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Pop's Backdoor


3710 Shannon Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 493-0169
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Photo of Angela Leid Angela Leid
Jun 8, 2019 3

Husband and I went for lunch yesterday. First time. We figured it is a convenient location to where we live, reasonable prices, looks clean. Pizza was pretty good, not quite New York style like the waitress bragged. (We were born and raised in NY). Didn't like the wings at all. The flavor was good but I dont think they were fully cooked, too tuff. My husband sent his back for another batch and he still wasn't satisfied. We may try it a second time for the pasta or subs. Hopefully, we'll have a better experience.

Photo of Theresa Toohil Theresa Toohil
May 31, 2019 4

My relatives think the pizza is the best but the calamari is so well done that I have always ordered that. It's lightly breaded and cooked in the freshest oil and is always at a treet.

Photo of Wanda Moore Wanda Moore
May 14, 2019 3

the reason I gave a three because for the last three or four times ordering from here my wings wasn't right did they change cooks cause my grandkids , daughter, and I said it was a different in the wings not crispy like it use to be not enough seasoning it use to have the right amount of seasoning crispy. Now them wings like $ 9.00 a box I seen them wings in the trash. I asked why they said not good like they use to be no taste to them not brown.

Photo of Mikayla Myers Mikayla Myers
May 24, 2019 5

Super good homemade pizza. the white pizza with all kinds of cheese is my personal fav! Buffalo chicken and bbq chicken are also super good. Awesome and friendly staff and the service is always speedy!! Go to pizza spot in Durham!

Photo of Raymond Joyce Raymond Joyce
Jun 4, 2019 3

Great salad presentation and taste. A average pizza crust. Good calamari.

Photo of Ken Ray Ken Ray
Jun 29, 2019 5

Yet another great Durham restaurant that just happens to be located inside of a strip mall. The menu is pretty deep, from custom pizzas through philly cheese steak to climari. And it's all excellent. Big portions at reasonable prices. Sometimes I want a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs, and I want someone else to make it. Headed back to Pop's.

Photo of Sanjay Devkota Sanjay Devkota
Jun 22, 2019 5

Had wings and house pie It was great. Great selection of craft beer as well.

Photo of Heather Hunt Heather Hunt
Aug 10, 2019 5

Great pizza! Similar to a thin crust pizza but so much more. Fresh toppings and great great salads. Kid and family friendly. Great place to dine in or carry out.

Photo of Grace Link Grace Link
Aug 16, 2019 5

Super good pizza for such a good price. If you're looking for high quality and flavorful thin crush pizza this is the place. It's also so easy to order online and pick it up on time.

Photo of M. P. M. P.
Sep 23, 2019 4

Good pizza. Nice staff. Ordered via Slice online, ready a few min before promised. Looked like my pie could have come out of the oven about 3min earlier (little burnt around the edges) this might be a style, but not my preference. Herbed mushrooms were tasty. $2 charge for black olives that cost $0.67 for a whole can... seemed a little extreme. Thin crust, lucky for me it was not a brittle cracker. This is the type of pizza with a crisp outer most crust (pizza bones), and droopy greasy point. It was flavorful, just not my favorite. Good pizza. Nice staff.

Photo of Maria Christakos Maria Christakos
Oct 19, 2019 3

I’ve gotten food here 3 times and I’ve always ordered the same thing, but it was made differently every time. It was good every time! But it definitely caught me off guard

Photo of Tish Fab Tish Fab
Sep 22, 2019 5

We love Pops and have gotten to know the team very well and they have the best local pizza and food!!

Photo of Eat Well Travel Often Eat Well Travel Often
Oct 24, 2019 5

We popped in for 4 slices of pizza to go, which ended up being the size of a large pizza. We opted for a slice of margherita, slice of veggie, slice of beef & mushroom, and a slice of pepperoni & jalapeno. Thin, delicious crust. Fresh toppings (didn't love the whole garlic cloves on the slice of veggie pizza, but that's just personal preference). Sat at the bar and had a beer & a bottle of grape soda while waiting on our pizza- can't complain about that😁. Employees were friendly & helpful, and prizes were reasonable (prices for single slices were super cheap). If in the mood for pizza, definitely worth checking out👍🏼!

Photo of Anne Marie Sanford Anne Marie Sanford
Nov 2, 2019 3

Ordered through Door Dash last weekend. The wings were amazing and my brother-in-law was impressed, which is saying a lot because he is hard to please. However, they sent a regular pizza in place of the gluten-free one I ordered for my husband. He doesn't have Celiac's but has issues with certain allergens due to an autoimmune disease. Cross-contamination wouldn't be an issue but eating a pizza with actual gluten in it caused him to have inflamed joints and diarrhea for a couple days. I wish they would have been more careful. He had to miss work due to the mistake.

Photo of Scott Keller Scott Keller
Nov 17, 2019 5

Have loved this place for years and the owner is kind and responsive. Happy to support this restaurant. Love their pizza and wings!

Photo of Donna Bryant Donna Bryant
Dec 23, 2019 5

The service was excellent!! Pizza...omg, it was awesome. All of the fire roasted vegetables were on point, the crust perfection, mozzarella yum, and not sauced down. Wish I could take this place back to the Atlanta area!!

Photo of Micheal Peters Micheal Peters
Dec 15, 2019 5

We ordered a pizza with mushrooms and meatballs. Great pizza with an amazing crust. Excellent customer service!

Photo of Mike Poole Mike Poole
Jan 24, 2020 5

Great pizza. Entrees are good as well. Great service even when they are busy.

Photo of Chris Bohler Chris Bohler
Feb 29, 2020 4

#2 as a calzone. First time visit. Good portion. Good prices. Good taste.

Photo of Aaron Moore Aaron Moore
Apr 10, 2020 5

Exactly what I want in a pizza. Awesome cheese, crust and not one of those drowned in grease /oil floppy slices. Fresh toppings and I like the big chunks of roasted garlic. My new go to place!

Photo of John Hanbury John Hanbury
May 19, 2020 5

I am a NYC and NJ.guy and this is the best pizza I have had in the triangle. Thin crust, but not too thin. Home made sausage! Crust that's amazing. Great sauce. Thank you backdoor!!!!!!