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Pop's Backdoor


3710 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 493-0169
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Photo of Michele Reynolds (BrokerReynolds) Michele Reynolds (BrokerReynolds)
Jan 6, 2024 5

Never disappointed by this place! I’ve tried many pizzas here + a custom pasta bowl & salads. You receive a lot of food for the $. But I have to say, the “Northerner Pizza” is phenomenal. The description says “shaved beef”, but it’s more like a shaved pot roast! Sublime flavor on a cold, grey, damp day hanging out at home in your PJ’s!

Photo of John Ahlers John Ahlers
Nov 16, 2023 5

Pop's Backdoor is a better than average pizza/subs joint tucked in an area that many people might forget on their lunch hour. Up front, my favorite part of Pop’s is their lunch specials. 11-3 weekdays, dine-in/carryout only. 10 different lunch specials between $6.50 - $12. I can only speak to the pizza, as I have not tried their sandwiches or other offerings. The pizza is a thinner crust, NY style. Lots of ingredients, and I appreciate that they’ll let you mix & match on individual slices.

Photo of Ed Mera Ed Mera
Nov 8, 2023 5

Great location, great food, even better service. I mean look at these 2 slices. Seems like a full pizza.

Photo of Sarina Sarina
Sep 27, 2023 5

I’ve only ever ordered Pops on DoorDash but it’s literally my favorite pizza in Durham. If you’re looking for good greasy NY style pizza you found it. Their calzones also slap 😭

Photo of Aaron Kittrell Aaron Kittrell
Sep 10, 2023 5

Best pizza I’ve had in years!

Photo of Peter Raines Peter Raines
Aug 27, 2023 5

I stopped by this place at the request of a friend. We atmosphere is okay, and is reflective of a typical Italian themed restaurant in a mid to higher end strip mall. They have outdoor seating so that's really great. Their menu is on the wall and they have daily specials that they change up, that offer unique options for flavor variations. They have a good variety of food from pizza's to sandwiches to salads and more. And the prices are pretty wonderful, especially when you consider how well made and delicious the food is. We ordered a large pizza to split between three people. They let us put different toppings on each half which is nice but not unexpected. And I ordered a small salad for $5 as in addition for myself. And my friend ordered 10 wings to split between the table. The small salad let me just say was huge. I was impressed. It was well made and delicious and I'm very picky about my salads. The wings were spot on and dry rub with old bay seasoning , which we went with instead of a traditional buffalo wing sauce. We picked a white sauce pizza which was utterly delicious. Perfectly baked, with plenty of toppings without overwhelming the pallet. And the ingredients were very good quality. We got a regular crossed but they do offer several gluten-free crusts if you have the need or desire. This is definitely a hidden gem and I will be back anytime. I'm in town and needing to grab food. Overall, I'd say this is a five star place. Especially considering the quality, flavor, and price. They're not pretentious and that is how they keep their prices where they are.

Photo of Daniel Fleming Daniel Fleming
Aug 16, 2023 5

This is my go to neighborhood pizza spot. Quality pizza for great price. My only critique is that they change their pizza delivery from Slice, who once delivered our pizza to wrong address and then kept saying we were wrong and delivered it to correct one. Otherwise, this is an amazing pizza place and underrated.

Photo of Jonah Schwartz Jonah Schwartz
Aug 5, 2023 5

Heard of this place for a while and finally went. Friendly service, delicious pizza with fresh ingredients. Will be back. It's a little different than what you'd expect to find elsewhere but it's one-off nature makes it true and unique. Also shopping center has some other great options

Photo of Ty Carvin Ty Carvin
Jun 18, 2023 5

Hands down the best pizza I’ve had in North Carolina. Everything’s made fresh from fresh ingredients and the owner is very knowledgeable and cares deeply about the product they’re putting out. 10/10