we test drive. Not in a pushy way but in a sincere way as they said we shouldn’t buy a bike without knowing for sure we love the way it rides. Fair trade in value and fair prices. It was a great experience. You can tell when a business actually cares and when they are faking and raging bull truly values their customers. Not in a monetary sense but rather they want you to leave with a positive experience. Check ‘em out and ring the bell. You won’t regret it.

Photo of Stefan Kowalewski Stefan Kowalewski
Feb 20, 2022 5

UPDATED: 20 February 2022 - New 2022 bummed are showing up and Raging Bull had a great selection! Staff is great - always helpful! ------------------------------------------ UPDATED: 01 January 2022 - Staff is always friendly and helpful. If you're looking for pays, service, clothing, anything Harley, Raging Bull is the place to be! And if you're in the market for a bike, #AskBoone ------------------------------------------ Nice to have a great Harley dealer back in the Durham area. Raging Bull has done a lot to bring this location back up to where it should be. Friendly staff. Service department is over the top. They also teach Riding Academy classes at this location.

Photo of sherry hash sherry hash
Jan 14, 2021 3

Can't really tell you because we were leaving North Carolina and stopped there and it just happened to be a day they were closed because they were doing inventory. We told them we were from out of town and just wanted a shirt but they wouldn't let us come in. I think with cash registers not up it's probably hard to do because no way of giving receipts and all. But we will go again sometime and hopefully we will get the chance to go there.

Photo of Andy Cochran Andy Cochran
Dec 23, 2020 5

Time to meet the new manager Will Deal... Great experience!

Photo of Erik Dahl Erik Dahl
Dec 18, 2020 5

Stopped in on my way home on a long trip and they got me right for an oil change. Great group of guys in the service department. ~ V2 Viking

Photo of Curtis Hickerson Curtis Hickerson
Nov 11, 2020 5

I did my MSF course here and it was absolutely awesome. The instructors were fantastic and the facility was very nice and well kept. All the staff I worked with were kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend attending the MSF here and who knows, you might just buy a sweet bike while you’re there.

Photo of Casey Burnette Casey Burnette
Oct 30, 2020 5

Went up there after researching for a bike for months. Met #askboone helped me right away. Long story short great experience and went home with my first Harley.

Photo of Kim Clancy Kim Clancy
Aug 30, 2020 5

Beautiful store! Great service! No pressure! :)

Photo of Juan Miyares Juan Miyares
Sep 25, 2020 5

Outstanding dealership! Go by and see Boone Fisher for some great conversation and customer service. #askboone

Photo of Cesar Garibaldi Cesar Garibaldi
Sep 4, 2020 3

Got my first bike here with great help from donovan house. And since I just wanted a bike I went along with it. But his superiors the way the pressure people into getting the bike and actually get mad and make faces is not cool. One of my buddys also went there and tried to get a bike but ended not getting it because of the attitude of the managers. Not sure of the names though

Photo of andrew vb Glg andrew vb Glg
Sep 12, 2020 5

The guys behind the parts counter are incredible! Even though I have 2 older bikes they still found what I needed and ordered it for me and called as soon as it was in! When I went to pick it up the ladies at the merchandise counter helped me find some cool shirts and the salesmen were extremely friendly and cool even though I wasn't buying a new bike. There is such a cool and welcoming vibe at Raging Bull! I live in Wake Forest and work in Raleigh but coming here is so worth it!!!!!!

Photo of kenneth jones kenneth jones
Aug 28, 2020 5

My visit was OUTSTANDING!!!! I am very Pleased with the service. Great, Professional People, I am Proud to call them my Friend.

Photo of eldwin breeze eldwin breeze
Aug 14, 2020 5

I had a great experience purchasing my new Harley Davidson. The sales and finance staff were terrific!!

