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Panera Bread


737 9th St
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 286-0002
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Photo of Rocket Man Rocket Man
Jul 6, 2019 4

Nice location. Full menu. Clean restrooms and environment. Good soups.

Photo of Nathan Whitsett Nathan Whitsett
Jul 4, 2019 4

Nice staff, very typical panera. Clean and predictable, but were out of some popular items

Photo of Quantum Entanglement Quantum Entanglement
Jun 6, 2019 3

Don't order the modern caprese. It's really not great. The pumpkin muffins tops are good tho.

Photo of Nufaces Media Nufaces Media
Apr 15, 2019 5

This is one of the friendliest Panera Bread stores I have ever visited. The service was a little confusing but the staff was more than happy to help. Maybe every Panera does toasted bagels differently as sometimes the cashier fulfills the order, but this particular store makes you go to the back to pick up the order. No worries, this was still an awesome overall experience.

Photo of Connie Duncan Connie Duncan
Jun 15, 2019 5

Love Panera the summer corn chowder soup is wonderful. Highly recommend Panera Bread for a delicious, healthy meal.

Photo of Kristi Styliadis Kristi Styliadis
May 2, 2019 5

I ordered lunch for delivery to Duke Hospital today for 8 nurses. I placed a mobile order and forgot one of the meals so I called the store and spoke with Anna. She was quick to take my additional order and made sure it was packed with my original delivery order. When the food arrived I was actually missing one of the meals. So I called the store, spoke with Anna again, and she immediately reprinted the meal ticket and sent it with a new delivery man. It was the middle of the lunch rush but she made sure to take care of everything I asked. It was amazing customer service! Thank you so much!

Photo of Tish Fab Tish Fab
May 15, 2019 5

You just can't go wrong with Panera Bread. They have a variety of offerings that are clean and very tasty. I had the basic chicken caesar salad with a cup of veggie soup. The only bad thing is the 800 calorie kitchen sink cookie, that I got for my Birthday treat! So much for staying within my macros today!!

Photo of Alois Callemyn Alois Callemyn
Mar 30, 2022 3

I try to stop at a Panera Breads restaurant when I’m near one. I like their bagel choices and enjoy their coffee. I hadn’t been at this location before, but needed a caffeine fix. Upon entering, I was greeted at the cash register by a young lady that I asked what I needed. When ordering I got tongue tied and stumbled over my order. I very quickly corrected myself. This young lady turned to a fellow staff member standing beside her and they both laughed as if it was very funny. I’m sure they weren’t being mean, but it left me feeling very uncomfortable.

Photo of Jeremy Hoadley Jeremy Hoadley
Apr 24, 2021 5

Wonderful Panera bread!! This area is awesome. Many stores and restaurants to eat at in this area. I have never had any issues with this Panera Bread. I highly recommend this location and this area if you haven't been.

Photo of Michele Simmons Michele Simmons
Jul 23, 2021 4

Although the food was good and the service was great, they did not have boiled eggs for the Green Goddess Chicken Salad.

Photo of Diego Hernandez Diego Hernandez
Oct 30, 2021 3

Food is fine, but the inside is not well-kept. Multiple tables & seats were dirty or not wiped down. A below-average experience for this Panera lover.

Photo of Carol Sarokas Johnson Carol Sarokas Johnson
Dec 14, 2021 5

Excellent service! The autumn squash soup & broccoli & cheese soup were delicious. Always have something for everyone's taste!

Photo of Eliza Villatoro Eliza Villatoro
Dec 5, 2020 5

This is a nice place to enjoy good food, good coffee and good service.

Photo of Nicholas Garber Nicholas Garber
Oct 18, 2020 4

Really nice.. helpful staff that helped me order

Photo of Joel McCullum Sr. Joel McCullum Sr.
Nov 11, 2020 5

I am wanting to tell my whole story. However time will not allow me to say it all. But the short version of my experience with The management ( MIKE ) and his staff is the best ever. FAST and COMPLETE.

Photo of Megan Raley Megan Raley
Sep 20, 2020 4

Good food and fast service! But please do not include utensils if the order includes that request. Every time have added "no utensils" and still have many that go straight in the garbage :( Hopefully it would save you money and make less waste!!

