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2512 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Phone: (919) 873-3033
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Photo of Sam Abrams Sam Abrams
Jun 21, 2019 5

My goal is to try the entire menu at this place, because if the rest of the menu is anything like what I got last time, it would be worth every dime. Huge fan of this place, they don't go crazy with the toppings, it's just really good tacos. And definitely don't forget a side of street corn! I really wish I took pictures of the food, but my 6 month old daughter took more of my attention.

Photo of Bart Hubbard Bart Hubbard
Jul 2, 2019 5

Simply the best tacos in Durham. The pinto beans are smoky with bits of pork, the pork butt is salty, tender, and delicious, and the salsa bar has fresh toppings to bring it all together. What to get: pork butt tacos, pinto beans, and try all the salsas with some corn chips.

Photo of Monique Gareau Monique Gareau
Jun 1, 2019 5

My favorite taco place... ever. Super fresh, consistently delicious. Friendly service. Great margaritas... what more could you ask for?

Photo of E Knight E Knight
Jun 9, 2019 3

Better when it was Nana Taco. Prices are not posted for "premium meats" or "market price" so you don't know what the damage is until you finish ordering. You end up paying $12 or $13 for three tacos that are listed at $8. Also they forgot part of my order to go the other day, and the expediter with the glasses bumped my small child almost knocking him down and didn't even apologize. The spicy chocolate shake is not remotely spicy. Food is pretty good, but because of the aforementioned, not really worth going out of my way again.

Photo of Amanda Chase Amanda Chase
Jun 11, 2019 5

Absolutely delicious. They have so many meat options! Their guacamole is amazing and they have a great meat to rice ratio. Their sauce and toppings bar has a lot of options as well. The pickled onions and habaneros topping was tasty. The staff that I interacted with was kind also.

Photo of Mercy Neal Mercy Neal
Jun 11, 2019 4

Cheap, delicious food. Large portion sizes amd a fun variety of salsas and pickles available. Brings the culinary creativity of Durham to American Mexican food. Not what I'd call authentic, but tasty anyway. A bit loud, so not a great place to talk, but a fun place to hang out.

Photo of Ian Wallace Ian Wallace
Jun 2, 2019 5

The name may have changed, but this is still the same delicious Mexican fare that I crave almost every week. In the summer, especially, there is nothing like a plate of nachos with my wife after a hot day at work and yard work. She loves their margaritas. I’ll get a tea, of course, and we’ll sit on the porch and watch the world pass by over some dirty meat tacos.

Photo of Danielle Reyner Danielle Reyner
Mar 29, 2022 5

Great atmosphere, super delicious nachos ( I highly recommend the garlic beef)! Loved Nuvo’s fresh ingredients and relaxed feel. We ordered through an app but the wait staff was still attentive. It’s a super small place so I can see how it’d get crowded quickly, but the food is worth it. I will for sure be back for a milkshake.

Photo of Tracy Shinn Tracy Shinn
Feb 23, 2022 5

Jen and her crew prepared a wonderful lunch for the teachers and staff at our elementary school. The selections and portions for catering were generous and tasty. The teachers and staff really enjoyed their delicious meal!

Photo of Paul Langan Paul Langan
Sep 28, 2021 4

Truly fresh ingredients, great salsa, cilantro, chopped onions bar, and festive atmosphere with tables inside and out. Beers and margarita's available as well as the sweet and unsweetened ice tea, all the usual fountain drinks. New touch free ordering in place, noted on recent visit. Take time, if vegetarian or vegan, as the default menus assume meat as a starter. It was not intuitive how one could build a burrito/taco with rice and beans and not meat. I did bring this up to the very attentive and proactive manager working triage at the door and she indicated that this was something to address that same day with her web developer.

