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Philly Steak Factory


5410 New Hope Commons Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 490-9753

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Photo of Carrboro Kidd Carrboro Kidd
Jan 14, 2024 5

My favorite place to go for a quality Philly steak around here. My girlfriend and I go every time we go to that side of Durham. Wonder flavor, good meats, fresh veggies and bread. The price is good as well! Service is always awesome and fast. If you haven’t been already go.

Photo of Jay Campbell Jay Campbell
Dec 22, 2023 3

This was once my go to stop in Durham. I recently discovered that there are new owners.. It’s not terrible. BUT it’s no where near the Philly that the previous owner would make. The food is definitely different! Best of luck to the new owner.

Photo of Wanderlust Wanderlust
Nov 21, 2023 4

1st time trying this establishment as I've tried most places on my break. I'm not a fan. I was like Yippy a Gyro and NO it wasn't. Least not one a Greek is gonna appreciate. The meat was chopped 😱 onion🤐. The 🍟 French Fries were a nice crinkle style and well fried. The atmosphere was typical sandwich 🥪 shoppe and nothing out of the ordinary. The service was absolutely Top Notch tho and the gentleman was friendly and speedy. Thanks but No thanks, once and done ✅

Photo of James Noel James Noel
Nov 21, 2023 5

I visited on a chilling rainy day, amd the food hit the spot. I had a small fry and the 12 in Philly Steak with the works. All in all the food was good. I thought that Philly might need a little more spice or salt. I added some of seasoning from the fries (probably salt, red cheyenne pepper mix) and little bit of table salt it was great. Next time I will not get the lettuce with the Philly but I will be back. One thing I would love to see the option to add some jalapeños to the Philly to spice it up. Otherwise a good no frills place.

Photo of Amy King Amy King
Oct 21, 2023 5

I reviewed this place 5 years ago. Have been going here for well over 15 years. Got 2 sandwiches today for me and my son. My son commented that it’s NOT the same as it used to be. There is a new owner who I wanna support but this is my 3rd time there in the last few months and I’m done giving chances. Quality and flavor is not the same. Service doesn’t feel the same. Sandwich is not full like it used to be. Prices are higher. Flavor is gone. Even the fries were disappointing. Way less. Not wrapped the same so by the time you get home they were cooled off. I won’t be back.

Photo of Tracy Mou Tracy Mou
Sep 24, 2023 4

I’ve been here ordered couple times for take out. And I have to say their Philly cheesesteak and fries 🍟 taste amazing! Big portions too! Highly recommend! Above 👆 was two years ago. Yesterday Sept. 24th, 2023 below 👇 It seems they have changed ownership. The portion of the foot-long Philly sandwich was great but when I bite in the middle of the sandwich they were a lot liquid oozing out from the chicken meat. Which it made the sandwich break apart. Kinda missy when i ate. Customer service was great but the price definitely has raised like 15%. Their large size fries wasn’t as big as they used to. I will still come but probably not as often as I used to. (The picture that your’ll looking 👀 at was two years ago)

Photo of Tonya Buford Tonya Buford
Sep 1, 2023 5

We loved our meal. First, experience was an amazing experience. I know I closed my eyes after the first bite then my leg started shaking LoL.

Photo of Kimberly Jefferies Kimberly Jefferies
Aug 5, 2023 3

The location is great, and customer service was amazing, but for the price of the food, it could be much better. It is not completely bad, but the philly's could have been fuller and more flavorful.

Photo of Jessica Glover Jessica Glover
May 25, 2023 5

I have frequented this place on & off since my son was a little kid and he’s 19 now. They have the absolute best food here by far! I have not ever ate anything here that was not good! As far as people complaining about the prices & not having enough meat on the subs is not true. Everything is well proportioned and I have not ever had a sub there that didn’t fill me up. Sadly all food prices have went up as it’s not the owner fault. He has to pay a lot more to purchase the steaks than we do. Have you all seen the price of raw steaks in the grocery store by itself lately as that’s uncooked and very expensive lol?!! I have known this owner for a very long time and he is not mean or rude! He is a very down to earth person who will treat you with respect if you give it to him! He’s not a pushover so if you come in grumpy and rude then seriously what do you expect to get in return? Free fries & a coupon next time??? I joke with the owner EVERY SINGLE time that I have visited there & he has not changed on me or been rude at all. Yes s/t he’s by himself but he’s fast & have you not seen the Help wanted sign in almost every single Restaurant in every state basically? It’s hard to find good reliable people that actually wants to work & show up. I hate to see people bashing a good company especially someone that I have known for years because a lot of these negative reviews is not accurate or correct!! Again I have been visiting this company for 19 years and the food has always been the best!!! Try it for yourself and form your own opinion:)!