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6910 Fayetteville Rd
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (984) 287-7897
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Photo of Yani Murphy Yani Murphy
Dec 23, 2022 3

If the staff would have answered my question when I walked in instead of talking over me to tell me that they were closing soon (in the next 10 minutes), that would have been great. It didn't seem like they were in a big rush to close in the first place because they were letting all the customers in front of me take their time trying on various pieces of jewelry and flip through catalogs. I understand wanting to focus on your client but a quick yes or no to my question would have been preferred over "We are only guaranteed to help this lady here but you can wait if you want to see if we can get to you". There were still people at the counter and in line by the time the store was supposed to close and the customers were nowhere near done shopping. If you have a cutoff time for receiving customers, it needs to be posted on the door. Maybe I'll give this store a try another different day BUT not any time soon based off of the service I received this time around.

Photo of Delilia Rhodes Delilia Rhodes
May 18, 2022 5

Love it. Mad they close my card

Photo of Suci Farahdilla Suci Farahdilla
May 14, 2022 4

I came for online order pickup. Didn’t wait for long, since it wasn’t many people at that time. There’s only one employee (I wonder how she manage if many people come at the same time), but she was nice and helpful. My Pandora charms that I pickup that day also packed nicely.

Photo of CLH 1 CLH 1
May 7, 2022 5

Amazing selection, location, and service. Picked out my charms online-was in and out in 10 minutes.

Photo of Felecia Kearney Felecia Kearney
Apr 26, 2022 5

The young lady who helped me was the absolute greatest. She was very very helpful. Even convinced me into spending more money 🙂. Very professional. I'll definitely be back soon!!

Photo of Rena Brewington Rena Brewington
Apr 19, 2022 5

Excellent customer service. Jen helped me at the Southpoint location. She loves Pandora as much as I do.