Photo of Jea Hyun Kim Jea Hyun Kim
Jan 28, 2021 5

Initially surprised by the size of the tacos that I got from the 3 taco set. They were almost the same as small sized burritos. Out of garlic beef, rotisserie chicken, and fried calamari tacos, I particularly enjoyed the beef and the calamari. In all the tacos, there was a good balance of veggies and meat. However, the flour tortilla was served a bit cold, and I think it would’ve been much better if they heated them a little more. Definitely recommend the 3 taco set if you’re starving and want something that doesn’t cost too much.

Photo of Bill McKeown Bill McKeown
Jul 17, 2021 5

Excellent food, great service. Went with a crowd. You can order and pay on an app. They were busy, but staff was hustling to serve everyone efficiently. Food was very good. Mixed drinks too. Will definitely continue to eat here.

Photo of Joe M. Joe M.
Jan 26, 2021 5

Love this place! We’ve always had good service and fantastic food. It’s a casual, counter service restaurant (also clear your own table), with indoor and outdoor seating through their back door. Take my word for it and order the fried shrimp tacos, end of story.

Photo of Essence Pearson Essence Pearson
Jan 20, 2021 5

Delicious spot !They have a neat curbside pick up system on their website, you can also place your order from there as well. Lots to choose from and the meals are loaded with meat veggies etc.

Photo of Ona Steele Ona Steele
Jan 5, 2021 5

Best food EVER! Amazing service. Every time I am in NC - it's my go to spot.

Photo of Aaron Freeman Aaron Freeman
Dec 17, 2020 4

V yum. This place has good tacos and fantastic chicken pozole. Take out during COVID has been good also. I recommend trying this place out when you are in a taco mood!

Photo of Elena Woiciechowska Elena Woiciechowska
Nov 5, 2020 3

I would drive from Raleigh just to get some tacos from here! Last night, ordered tacos our and it was the first time I’ve been here since the renaming of the restaurant and I was highly disappointed with the quality of food. It might have been a bad batch but I found the meat and other ingredients to be low quality and not the same it once was. It won’t be soon until we go back. Note: Their allergy awareness was excellent!

Photo of Solanke Omimuyegun Solanke Omimuyegun
Oct 20, 2020 4

The food is yummy. The drinks are yummy. The meats are yummy. The salsa dip station is really nasty but most people do not seem to mind.

Photo of Donna Turner Donna Turner
Oct 3, 2020 5

The bowls are huge and fresh. Side of chips and sauces. Absolutely delicious

Photo of J. Goad J. Goad
Oct 3, 2020 5

Love this place so much. Margarita mix is good. Nachos and tacos are our go-tos, but don’t forget the delicious salsa. We go almost every week.

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 4, 2020 5

NuvoTaco catered my party this past weekend(40 people). They were very easy to work with, extremely responsive to all of my questions and requests. The food was delivered exactly on time when I requested it (thank you Billie).. Everything was very perfect, it tasted great, and generous portions.

Photo of Allie Cat Allie Cat
Sep 14, 2020 3

Quantity of meat in the dishes was great but lack of sauce is why it's not a 4

Photo of Gineen Cargo Gineen Cargo
Sep 15, 2020 5

OBSESSED is the best description. We order out from here almost weekly since covid and the food and service is impeccable.

Photo of Rebecca Karner Rebecca Karner
Aug 21, 2020 5

Fresh and delicious. So many good things to say about this place. Try the pozole if you get a chance, it's delish! We've used them multiple times for catering and the crowd always goes wild for it. Their no-touch pickup during Covid is awesome -- this crew has it down to a science!

Photo of Ann Bantukul Ann Bantukul
Aug 6, 2020 5

Really good tacos with a ton of meat. Chips we're also really good

Photo of Chris Smith Chris Smith
Jul 18, 2020 4

They have done very well with regard to Corona and the ability to get people's orders out to their cars. Good place.

Photo of Della Hasan Della Hasan
Jun 29, 2020 5

I ordered catering from NUVO TACO for a taco bar setup and this was my first time trying them. The staff was very help and the food was great. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Photo of Vivian Voss Vivian Voss
Jun 6, 2020 5

Placed an order for curbside pickup- and it was amazing! Trying someplace new can be tricky, especially right now, but I’m so glad I did. Well priced and DELICIOUS food. They also have margarita mix you can buy! Also delicious!!! Can’t recommend this place enough.

