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Outback Steakhouse


3500 Mt Moriah Rd
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 493-2202
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Outback Steakhouse

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Photo of Rocket Man Rocket Man
Jun 13, 2019 5

Good service. Nice size portions. Several drink options. Quick preparation. Table bread and butter. Hot plates so be careful. Spicy food options which are marked on the menu. Not too pricey. Inside seating area. Bar area has TVs and lots of drink options. The staff are respectful and knowledgeable. Clean restrooms. Wheelchair accessible. Parking lot structure. Easy to spot in traffic.

Photo of Dr. Alisha Cornell Dr. Alisha Cornell
Jun 12, 2019 3

I only gave 3 stars because of the incredibly long time it took for our food to get to the table but after analyzing the situation I realized that 1 person in particular was the star of the show and deserved 5 stars! DARIUS took care of my giant family party today. We had 16 people and celebrated my son's graduation. The kitchen was incredibly slow and the food was cold, things were completed out of order but DARIUS had the patience of Job. He was never out of character, never complained, never blamed anyone else. He took the HEAT all by himself. No one helped him serve the food, clean the tables, or take the world's most difficult orders from picky eaters. NOT ONE staff person in that restaurant helped him do anything to make our experience better. DARIUS deserves to be a General Manager because anyone else would have quit but not him not DARIUS. I'll go to any restaurant that he runs, that's why we gave him a huge tip. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING DARIUS

Photo of Angela Leid Angela Leid
Apr 8, 2019 1

Husband and I went for lunch. It just opened so we thought the service would be a litter faster. Plenty of workers, few guests and we still did not get the attention we expected. Our server stood around talking to her coworkers. She passed us several times without offering napkins, or even asking if we needed anything. My husband had soup spilled all over his shirt by a different server while exiting the bathroom! The server never came to check on him, the manager was never informed and therefore never checked on my husband . We got through the whole meal before my husband had to ask for a manager to make him aware. We got an apology and a laundry list of how wonderful this server was. THAT'S IT!!! She finally comes from the back to apologize and offers to dry clean his shirt. No thank you, smh . It's a little too late. How about be more professional, courteous and attentive to your guests! A free dessert, a discounted meal, anything immediate?? We won't be back!!

Photo of Patricia Whitaker Patricia Whitaker
May 11, 2019 5

Waitress was very attentive. She anticipated our needs before we realized ourselves. Food was excellent. Definitely will return to this location

Photo of Jeffrey Adams Jeffrey Adams
Apr 16, 2019 5

Always great food and our server Clint has always been very courteous and professional. Always assured that our orders are always correct and that we are always pleased before we leave the restaurant. My family and I will eaten at this outback for several years since its opening.

Photo of Brett Fox Brett Fox
Jun 26, 2019 1

I don't think I will ever go back to this one. What is the point of "call-ahead" if you still have to wait an hour to sit down. The night we went there were a few big parties that arrived shortly before we arrived but we did do online "call-ahead" like 3 hours in advance. There is not reason we should have had to wait more than 15 minutes, much less an hour to be seated. At one point, I walked inside to bounce our infant in the A/C and noticed multiple tables just sitting open. I asked the manager if they were seating all of their tables that evening and she stated that they were. When I inquired about the table that would fit us perfectly, I was told that it needed to be cleaned but that she would look into it. Within a few minutes, a hostess cleaned it and we were seated. They had dirty tables everywhere and three hostesses standing around doing almost nothing. This is unacceptable. Just clean the dang tables and get people seated. On top of that, they forgot our Blooming Onion and while all the food was surpirisngly good for such a busy night, it was a really disappointing experience. And, this wasn't much different from the previous time that we went to this Outback. We will not be coming back.

Photo of Erin Seawell Erin Seawell
Jul 4, 2019 1

By far the absolute worst experience I’ve EVER had at an outback restaurant. took 15 minutes after being seated for our waitress to even acknowledge that we were there, another 15 minutes before we received our drinks. I’ve never had such terrible service at an outback in all my times of eating. I will NEVER eat at this location again! And I will be making an official complaint with corporate.

Photo of Anastacia Newton Anastacia Newton
Jun 24, 2019 4

The food was good, and the service fast. It seemed a bit like they were pushing you out the door, but I understand that many people are on a time crunch at lunch. I knocked it down a star as my drink stayed empty most of the time I was there, and I was never brought the sweetener I requested.

Photo of Shaun Dyk Shaun Dyk
Aug 17, 2019 5

I have never been disappointed coming here. Service is great, servers are very friendly and food is fantastic. I think I have sent a steak back twice in coming here 50 times or so over the past 10 years (only to get cooked a little bit more - never overcooked). Shrimp scampi dip is an excellent appetizer also if you have not tried that.

Photo of Bren Blain Bren Blain
Jul 14, 2019 5

John was our waiter and was very pleasant and quick. The dinning room was clean and just a murmur of talk. Very pleasant. Good food and service. Highly recommend and I will be back.

Photo of Cesar Garcia Cesar Garcia
Jul 19, 2019 5

Great place with really nice servers. Best steaks I've had. I would recommend the bloomin onions for sure they are amazing! Give them a try.

Photo of julie downey julie downey
Sep 24, 2019 5

Love their gluten free options. Great service over many years! Lots of choices can be made your way without a hassle. Friendly and helpful staff. Thank you all... Congrats on your recent anniversary in our community!!

Photo of miriam cresap miriam cresap
Oct 13, 2019 2

The waitress was phenomenal. We loved her. The steaks were oily and over peppered and my God, the SALT! I gave 2 stars for the waitress.

Photo of Toya Young Toya Young
Oct 10, 2019 5

I give these stars to the curbside waitress Zee at this Outback Steakhouse site. She is the sweetness person I have met in the food industry in a long while. It was extremely hot outside so I know walking to my car wasn't the highlight of her day but she was so wonderful. I will return just to have her wait on me. Her attitude could have made the food taste even better.

Photo of Nina James Nina James
Aug 26, 2019 4

First time and really enjoyed it! Beautiful vegetables, pleasant service, and we'll seasoned steak. My only suggestion is that they clean the floors more regularly. They were slippery.