Pizzeria Toro


105 E Chapel Hill St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 908-6936
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Pizzeria Toro

Google Reviews

Photo of Sarah Rains Sarah Rains
Mar 22, 2019 5

This place is really good. Superb actually! I love their flavor combinations on pizzas, the wine selection is amazing and the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. The giant wood fired oven makes the ambiance just right too. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo of Eladio Bobadilla Eladio Bobadilla
Apr 29, 2019 3

At one point, I would have said this is the best pizza place in Durham. But over the past years, the quality has tanked. It's almost as though the more popular it got, the more hipster the atmosphere, the less the the restaurant focused on the pizza. I have been a few times in the last year, and each time, it's been a huge disappointment: extremely salty crusts, flat flavors, and disappointing toppings. Certainly, for what you expect to pay, the quality is a huge letdown. From five stars a few years ago, down to three today.

Photo of Gwen Silver Gwen Silver
Mar 23, 2019 5

One of my favorite restaurants in Durham. Consistently awesome food- desserts included, great wine list and relaxed atmosphere. No reservations, first come first served, so go early. This is our go-to for special occasions. Both grown ups and kids love it!

Photo of Mugdha Polimera Mugdha Polimera
Jun 15, 2019 5

The food is absolutely delicious! And in true European flair, they have bottles of Chilli oil on every table that makes all the pizzas taste a thousand times better. The staff is very polite and knowledgeable. The only ding in the experience would be that the place was too noisy... But the Broccolini pizza made up for it!

Photo of Glenn Ricart Glenn Ricart
Mar 8, 2019 5

Beautifully charred wood oven fired gourmet pizzas. Inventive and tasteful salads. Almost always a wait. Very popular. They drizzle on a little rock salt before serving. I like mine "no salt". Interesting selection of beer and hard cider.

Photo of Boilermaker Devil Boilermaker Devil
Jul 6, 2019 5

One of my favorite places in Durham. The San Marzano with prosciutto added is my go-to. The summer squash white pizza is also incredible. I’ve had pizza from all over NY and find this place to be in good competition with the best in the Big Apple! The only negative thing I would say is that the appetizers are all quite small and overpriced. Not really worth it if you have a sizable pizza coming out for each person.

Photo of Guy Guy
Jun 25, 2019 5

Incredible Pizzeria! We loved EVERYTHING that we had. Was in town for a concert at DPAC and a friend highly recommended this place. Can't wait to return! Pictured is the Ricotta Dumplings.

Photo of Jim Foster Jim Foster
Jun 21, 2019 5

First time here -- this was one of the best dining experiences of my life. Quality of ingredients, presentation, service, selection, ambience, Pizzeria Toro has at it all. This place has ruined cheap pizza delivery for me.

Photo of Quackers Quackers
Jun 29, 2019 1

The pizza is decent. They don’t even sell a plain cheese pie. The prices are so expensive and not worth it at all. I mean whose seen a “white” without ricotta! This place is not a pizzeria, it’s a bar that sells overpriced cooked dough. The pizza is so tiny. Smaller than a slice! Do not go to this “restaurant”. Save your money and your time.