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Oval Drive Park


2200 W Club Blvd
Durham, NC 27704
Phone: (919) 560-4355
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Photo of titsand ass aka The Rajun Cajun titsand ass aka The Rajun Cajun
Jan 11, 2020 5

This looks like a fun place to being kids and let them have fun using their imaginations!

Photo of Elizabeth Lord Elizabeth Lord
Nov 11, 2019 4

Pretty good dim sum for a bit higher price than our usual place on hwy 55. We had to wait a good while for seating and the variety was limited.

Photo of Becky Foster Becky Foster
Aug 30, 2019 5

Great park to take young kids . Plenty of play room and not to crowded

Photo of Simply Educate Simply Educate
Sep 2, 2019 5

It was awesome. Plenty of playground toys for the kids to play with. Clean and clearly a family community. There is even a basketball and tennis court across the street!

Photo of Anubhav Kanotra Anubhav Kanotra
Oct 10, 2019 5

A great place to bring toddlers. We always have wonderful time here.

Photo of Theresa Johnson Theresa Johnson
Jun 25, 2019 5

My grandkids had a wonderful time at oval park today,it was nice and shady there too.

Photo of Sherri Burch Sherri Burch
Jul 1, 2019 5

Enjoy sitting @ park listening to nature. Great place to reflect on earlier Bible Study.

Photo of Christine Jonsdotter Christine Jonsdotter
Apr 28, 2019 3

To crowded, too many broken toys. Big space with nice walking sidewalks around it. Lots of activities to use. Large green space.

Photo of Aaron Madden Aaron Madden
Jun 15, 2019 5

Great place to take kids plenty of toys for kids as well as the park

Photo of Alex Manwill Alex Manwill
Apr 11, 2019 3

Super cute park. It seems like it would really add a lot to the neighborhood for any young family. The sidewalks are a tad small and could use more keeping after as there were toys left unattended. Also wish there was more recreational areas for adults, but no park is perfect.

Photo of Coffey Smith Coffey Smith
Apr 6, 2019 4

Very nice sized park. My kids loved it. I like that it has a variety of activities for different age groups and a ton of bikes and tricycles, trucks and things for kids to play with. I was raised in both England and Brooklyn, so this park reminded me of my outdoor play in London. The other parents weren't very friendly and everyone seemed to be in cliques and very familiar with each other, but that wouldn't stop me from going again. I was too busy watching my Irish twins to immerse in conversation anyway.

Photo of Elizabeth Dawson Elizabeth Dawson
May 9, 2019 5

Great family park for all ages is kids. Very large grass area to run around. Paved path for walking or bikes loops entire park, but fully visible at all times. Great playground for very young and older kids. Also, lots of donated little vehicles and today. We love this park!

Photo of Joseph Dominguez Joseph Dominguez
Oct 3, 2021 5

Really great community park with lots of friendly families

Photo of Levi Ellingboe Levi Ellingboe
Jun 12, 2021 3

Solid 3.49 stars. Nice park but usually a little busy. It is shaded for the most part. There were some random toys and I'm not sure if they were there as part of the park or not.

Photo of Lydia Payne Lydia Payne
Oct 2, 2021 5

Great place to take kiddos. Felt safe even around the streets.

Photo of Jon Z Jon Z
Jul 10, 2021 3

Quaint little park. Tennis courts and 1/2 basketball court was why I ended up there. The basketball court is in just okay condition. The little park with the playground stuff for kids was in way better shape.

Photo of Andrew C-K Andrew C-K
Dec 26, 2021 4

Oval drive park is the quieter sibling of oval park. It's more of a picnic and tennis locale with a fairly underused basketball court. It's a pleasant spot for to bring lunch to or to meet a friend.

Photo of Cynthia Thurston Cynthia Thurston
Jan 5, 2021 5

This park was my favorite in the 90s and my son's favorite in 2004 and still one of a go to spots 4 him now as he's grown but there's a basketball and tennis court on the other side of the park. Now I'm bringing my 2 Year old nephew here in 2021... That's how great this park was and continues to be to our family year after year, generation to generation.... Did you know that on the 4th of July they have a kids parade and all the children decorate their bikes or their wagons and decorate their hair and their outfits and walk with the whole family in the parade .. Or they did im not sure now because of the pandemic. But it was always fun for our family....

Photo of Theda Kennecrist Theda Kennecrist
Dec 4, 2020 4

Any playground without a bathroom is a flawed playground, but otherwise nice.

Photo of Hannah Hiles Hannah Hiles
Aug 30, 2017 5

Great playground to come and explore. All the expected playground equipment, as well as some good climbing structures. Lots of donated bikes and trikes are just hanging around for anyone to use which is always cool. The entire playground is bordered by a sidewalk, perfect for caregivers to stroll around or for little ones to ride along. Some trees offer partial shade. Street parking that is shared by residents, so it may get cramped on the weekends or in evenings. Not a city park, so no restrooms, but there are water fountains.

Photo of Sam Meyen Sam Meyen
Oct 17, 2020 5

It's great for playing tennis, baseball or basketball, you can do anything there.

Photo of Sam M Sam M
Aug 6, 2020 4

Cute little park with swings and horsee jumpers

Photo of Rob Paynter (Rob) Rob Paynter (Rob)
Jul 3, 2020 5

Super spot! Fun Eve Drop

Photo of Jeni D Jeni D
Mar 11, 2020 5

Always a nice clean, inviting atmosphere. We have been going here for at least 10 years, and still love it.

Photo of Tolanda Barnette Tolanda Barnette
Apr 20, 2022 5

It’s usually pretty chill here at this park. The other park is usually pretty full of people and you have to find some place to park as big as the park is! To much work to go to a park!!

Photo of Anastasia Brown Anastasia Brown
Aug 17, 2022 3

Came here for a Meetup group that never was. It's a nice park but there's nothing special about it

Photo of Bobbe Wright Bobbe Wright
Mar 4, 2021 4

Nice neighborhood park centrally located lots of stuff for kids to play on plenty of seating.