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Pelican's SnoBalls


606 Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (984) 244-0174
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Photo of Miana Carpenter Miana Carpenter
Oct 18, 2022 5

Best shaved ice around! The choices are out of this world! Polar Punch is my all time favorite! 1/2 Guava and 1/2 Lemonade is my second favorite 😍 😋. You can get a treat for your pup as well!!

Photo of Han VanderHart Han VanderHart
Aug 26, 2022 5

We love us a Pelican SnoBall! Staff are so kind, and my kids love to get the snowballs with the gummies inside (Shark Attack! Butterfly Kiss!). A great after-school stop on a hot day in Durham.

Photo of Miss Jay Miss Jay
Aug 2, 2022 5

Yum, I always ask for light syrup. None will pool in bottom. Makes it not so super sweet. Even no syrup, Just enjoy the ice

Photo of Aria Amari Yev Aria Amari Yev
Jul 20, 2022 3

At this location, I had adequate time to place my order, yet my snowcone didn't have a lot of syrup. The flavor combination I ordered was good. If you like lots of flavor just ask for extra syrup.

Photo of ColtsFan4Life 35 ColtsFan4Life 35
Jul 1, 2022 5

A huge variety of flavors. Prices were reasonable too. The staff was friendly and quick to take out orders. We'll definitely visit again

Photo of Tashina Foust Tashina Foust
Jun 13, 2022 5

Pelican snow is a small blue building just off the main road. They offer over one hundred flavors. There are two drive troughs and one walk up window. In the summer you can expect to wait 10-15 minutes as you make the order at the window not before you reach the window. You can expect to shave off about 5 minutes by parking and walking up to the window. That being said they are well worth the wait. It is one of the smoothest most flavorful iced treats. You can get two flavors in any one cup. They have 4 sizes, ranging from 3$ to 6.50$ for the avalanche. You can even get a stuffed snowball which is basically a float made out of shaved ice, in any flavor you want. The staff is friendly and seem to enjoy working together. The young lady who was manager the day we came through was exceptional at motivating yet maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. I highly recommend them.

Photo of Kimberly Evans Kimberly Evans
May 28, 2022 5

Great service, snow ball was amazing! Love the option for drive thru

Photo of Divine Empath1111 Divine Empath1111
Apr 26, 2022 3

The young lady with the red hair that took my order was so wonderful and sweet! And she made our snow cones so perfect! But wat I didn’t like was, while we were sitting in the car eating my snow cone for a while, this is a little after 9 I noticed it was just her working! I saw through the window she was sweeping and mopping and cleaning! While the guy that work there was just outside playing around with his buddy! The whole time I was there I didn’t see anyone helping her! She was just working so hard I felt so bad, she just a kid and they are probably only paying her minimum wages! She was just working so hard all alone, while he was outside playing around! N we were here for a while after they closed and It didn’t look like he was going to help her at all!! It was going on almost 10 when we were about to leave on a school night, and she was still there just doing everything by herself! There should be child labor laws! If she does our order again, I will bless her with a better tip next time, because she deserves it! She made us feel so welcome, like never before and I come here a lot with my kids! This my first time seeing her.

Photo of Lorgia Harry-Valerio Lorgia Harry-Valerio
Apr 24, 2022 5

Love spending time at pelicans snowballs 🍧, I tried a new flavor omg. Mango with chili powder really good definitely recommend.

Photo of Todd Erbel Todd Erbel
Apr 23, 2022 5

I never knew snocones could be so good! Definitely a place I enjoy. Judging from how many people I see that come, I'm not the only one that enjoys it! A large assortment of options. Definitely a place I highly recommend if you're looking for a cool treat!