Photo of leigh thompson leigh thompson
Oct 14, 2020 5

The employees at this location are super helpful, caring and know how to make your day start off right. Erica always greets customers with a smile. They always prepare the order right the first time. I have enjoyed coming to this location every morning just for the coffee and the enjoyment of their employees. ❤

Photo of Youssefy Youssefy
Sep 8, 2020 4

Everything is good at this place except for the music. It's too loud!!!!!! I tried to ignore it, but it's impossible :(

Photo of Lucille Seaman Lucille Seaman
Sep 14, 2020 5

Delicious white cheddar and steak sandwich, will be getting more next visit

Photo of Carolyn Frost Carolyn Frost
Aug 14, 2020 5

This Panera cafe has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which seems to be due to the wonderful staff. They are always courteous, friendly and helpful. The service is always efficient and the food is consistently good. I really like the environment here. It’s kept extremely clean and again, I think they have great staff who make people feel happy!

Photo of Mary J Mary J
Jul 29, 2020 5

That chicken and rice soup was just like your great grandma in the kitchen cooking my tummy is happy.,9th Street Panera bread is Awesome hot delicious food.

Photo of Lauren Piontka Lauren Piontka
Jul 13, 2020 5

Even during Covid, it was open. Staff and customers wore masks and took proper precautions. Service was fast and friendly. Food was on par with Panera.

Photo of James Goerke James Goerke
Apr 7, 2019 4

They had three self check out kiosks of which two were broken and the third wouldn’t process my credit card. I ended up having to go to the register which was annoying. They did have almond milk upon request which was nice.

Photo of Jon Matyi Jon Matyi
May 15, 2019 5

Great food and this location offers online orders, app orders, rapid pick up, delivery, catering and walk-ins.

Photo of Stephen Nicholas Stephen Nicholas
Feb 13, 2020 4

Panera Bread a great selection of food items, fast service,.good prices and tasty! Can't go wrong here.

Photo of Rachelle Bagby Rachelle Bagby
Dec 29, 2019 4

Always good, very consistent food. Fresh baked bread and pastry

Photo of Sara Delgado Sara Delgado
Dec 14, 2019 5

Had a to go order and it was ready like that. We barely had time to get our drinks and sit down for a minute. The lady at the counter was very helpful and the food was delicious as usual

Photo of Faus Cornejo Faus Cornejo
Nov 17, 2019 3

Coffee is good ' as always Salad Sandwich But the time my daughter and I we ordered a salad they had this thai salad over dressing Literally they had dumped the whole container...

Photo of Sarah Chittenden Sarah Chittenden
Oct 26, 2019 3

Overall it was fine. It was dirty the booth was ripped and the bathrooms were dirty as well. Coffee was mediocre. Served the purpose of working on a computer for an hour.

Photo of Peter Enchelmayer Peter Enchelmayer
Oct 21, 2019 5

Best breakfast. Luscious lunch. Will always prefer. I have a hunch.

Photo of Deborah Thompson Deborah Thompson
Aug 15, 2019 5

Love love Panara one of my favorite places to eat.

Photo of Victoria Mathis Victoria Mathis
Jul 26, 2019 5

Food is great, staff is nice, and you don't have to wait long for your meal. Has easy-to-use, efficient tablets that make placing an order easy.

Photo of Cheryl H Cheryl H
Jun 1, 2022 5

Great fuji apple chicken salad. My friend got chicken Salad sandwich are very good also.. Good atmosphere. Friendly staff. Quick service..

Photo of Cherie W. Cherie W.
Jun 15, 2022 5

A great, quiet Sunday morning breakfast or brunch. Menu is varied with "healthy choices", good coffee. Room to spread out with Sunday newspaper. Thanks. 👍🏼😊

Photo of Russ D (Rusty) Russ D (Rusty)
Jul 19, 2022 3

staff is friendly and most of the outlets work. The WIFI is terrible. 3 out of 5 visits it was either disconnecting constantly or not working at all. They have a big poster on the wall that says "call us if you are experiencing trouble with Panera WIFI". Don't bother. They just ask you to go to the counter and ask the staff to reboot the modem. Then when that don't work they just say oh well, we will look into it. I only come here for AC and wifi. Lord knows the food is nothing special.

Photo of Josh Packett Josh Packett
Sep 15, 2022 4

I think Panera Bread is generally overpriced... But when they have the unlimited Sips Club that they do, and my jobsite is just down the street, I come here, at least for a drink, essentially everyday!