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Pizzeria Toro


105 E Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 908-6936
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Photo of Mariah McClendon Mariah McClendon
Nov 5, 2023 5

Was able to sit close to the oven and feel the warmth. Open kitchen so you can see everything being made and come out *everything looked delicious! We ordered dumplings 10/10, a custom margarita pizza (added half ham) and the waiter&waitress were attentive to our large 10people party. Highly recommend the chocolate desert (can't remember the name, starts with a B)

Photo of Kierra M Kierra M
Nov 3, 2023 5

"Pizzeria Toro: Don’t Walk, RUN!" If you're on the hunt for a memorable evening with exceptional service and mouthwatering cuisine, Pizzeria Toro is the ultimate destination! Let's dive right in. **FOOD**: Pizzeria Toro doesn't disappoint when it comes to their culinary offerings. Seated right by the mesmerizing fire brick pizza oven, we were treated to a tantalizing view of the kitchen's artistry. Every dish that emerged was a feast for the senses. **Tuscan Kale Salad**: A solid 5/5 stars! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by your newfound love for kale. Fresh and vibrant, it's adorned with roasted pine nuts and generous shavings of Parmesan, making it an absolute must-try. **Spicy Lamb Meatballs Pizza**: Another 5/5 stars! The flavor-packed meatballs might not be super spicy, but they more than make up for it with their rich taste. The only regret? Not having more of those delectable meatballs on the pizza. **Atmosphere**: An easy 5/5 stars! Pizzeria Toro boasts a diverse and friendly crowd. The welcoming waitstaff and hostess elevate the dining experience. The music selection, a blend of old-school classics and contemporary beats, creates a fantastic ambiance, making it an ideal spot for casual hangouts with friends or even romantic dates. In conclusion, my visit to Pizzeria Toro left me brimming with happiness and contentment, not to mention a satisfied stomach. I'm already counting down the days until my next visit.

Photo of Jason Hall Jason Hall
Oct 23, 2023 5

Fantastic pizzeria! The restaurant has a very cool industrial/chic vibe going that fits the location very well. Service was top notch, very helpful explaining the menu. Lots of creative pizza options. Crust on the pie was excellent! The ricotta dumplings are a must-try!!!

Photo of Stephen Mutz Stephen Mutz
Oct 5, 2023 4

The food is absolutely amazing, but you can barely hear anyone else while you’re inside the restaurant if it’s busy. The weight staff is definitely busy, so not as patient as you would probably like. We really liked the margarita pizza and the lamb meatball. We also got the sweet fennel sausage pizza, but the five of us did not like it.

Photo of Insang Yoo Insang Yoo
Oct 4, 2023 5

Just realized that 20% of tip was included in the bill without asking. Be careful when you pay. ——- A pretty great place to enjoy pizza. It's a little pricey, and you may need to wait in line, but the food is excellent! We've visited this place more than a few times, and we love this place!

Photo of caimiao liu caimiao liu
Sep 2, 2023 4

The pizza was fresh and yummy. The lamb meatball was super good but not really the cheese. But the fact that we were sitting with another family at the same table was a bug awkward. And the shrimp was marinated very sour

Photo of John Lawler John Lawler
Aug 24, 2023 5

This is some super delicious personal sized pizza establishment. Great for work lunch or get together with some friends. Good vibes and cool open atmosphere with the kitchen. The pizza was great! Good selection of red and white based pizzas. Love the topping selections and menu. Great service and friendly staff. Pizza is maybe a little pricey for being considered personal pizza size but the pizza quality fulfills the cost offset.

Photo of MAC MAC
Aug 22, 2023 5

This place is amazing and the food is so fresh. Parking is tough but on the Sunday we went, the parking garage was open and empty, a couple of blocks of walking and it was worth it. The appetizers were different and definitely worth a try. The pizza is out of this world. I had the sausage pizza. I would definitely recommend this place and would come back again if I was in town. Watching the entire kitchen and stove from your table is a plus.

Photo of Katie Bevacqua Katie Bevacqua
Jul 23, 2023 5

A must visit in Durham! Don’t try to make reservations - you just have to try your luck and put your name down. Lots of community seating but also separate tables if you have a larger group. But let’s talk food. Pizza? Wow. It’s great. Perfectly wood fired crust, great taste…exactly what you want if you’re craving that perfect Italian pizza. Other food? Also wow. This is the only time I eat kale because it’s made phenomenally. We want to go back and get every appetizer on the menu (and every salad). You can’t go wrong with anything you choose to order here. Highly recommend!!

Photo of Sarah Mansell Sarah Mansell
Jul 20, 2023 4

Put in a to-go order and the pizza was crisp and light and tasted good. I appreciate that it’s made to order and cooked in a wood fired oven. Overall it was solid, but I found it to be a little on the pricey side. I understand artisan typically is, but I found myself getting hungry again which is what made the price unfortunate. If in the area looking for a quick bite though, I would probably return again.

Photo of George Forte George Forte
Jul 1, 2023 4

This is one of my favorite pizza places in the Triangle. Last night we started with the Suppli then I had the Anchovy and my wife had the Salumi. The suppli was very good but lacked salt and was a bit pricy for what you get. Worth it once. My anchovy was a bit dry but very tasty. My wife's salumi was very good. We sat right by the oven / server area so we got quite a show. They have a great attention to detail. Some of the pizzas come out with a fair amount of char. If you don't like that (i love it), you might be disappointed. Overall it's a pricy meal but it is very good and well worth a try.

Photo of Chris Perry Chris Perry
Jun 15, 2023 5

Met friends for dinner here, and everyone was impressed! We did have to clarify what a number of items were on the menu, but the staff were gracious in explaining everything. The drinks and food were a little different (which I seek out 😊) and all fantastic! I definitely recommend checking them out if you get a chance!

Photo of Heather House Heather House
May 26, 2023 4

Pizzeria Toro has been on my list for a while. I really did not expect what I found... a wood fire pizza oven and interesting, different pizza's. Looking at the outside, I just thought it was more of a normal pizza place. I love wood fired pizza and the pizza here was delicious! We split the ricotta dumplings and rhe spices calabrian pizza. Everything was delicious. I loved the salty flavor the pancetta gave the risotto. The pizza definitely had a kick. I wanted to also order the white special pizza, but I resisted. I will definitely be back to take the husband and try different wood fired pizza's. Not too many places you can get them.

Photo of haley westhoff haley westhoff
May 19, 2023 5

Loved this place! New to the Durham area but phenomenal pizza. Accidentally went in the back bar area instead of the front, but everyone was super helpful in getting us seated and we were able to have drinks while waiting. We got the special (I’m sorry i forgot but it had like kale and lemon and was so good) and the meatball pizza. No complaints at all. Bartender was super kind and great at managing the bar and all of the tables in that area too.

Photo of David Botts David Botts
May 7, 2023 5

There are SO MANY pictures of good pizza at Toro. I had to share a few pictures of “everything else” that I love about Pizzeria Toro, the single most unique and delicious pizza joint in Durham. Toro has amazing chefs bringing together pizza, unique apps, cocktails and amazing desserts. I highly recommend the Zeppole for dessert. What looks like a giant hush puppy is a “sweet cloud” in your mouth. You will not regret trying this.