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Penn Station East Coast Subs


8200 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 237-3044
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Photo of Erika Michael Erika Michael
Oct 19, 2023 3

Decent subs, but they go too heavy on the mayonnaise on all their sandwiches - there’s a reason “light like mayonnaise” is a term 😂 I guess I will have to specify next time. Also, other restaurants and servers seem to have this issue too, but when a customer is carefully reading over the menu, that is NOT the time to stare them down and say “what would you like/what can I get for you.” That makes the customer feel pressured and have to uncomfortably let the staff member know that they are still looking (when that should be obvious). Let this be a time to say to the customer “take your time and let me know if you have any questions / when you’re ready.” Geez, I have worked in restaurants, it is basic service etiquette. I really hope those who read this take this feedback into consideration, it makes a difference.

Photo of Lolita Rowe Lolita Rowe
May 2, 2023 4

The food and service were both great. I got a reuben that had a little too much thousand island dressing, but I think next time I will get that on the side. But I would recommend this location and say I've had other really great sandwiches here as well. And the staff are friendly.

Photo of Greg Parrott Greg Parrott
Apr 19, 2023 4

Staff was very friendly and helpful... Made the experience great. If they had the same cheese that Jersey Mike's uses on the cheese steak, it would be perfect! The lemonade is very good. Plus Penn Station has fries. Jersey Mike's does NOT! :-)

Photo of Sharon Mullen Sharon Mullen
Feb 25, 2023 3

The sub tasted fantastic, especially since I ordered extra provolone on it. But to charge $1.49 extra for the little bit extra provolone I was given is ridiculous. Also, I have been coming to this location ever since it opened. I remember waiting for it to open years ago because I love your subs. I ordered the medium shareable fries and boy was I disappointed! Again, they tasted great as usual. But the cup was only 4/5 full maybe. I understand prices of ingredients have increased. But as a business owner, you will need to figure out other ways to keep costs down and maximize profits without cheating your customers. That’s not the move. I’ve never experienced that before but I see reading these reviews it has been done to others so this must be intentional. Not good.

Photo of Danni B Danni B
Jan 6, 2023 3

Subs were delish! Fries....not worth the money. Purchased the "medium sharable". Cup was far from full. Definitely not shareable. A rip off!

Photo of Gavin Small Gavin Small
Dec 19, 2022 5

My first time here. I’m real picky about my cheese Steak sandwiches. I was very satisfied with the quality and quantity. The taste was juicy not dry. The meat portion was perfect proportions to the size of the sandwich. The service was fast even though it seem like someone was missing from the team. The lady on the front was moving back and forth to take orders and cash people out. She had a great equanimity, just smiling and doing a amazing job. I had a wonderful lunch today 12/18/22.