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Panera Bread


3603 Witherspoon Blvd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 419-6300
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Photo of A Lewis A Lewis
Apr 5, 2023 5

The best crew in the area! Excellent customer service, easy to establish a rapport. Because everyone knows your name, it's like a cheer without the booze. A smile is constantly extended to you. And they remember your favorite orders and always offer something new to try! The entire morning team is amazing , especially Keith, who is one of my favorite crew member!

Photo of Steve Wells Steve Wells
Mar 25, 2023 4

This location is a bit hit or miss. It's good 4 out of 5 times. This last time, they got the order right. The previous time, they messed up optional ingredients on two sandwiches - they left them out. Once we didn't order, because they ran out of a type of bread for a sandwich we wanted - It was 6 PM, so kind of a surprise, since they are open for dinner. So this is an option. The food is good enough and it is decent more often than not. When it's good. It is a good place. Just wish that it was consistent.

Photo of Mary Tolotta Mary Tolotta
Jan 25, 2023 5

Yesterday was my First time going into this location, the customer service was like no other the manager helped me pick out my lunch , I ordered a choc croissant and we got to talking and she gave me 1 for free for my husband so he wouldn’t eat mine lol . I will be coming back it felt like home and I was at my aunts house!!! Great Job lady’s !!!!

Photo of Margie Woods Margie Woods
Oct 8, 2022 4

My spouse and I come here frequently. The staff are wonderful; very friendly, efficient and helpful. They are gemerally good with customized orders and happy to correct any mistake. Areas for improvement: the tables are often dirty; we frequently have trouble finding a clean place to sit, even when it's not busy at all. Also, the ladies room almost always needs attention; there is water all over the sinks and frequently on the floor, and the trash is often overflowing onto the floor. The staff mops the non-carpeted areas when customers are still arriving, making the floors extremely slippery and dangerous. They do put up signs, but often you have to walk through the wet areas to place your order and fill your drink. We have slipped on a number of occasions. Finally, they often drain the drinks around 8:30 pm, when they are supposed to stay open until 9:00 pm. But overall this is a good place, or we wouldn't keep coming!

Photo of Ny Barber Ny Barber
Sep 25, 2022 3

Panera has always been consistent with the quality of their food so no worries here. The only thing I would recommend for this particular location is that they need to maintain their housekeeping. Napkin dispensers were empty, notified a staff member regarding this and they didn’t acknowledge it. Drink area was sticky, low on utensils. Location is good. Easy to get to. Staff was friendly and quick. Seating was ample inside and outside. Parking is ample. Prices are standard for all Panera. Overall it’s still delicious and I still enjoy it.