Photo of Alina Cochran Alina Cochran
Aug 11, 2020 5

We purchased two of our motorcycles here. If you are looking to get a new bike, Boone will hook you up! He is great! #askboone

Photo of Sith Rider Sith Rider
Jul 25, 2020 4

Friendly staff, beautiful building. Prices are much lower than up in Virginia. It's a bit hard to access at the moment with all the construction going on, but it's worth a look.

Photo of Michelle Wilson Michelle Wilson
Jul 21, 2020 5

Ranging Bull Rock. They have excellent customer service and make you feel like your part of the family. They are knowledgeable and share their time and knowledge with you. Shout out to RAGING BULL Staff!!!!

Photo of Frank Rudey Frank Rudey
Jun 24, 2020 5

Friendly staff and great selection ion of new and used Harleys. Great parts and service departments too.

Photo of Donna M Donna M
May 19, 2020 5

Awesome showroom. Biggest HD dealership I've seen. Service guys were helpful and friendly.

Photo of Stephanie Stephanie
May 23, 2020 5

Donovan, our Salesman, was very patient with us. And, the Team worked tirelessly to get the payment to where we felt most comfortable. Great group!

Photo of Raechel Higgins Raechel Higgins
May 13, 2020 5

I bought my first ever motorcycle from this dealership and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Very friendly crew. I had been in a couple times and when I met Boone (#askboone), I had found the bike for me. He made my experience an amazing one.

Photo of sean haley sean haley
May 18, 2020 3

Very nice store with lots of room. It is a little hard to get too due to all the construction. I was very disappointed with their selection. I had looked online before I headed over, about 30 min away, and there were 4 bikes I was interested in. When I got there they didn't have any of the bikes I wanted to see. I was a wasted trip so we would suggest that you call before going to make sure they have the bike you are looking for because they don't keep there website updated. I also had to find a salesperson to help me instead of one approaching me.

Photo of Fabienne Carreras Fabienne Carreras
May 1, 2020 5

I have only spoken to Peter ( Sales consultant) a few times but every time , he was always very helpful and truly cared. I would highly recommend this Harley Davidson dealership, you will not be disappointed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Photo of Darrell Campbell Darrell Campbell
Apr 28, 2020 5

Great showroom!... everyone from Madison in merchandise to Tom the general sales manger was super friendly and helpful! When I come back to North Carolina I will purchase here!!

Photo of w Dixon w Dixon
Feb 1, 2020 5

Great time at Ladies Night with RJ and the crew!! KBB rocked it...again!!

Photo of Glendon Rawlins Glendon Rawlins
Mar 13, 2020 5

Great place.. I took my Basic Motorcycle Safety Course here and it was awesome.. The guys are very informative and helpful..

Photo of Virginia Sanders Virginia Sanders
Mar 10, 2020 5

Just purchased a 2020 Tri Glide Ultra. Staff were friendly and willing to help in all areas. Very clean and organized store. Very happy with the customer service.

Photo of angel serrano angel serrano
Feb 13, 2020 5

Great experience. Big country was a great help They really know their stuff and the show room has a great selection aswell

Photo of GEORGE Galachiuk GEORGE Galachiuk
Feb 11, 2020 5

Got an inspection. Not many people there Monday evenings great day to shop.... maybe to good almost left with a new bike.... didn't look more comfortable than my bed though. (would have been sleeping on it till the wife wasn't mad any more). Really should check check them out for yourself

Photo of Reba Duke Reba Duke
Jan 11, 2020 5

The bike and merchandise sales people are extremely friendly and helpful. The riding course is amazing and I totally recommend it. #askboone

Photo of Alex Kowalewski Alex Kowalewski
Dec 15, 2019 5

Excellent place to buy a bike. Always willing to answer questions whether it be about a new motorcycle or other HD merchandise. On top of that the MSF riding course can be taken here, it provides a great location and wonderful learning environment.

