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Perkins Orchard


5749 Barbee Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 491-9559
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Photo of Vanessa Pena Ramirez Vanessa Pena Ramirez
Nov 2, 2023 5

I went back after a few years, and like always, it is such a welcoming place. The owner and the employees are so nice and helpful, their produce selection and quality are great. You have to buy the oyster mushrooms from here!

Photo of Kiran Vedak Kiran Vedak
Oct 12, 2023 5

This is a very interesting farmers market with rich history. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The fruits and vegetables are fresh and locally grown. Their $25 all you can fit goods is an interesting idea. There is a small coffee house on the property that serves an interesting variety of teas and coffee. Plenty of parking and fun just walking around the property. I will highly recommend at least a visit. A very good way of promoting the US agriculture community.

Photo of Karen Crews-Brown Karen Crews-Brown
Oct 10, 2023 5

I go there often, but today I went on my lunch break because I will start juicing tomorrow. It was a quick in and out. I got the $25 bag and I was able to get right much stuff. They did not have my oyster mushrooms and I was disappointed but they had plenty of other fruits and veggies. The customer service is great and they are very helpful. I highly recommend it. The picture doesn't do it justice. I also have more garlic underneath the carrots and I also got muscadines.

Photo of Lawrence Rouse Lawrence Rouse
Aug 19, 2023 5

It's great to see Perkins Orchard continue to grow after so many years. They have plenty of fresh produce and nice fruits. They've added meats to their inventory as well. The tomatoes were huge. We picked up a good size watermelon to gift my parents.

Photo of K T K T
Aug 12, 2023 5

I went for the first time today, because my grandfather called from West Virginia requesting some fresh peaches to make some peach cobblers and dumplings. I left with a whole bag of peaches, mangos & plums as the employee working today made sure my bag was absolutely full and then was given corn as a freebie! The atmosphere is very welcoming, and they have many options to choose from as far as fresh produce! Of course I had to taste one of the peaches, and they’re absolutely amazing! Sweet and juicy!! Currently on the way to WV with my peaches in tote, to enjoy the best peach cobbler/dumplings! Please don’t miss visiting this hidden gem!

Photo of John Burns John Burns
Aug 11, 2023 5

Couldn’t recommend this place more! Recently moved to the area and Donovan (the owner) was so kind and welcoming!! He introduced me to his beautiful farm and even let me know of some amazing deals that were going on. So much amazing history with this place. It’s very clear he loves his business and customers. I greatly appreciate owners going out of the way to make the customer feel welcomed and informed. This establishment will be my new go to place for fresh produce and local goods. Thanks you Donovan! You earned a customer for life!

Photo of Dena Barbee Dena Barbee
Jul 29, 2023 5

I went to Perkins Orchard yesterday and received a very generous deal, indeed. They offer a $25.00 bag of items, and also give you an extra item if you buy the $25.00 bag. Here is what the very friendly man put in my bag … 5 gorgeous tomatoes, 4 cucumbers, 5 squash, and 6 peaches! I don’t know how he fit it all in the bag. For my extra item, he handed me a full bag of Russet potatoes. I had to post this because I’m so impressed. Perkins Orchard is in Durham on Barbee Rd. So, I’m making another peach cobbler today, thickening potatoes with cornbread in honor of Cooking with Brenda Gantt, and of course, my favorite thing this summer … tomatoes, cucumbers, and Vidalia onions marinated in apple cider vinegar, smaller amounts of cold water and olive oil, salt and pepper. 😆😋🍑🥒🍅🧅🥔

Photo of Maid4You Cleaning services Maid4You Cleaning services
Jul 8, 2023 5

This was such a nice experience. My husband and I visited on our anniversary. We will definitely return.

Photo of Ashleigh Elizabeth Ashleigh Elizabeth
Jun 28, 2023 5

I really enjoyed Perkins Orchard!!! Fruit is so fresh and the Turkey bbq was amazing. First time visiting and learned the history of Perkins. I will be returning to get more fruit and veggies. Highly recommend, and it’s black owned which is a plus! 🤎

Photo of Kylie English Kylie English
May 11, 2023 5

This place is awesome. I’m so upset if didn’t know about this place earlier. I love shopping local and have been wanting to get my produce locally instead of from a grocery store. This place exceeded my expectations. I love the $25 fill up your own bag thing they do. The employee was very kind, everything was laid out extremely neat, the produce was beautiful, the little store was adorable, and I got a free pineapple! I love this place, and will absolutely be coming weekly.

Photo of Anita Kundu Anita Kundu
Apr 25, 2023 5

Produce is great quality and the staff are also really helpful and friendly! Their $25 fill a bag deal is my favorite!