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Parts & Labor


723 Rigsbee Ave
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 901-0875
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Head on over to Rigsbee Avenue for brews, cocktails, a delicious mix of small plates inspired by global street food, and proximity to Motorco Music Hall, its sister venue just next door. Hang out with friends outdoors on the spacious Parts & Labor patio before or after catching a show. It's worth noting that most, if not all, of the food menu items are intentionally at or below $10.

Google Reviews

Photo of Robert Dixey Robert Dixey
Jan 14, 2024 5

Overall Rating: 5.5/10 The laid-back and unique atmosphere enhanced the dining experience, making up for food that was good but not exceptional. Atmosphere / Service: 6.9/10 The building is very unique, both inside and out. There's variety in seating with different styles, an upstairs area, and a pleasant outdoor section. The self-service model allows for an uninterrupted meal and experience. Food: Cheeseburger Sliders: 5.2/10 The sliders were decent. The meat was tasty, but the buns were too big and not as good as it could of been. One of the bites was full of bun and left a bad taste. Water - 9.1 - Yes, water made the review. complementary self-serve water. The container was neat and added to the overall atmosphere, however the water was FREEZING COLD. Coldest non iced water one could have. KUDOS! Beer Battered Cheese Curds: 4.2/10 While these were cooked perfectly, the flavor didn't suit my taste and left an unpleasant aftertaste. Even the sauce didn't help. Bulgogi Taco: 6.2/10 The menu has some interesting Korean options. The Bulgogi Taco could pass for something from an authentic Korean restaurant, which was a nice surprise. However, it's a unique choice that might not appeal to everyone. Value: The pricing seems fair - $4 for a slider and $8 for the Bulgogi Taco is reasonable for the quality provided, especially compared to other places. Extra Note: The menu could use some clarification on some of the sauces. Names like "Mole Sauce" or "Motor Oil" sauce are intriguing but not self-explanatory. Without a waitress to ask, diners might not understand what they're ordering.

Photo of haley westhoff haley westhoff
Dec 30, 2023 4

I don’t really love their drinks, but food and atmosphere is great. Easy place to sit outside and snack and grab a drink when the weather is good. Usually a good crowd of people to make it lively and fun.

Photo of Jaime Castañer Jaime Castañer
Nov 1, 2023 4

The place has a great vibe and friendly staff. Everything we tried was tasty. The only thing to note is that the price-to-portion ratio was not always obvious. For some items, it felt like we got pub portions, while for others, fine dining portions.

Photo of Henry Camp Henry Camp
Oct 29, 2023 5

A solid bar attached to Motorco. Most of the seating is outdoor picnic tables, which makes it pretty good for a crowd. I always order beer, which is priced at wonderfully low prices. You could also order your G&T's and such, but don't think it's a cocktail bar.

Photo of Shane Luke Shane Luke
Aug 20, 2023 5

First time here! Absolutely awesome NYTE! Great Show😊..got an Autographed Vinyl after the show

Photo of Cameron Greene Cameron Greene
Aug 1, 2023 5

This place is always awesome. Good drinks, great food, quick service, and a cool outdoor atmosphere. The canuck poutine is the best food to have with a few drinks, but there's lots of other great stuff on the menu as well.