Photo of Mike Zamorski Mike Zamorski
Dec 12, 2019 5

Service has always been timely and work has been done correctly. Never an issue with service

Photo of Andy Powell Andy Powell
Dec 3, 2019 5

So I'm in town for work a d trailered my 2010 Ultra Classic down to get some late season riding in! While riding I noticed a oil leak coming from the primary. Raging Bull service department fixed it, and also found out the transmission had a problem as well! I noticed this but assumed it was the oil leak from the primary! The fixed noth issues and allowed me to keep my trailer there instead of hauling it around the countryside empty! Everyone I encountered here was top notch! Thanks guys! I'll be putting miles on her tomorrow!

Photo of Jesse Troy Jesse Troy
Jul 20, 2019 5

I just purchased a 2019 Road Glide from Raging Bull Harley Davidson in Durham, NC. This is the second motorcycle I’ve purchased from them (actually, the first was from Rommel but the staff is for the most part the same since the new owner took over). I’ve written previously about how much I like this dealership but I felt that they deserved yet another pat on the back after my most recent experience buying my new bike. I’ve been a customer at this dealership since 2015 and the staff recognize me every time I go in there and they’re always very friendly. I’ve been thinking about a new bike for at least a year, maybe more but took some time to decide what I really wanted. When I finally made my decision I showed up at the dealership on a Sunday afternoon with no warning. I talked to Boone, who I’ve talked to many times over the past couple years, and told him what I’d decided on. We had a really good conversation. Boone gave me his full attention and he listened to me. He also offered some helpful information and advice about my potential new bike, and then he had the two of us out for a test ride right away. When we got back from the ride Boone didn’t mess around. He made me an honest, good deal. I got a very fair value for my trade and a great price on my brand new Road Glide. The world is so open nowadays with the Internet; every customer is so well informed. I feel like Raging Bull knows this and they don’t even try to beat around the bush. They have a very progressive point of view for a vehicle retailer. They just make good deals, and they make a lot of them. Part of my deal involved accessories (surprise, surprise!) which I had to come back to the dealership to have installed a couple weeks later. Like everything else, that process was smooth as silk too. I’ve been riding for 25 years and motorcycles are by far my number one favorite toy. Raging Bull is like a toy store for big kids, and it’s filled with people like me who love to ride. But these people are genuine. You won’t be taken advantage of here. I want to give special thanks to the following genuinely nice people who really worked hard to make me happy with my most recent purchase at Raging Bull: Tony “Boone” Fisher (sales), Darrel Holmes (Sales Manager), Justin (finance), Fred Collins (parts), Garret Pettus (service), Dane Wrenn (service), Jim Kerr (service), and the guy who installed my pain-in-the-a** handlebars, Johnathon!! Thanks, everyone!

Photo of 67Spectre . 67Spectre .
Oct 8, 2019 5

The service department is very helpful and knowledgeable. Any questions I had were promptly and accurately answered.

Photo of T walter T walter
Sep 11, 2019 5

Super friendly dealer. Must have received 5 “Hi!”, “Hellos” and “Great stash!” in the 15 minutes I was there. Too bad the parts I was looking for were not in stock. :(

Photo of Mark Waters Mark Waters
Sep 7, 2019 5

I love this place! Great people and awesome motorcycles. Ask Boone about a deal on a new bike.

Photo of Rebecca Chavez Rebecca Chavez
Sep 21, 2019 5

Greg did a great Job. Raleigh wouldn't even talk to my son. Greg was great and so was everyone else at the Dealership.They will receive all of my family and friends business. Raleigh sucks.

Photo of alex gue alex gue
Aug 10, 2019 5

I'm new to motorcycling and recently bought my first bike here. From the minute I first came in the door Trey was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on all the bikes they had and helped me to find exactly what I wanted, that would fit in my price range. I'll definitely be coming back here again

Photo of Rosalie Bocelli Rosalie Bocelli
Jun 30, 2019 4

I went over raging Bull Harley Davidson, people are very friendly. The service crew, the guys are awesome. After I came back from my service unfortunately my Trike did not want to start. Unfortunately since I came back from that service I have some issues with my trike, it does not take neutral. I am working more than 12 hours a day and could not go back to them.

