Pulcinella's Italian Restaurant


4711 Hope Valley Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 490-1172
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Pulcinella's Italian Restaurant

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Photo of Amber Young Amber Young
May 6, 2019 1

I’m not quite sure if it was my black skin that was invisible to this establishment today or, if they really couldn’t notice me after I was seated. I entered this place for the first time at 6:33. The time is now 6:49. I had to walk out without food or, so much as a nod from a waiter/waitress. I had 2 male waiters wait, seat & take orders for the surrounding tables- to my booth. Not once did they stop to service me or, send someone over to me. After a 20 minute wait, I suppose the sweet busboy noticed my disdain and even he asked was I ready to order. After a 20 minute wait of being ignored, I chose to spend my money in a more accepting business. I really hate this because I was looking forward to trying this place today. Awful- first and last experience.

Photo of Eric Gutglueck Eric Gutglueck
Jun 7, 2019 5

This place never disappoints. Amazing service and the best Italian food in town. Big fan of the pesto gnocchi

Photo of Gail Birkby Gail Birkby
Jun 5, 2019 3

We visited for lunch to celebrate a co worker's promotion based on a recommendation that the food was good. When we walked in we immediately noticed the greasy floors and gouges in the walls that looked like they hadn't seen new paint in a decade. The dining room was small and fairly empty when we arrived at noon. There were 10 of us and we could not be seated together. When we left at 1:15 there were maybe 5 other tables seated. The food arrived in a timely manner and then the server pretty much disappeared. We never could get refills on our drinks but managed to beg some out of the server "to go" at the end. I had to ask three times and the third time was after I waited up front and walked back in to check on the status of my drink. Instead of getting the drink they were busy cleaning the table for the tips. Once back at the office, we all started talking about how salty the sauce was. One person said the Chicken Parm was so bad she just left it there. Pretty much all the pasta entrees were just big piles of unremarkable pasta. My Pizza was "OK" but very salty and not a reason to go back. Only one person in our group said she liked what she ordered and that was the lasagna. At the end, instead of being served checks we all had to spend 15 minutes lined up at the front desk to pay our bills as the server stated that as her preference. I would never go back to this spot.

Photo of Jela Ok Jela Ok
Apr 21, 2019 3

Service is good, but food there!! Its plenty pasta, and sauce doesn't taste authentic Italian. I wont consider split a plate if it's your first time..meatballs is quantity vs quality..

Photo of Paul Seeds Paul Seeds
May 14, 2019 3

I came here around this time in 2018 and ordered a Stromboli. The middle of the Stromboli was ice cold - in fact, it seemed frozen. On the way out, I let the owner know who assured me, it was not frozen... OK, I must be making it up then. He assured me, everything is fresh. Well, my Stromboli was ice cold in the middle. Fast forward to April, 2019 - I come here again, thinking, perhaps I can get a Stromboli which is not cold in the middle. Wrong. 1 year apart, same exact thing. Stromboli is ice cold in the middle. The owner wasn't here this time, but, doesn't matter. Won't be back.

Photo of Patricia E Whited Patricia E Whited
Jun 21, 2019 5

Really delicious food with stellar service. We try to stop here as often as we can. Everything from their fresh bread and entrees to desserts is great tasting.

Photo of Bill Kokolis Bill Kokolis
Jun 25, 2019 4

We ordered calamari, a Scillian pizza, and wine. The pizza was great, with a crisp crust, good crumb, and not too much sauce. The wine (a sangiovese) was good with a smooth finish. The calamari, unfortunately, was overcooked and a bit too chewy. Service was attentive and fast without being overbearing. Overall a pleasant dinner.