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Penny's Bend


Old Oxford Rd
Durham, NC 27712

Google Reviews

Photo of Jonathan Seeler Jonathan Seeler
Oct 30, 2023 5

I like this location very much. It's not a large nature preserve, but it doesn't have to be. Locals have been enjoying fishing and walking here for quite a while. You are bound to catch a sunfish or two and enjoy the quiet of the woods. It's usually not too busy and remains beautiful all year round. Parking is right off of Old Oxford Rd, and admission is free. It is relatively rugged on some parts and has a more natural feel that is hard to find on pristinely maintained trails. You might run into some overgrowth or a wrapper along the way, but that can't beat how peaceful and rejuvenating it is to walk here, even for just 10 minutes.

Photo of Jeff Miller Jeff Miller
Sep 16, 2023 3

Nice trail but too much poison ivy close to a narrow walking trail especially with a dog.

Photo of Moif Moif
Jul 18, 2023 3

This trail used to be really wonderful. Well-maintained, clean, benches. Kind of a shame now. We went back this past weekend to hike here, and not only was there trash up and down the trail and on the banks, but downed trees on the trail, too. After moving around the trees to continue, it eventually was so overgrown that we could not continue. Maybe it's just not maintained anymore. But people should be ashamed of themselves for leaving all their trash. What's the point?