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Piney Wood Park


400 E Woodcroft Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Photo of Carolina Conde Carolina Conde
Jan 2, 2024 5

The new 12 dedicated pickleball courts at Piney are superb!

Photo of Coreen Oei Coreen Oei
Dec 18, 2023 5

Just played at the opening day of the 12 court pickleball facility. The courts are great to play on and many thanks to the DPR staff and DAPP members involved for making these courts available for the community!

Photo of Mister Sounds Mister Sounds
Dec 3, 2023 3

Didnt have any bags for cleaning up behind your dog....and didn't know you had to be registered to bring your dog inside the actual park. Other than that seemed pretty chill. Just walked my dog around the outside.

Photo of Susannah Duerr Susannah Duerr
Oct 22, 2023 5

great dog park with plenty of room to run and explore under the trees, doesn’t get as muddy and flooded as Northgate’s dog park did

Photo of scott dallamura scott dallamura
Oct 9, 2023 5

My kid loved it. It's nice and shaded so it's great for hot, sunny days. There is a good amount of playground equipment for a good range of ages. Several slides of different sizes, etc. The ground is a nice mulchy substance so it's not so scary for new walkers. Of course when it gets busy you have bigger kids playing too so if yours is wobbly like mine you still need to stay close, but it's laid out pretty well so it's not too hard to chase and get around. And if your kid is like mine and likes to play with things that are not toys, the trees drop pinecones and there is a trash can nearby, as well as a few nice benches. We must have thrown out fifteen pinecones while we were there. There is a lot of space for dogs and at least one fenced area, and it seems pretty popular for the canine set too.

Photo of Vanessa Martell Vanessa Martell
Jul 5, 2023 5

Nice playground for your kids ,but the restroom was not fully open just two and they have 7 but it's nice place just open more bathroom

Photo of Alexander Robins Alexander Robins
May 6, 2023 5

Great kids playground with lots to do and a nice mix of shaded areas and sunny areas. There's almost always kids their for your child to play with. It's also right next to a very nice dog park which my daughter likes to observe from the edge of the park through the fence. There is public restrooms, benches and 2 picnic areas

Photo of Stefany Ramos Stefany Ramos
Apr 21, 2023 5

Great park, lots to do, including a wooded area with big logs to build forts and bridges (for bigger kids).

Photo of Danielle Reyner Danielle Reyner
Apr 20, 2023 3

Likes: shade, smaller equipment for toddlers, swings, field nearby to run in, bathrooms (though not the cleanest) Dislikes: needs better signage/hard to find as the park was behind trees, mulch, not the most “exciting” equipment