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Pie Pushers


117A W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 294-8408
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Photo of Trey Bobbitt Trey Bobbitt
Sep 20, 2023 3

Parking accessibility was not great and we ended up having to drive around the block several times. I was also quoted a 20-30 wait for my online order, we arrived about 40-45 minutes after the order was placed and it still wasn’t ready. We were told it’d only be a couple minutes yet it took 10-15 additional minutes. Someone had even came in, placed an order for pizza, and left with said pizza before we got our food. We got a their version of a meat lovers pizza, and it was pretty good but it certainly wasn’t the best I’ve had. I wanted to try the Sicilian Pie but it would’ve been 42 or more dollars for a meat lovers version which is outrageous in pricing.

Photo of Cee Will Cee Will
Sep 7, 2023 4

They don't have or offer straws to drink your beverage. Small quaint place, enjoyed the view from above while watching downtown traffic. There should be a sign that says, "Watch your step" when exiting because there is a step down when you open the door to exit.

Photo of Chanel JMH Chanel JMH
Aug 13, 2023 5

I've been coming here for almost 3 years and have NEVER had a bad slice. As a New Yorker and NC transplant this spot SLAPS. The beer selection is great, the soda selection is fantastic, the variety of pizza is wonderful. The garlic knots are delicious and super crispy super garlicky. The view from the restaurant being above the pinhook is really cool. I love looking down the street while I'm eating. Staff are so friendly and awesome. When nights are hella busy you can grab a slice and take it downstairs to the pinhook when they do game night or take it across the street to eat at the oak House while grabbing some nice boozy coffee. I love that these places all work together.

Photo of Molly McDonald Molly McDonald
Aug 3, 2023 5

We have picked up from here once and had food delivered. We loved these pizzas. Really creative and delicious veg options-- the Skillet (so good), Queen Anne, Under my Shoe, Urban Shroom and the Freakin' Greek! We tried them all. We also loved the crispy Brussel sprout sides. Super yum. Will definitely eat here again and again.

Photo of J. B. J. B.
May 28, 2023 3

Just OK. I ordered a Sicilian slice. It was pretty flavorless and the bread was just OK. I also had the Mama Mia. The crust was very very thin. I like my crust a little bit thicker and this too was mostly bland. And last there was a pepperoni slice, and that was decent but I am guessing it was the flavor of the meat. So, overall it was disappointing. Located downtown, parking can be difficult.

Photo of 朱丽莎老师 朱丽莎老师
Mar 7, 2023 4

It was okay. I tried a Sicilian slice — it tasted simply like bread, tomato sauce, and cheese. Almost no seasoning. I could count the number of oregano flakes on less than two hands. Very plain. I’m willing to try this place again — perhaps the chef I had wasn’t paying attention when adding seasoning. Besides the food, the staff are nice And it has a nice view of downtown since the restaurant is upstairs.

Photo of Arnold Hernandez Arnold Hernandez
Feb 23, 2023 4

No AC and the floors are slippery on the way to the restroom. First time coming to this establishment but I was very impressed by the quality of the food and the time it took to order food, eat and leave. (30-40 minutes) Got the appetizer before I could finish my 1st beer and the entree came shortly after! I will for sure be coming back here anytime I’m in Durham! Order: 2 - Anderson Valley Goses The Jerry (Whole Pie) Crinkle Cut Fries W/ Habanero BBQ sauce

Photo of Madeline Minor Madeline Minor
Jan 7, 2023 3

Really wanted to love this place but it let me down. First, the atmosphere was not my favorite. It is very cramped, loud, and I’m not sure if there was any heat. Secondly, the pizza was underwhelming. We got half Queen Anne’s and half 1243 and both were just meh. We also tried the fried sausage which was pretty good but still nothing special. Staff was friendly though!