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Penn Station East Coast Subs


8200 Renaissance Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 237-3044
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Photo of Savannah Waller Savannah Waller
Jan 15, 2024 5

Well it was my first order ever and I've never experienced customer service like that before it was so AMAZING and the food was DELICIOUS 😋 and Kayla is awesome. Just overall great experience and yummy food

Photo of B Davis B Davis
Dec 9, 2023 5

They make a very good sub sandwich. Let me think about it for a while but this may be my favorite subplace now!

Photo of Lauren Houston Lauren Houston
Nov 29, 2023 5

This Penn Station location was fantastic! It was my first time catering with them and I was very pleased. My order was ready on time, the platters were labeled and the manager and staff were very helpful. Great experience!

Photo of Erika Michael Erika Michael
Oct 19, 2023 3

Decent subs, but they go too heavy on the mayonnaise on all their sandwiches - there’s a reason “light like mayonnaise” is a term 😂 I guess I will have to specify next time. Also, other restaurants and servers seem to have this issue too, but when a customer is carefully reading over the menu, that is NOT the time to stare them down and say “what would you like/what can I get for you.” That makes the customer feel pressured and have to uncomfortably let the staff member know that they are still looking (when that should be obvious). Let this be a time to say to the customer “take your time and let me know if you have any questions / when you’re ready.” Geez, I have worked in restaurants, it is basic service etiquette. I really hope those who read this take this feedback into consideration, it makes a difference.