Photo of Arlen Brunsvold Arlen Brunsvold
Mar 18, 2019 5

Great store with very knowledgeable staff. They listened to me about what how I wanted to upgrade my bike, made some great suggestions and had all the parts in stock! Would definitely visit again!

Photo of Jesse Troy Jesse Troy
Nov 21, 2018 4

This is a great dealership. I bought my current ride, a 2015 Ultra Limited, from this place when it was owned by Rommel. The new ownership has totally transformed the dealership and its 200% improved over what it was. But the best thing about the dealership are the staff. Many of the great people from the Rommel days are still here and the new staff are super too. Let's face it, we all go here because we want to spend money on big boy toys. These guys and gals make it fun for a reasonable price and they're interested in long-term customer relationships not one-time sales. The service department is excellent too. They are thorough, prompt, and courteous. I often swing by the dealership for a free hot dog and beer on the weekend. There's never any pressure to buy anything. But when I'm ready for another bike this is the first place I'll go.

Photo of Anthony Ferrara Anthony Ferrara
Feb 28, 2019 5

I purchased a new 2019 Road King from Raging Bull after shopping multiple dealers in and out of state. Raging Bull was willing to work with my situation to make the deal right and super easy. The sales and management staff were super receptive to the complexity of my deal, #ASKBOONE, Chris, Trey, Darrel, Ed, Fred and everyone else were genuinely great to work with and were appreciative of my business for the bike and upgrades. I highly recommend Raging Bull and thank them for going above and beyond to get me on the bike I wanted without any hassle, through a completely welcoming and straight forward purchase process. A+ dealer!

Photo of Jasmine M Jasmine M
May 23, 2019 5

Love Raging Bull! Boone, Daryl, Kim, Holly, all the staff are great people!!! Not to mention Saturdays hot dogs hamburgers beer soda water chips and music. By the way loving my fatboy with the apes I can barely grab.

Photo of David Shannon David Shannon
May 29, 2022 5

Good selection of motorcycles for sale. Their apparel inventory has been affected by supply chain delays, no dealer t-shirts were available in XL, very few at all. They did have a full set of Grit and Passage adventure gear, so I was able to check those out. Staff was friendly and helpful. I'll stop back by if I'm in the area again.

Photo of Stefan Kowalewski Stefan Kowalewski
Jun 11, 2022 5

This is the place to get your Harley! Whether you're looking for a new or used bike, Raging Bull has a great selection. Need parts? Great selection of posts too. Staff is friendly and helpful. When you shop, don't forget to #AskBoone

Photo of Christopher Rosario Christopher Rosario
Aug 6, 2022 5

Scott Fisher is the man! Top notch customer service! No hassle, very attentive and listens very well. Highly recommend you consider purchasing your next or first bike from him. Thank you very much!

Photo of Michael webb Michael webb
Sep 10, 2022 5

I had an excellent experience with Scott Boone. He knew I wanted to build my credit and to get away from buy here pay here mess. He helped me find my 2011 fatboy. Love the bike. Couldn't beat the price. Everywhere else I went just bad experience. But I felt home there. Everyone is laid back. Want a bike go see Scott Boone he will take care of u.

Photo of Mauro Rodriguez Mauro Rodriguez
Jul 3, 2022 5

Today we went to visit my friend Tony Boone #AskBoone and we had an awesome experience. We did look around gather a lot of information and think in sign up for the Motorcycle clases they have. We also met with his son Scott who's very knowledgeable and helpful. The Simple Construction family will be coming back to Raging Bull Harley. Thank you guys for all your help.

Photo of Danny Epstein Danny Epstein
Jun 5, 2022 4

The show room is clean and uncluttered. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They do not have coffee or water like you would find at Tobacco Road. Harley seems to be suffering an identity crisis as it attempts to attract a younger rider. That is not the dealerships fault…..but I do find my self questioning Harleys Line up personally….. guess I will beeping my Roadking a bit longer.