Photo of Rebecca Delk Rebecca Delk
May 18, 2020 4

Nuvotaco is great! It has a fun atmosphere and the food is top-notch. The portions are small for the price though. We recently got the $50 "quick pack" and that seemed like a better deal for us.

Photo of Tiffany A Tiffany A
Mar 12, 2019 5

Amazing food. Reasonably priced. Tons of food for the cost as well! Me and my boyfriend both had leftovers. $5 dollar margaritas that were actually very good for the price. I would definitely return here to eat again. I ordered the burrito bowl with chicken including cheese and sour cream and got the margarita. My boyfriend got the 3 tacos 2 beef and 1 chicken and sweet tea. We both really enjoyed it.

Photo of Lida Fay Lida Fay
Feb 25, 2020 5

Everything was delicious and plenty of it at our buffet at church. Caterer arrived on time with all of the food all of the utensils all of the items needed for set up. I really appreciated all the labels that they had on all of the sauces including the dishes that were vegan. Generous portions and delicious food. I would definitely hire them again

Photo of Tamitha Browning Tamitha Browning
Feb 18, 2020 5

I got their 2 Taco Lunch Special and the Caramel Delight Milkshake. I guess you can say great portions; it was a lot of food over -flowing in each Taco! Milkshake was delicious. First time visitor but will definitely be returning.

Photo of Wilma  Oliver Wilma Oliver
Feb 12, 2020 5

I enjoy eating lunch here. The food is tasty and fresh. The staff is friendly and go out of their way to learn your name, greet you with a smile and deliver a fun atmosphere. The noise level can be high at times when the place is full. At lunch times, the seats fill up fast but turn over quickly. There is an outdoor seating area that is heated during the cool weather and is enjoyable as well.

Photo of Shiv K Shiv K
Feb 10, 2020 5

Discovered this place at random. Loved it. Food is delicious and has a good vibe. Ordered tacos, nachos and margaritas. Offers lot of options vegan and veg included. This place has shakes, will be trying that next time for sure. Reasonably priced and good portions. Per head about $10-$15 depending on your beverage choice.

Photo of Sean Ferguson Sean Ferguson
Jan 30, 2020 5

Great toco spot in Durham, NC! Chill laid back atmosphere and a very friendly staff. The food was delicious and came out fairly quick. We enjoyed outside dinning as we are traveling with our dog. A staff member even took the time to fill a bowl of water for him. My son loved all the homemade salsas.

Photo of Stephen Daniel Stephen Daniel
Jan 28, 2020 5

The menu is interesting and the good was fresh and tasty. Seating is comfortable and not to noisy. To be clear, this is a counter-serve taco shop, not a fine-dining establishment. Good for an informal lunch or a low-key date. As long as you have the right expectations I'm confident you'll enjoy your meal

Photo of Anthony Titus Anthony Titus
Jan 16, 2020 5

Wow! Tacos with a flair & tasty difference on each one of them. I opted to do all three seafood varieties & each was sensational. With rice, black beans, chips w/ my order, I was very full. Price of meal doesn't cause heartburn either. Priced right.

Photo of Dave Drake Dave Drake
Dec 29, 2019 5

Durham's best kept secret. Amazing food - regardless of what you order. And don't miss the milkshakes!

Photo of Marissa Dee Marissa Dee
Dec 9, 2019 4

Taco Tuesday!!! Ended up here on the recommendation of a friend. Great venue, seems like it would be a hole in the wall, but it's awesome inside. Can get very busy and packed here, but it is worth the wait. Food is delicious! I actually loved the queso and drink specials the most.

Photo of shaikh sadique shaikh sadique
Nov 21, 2019 5

The girl who was taking our order was nice enough to explain us what we should get. The service was fast. The staff asked us how was our food once we finished. the quantity of food was nice and quality of ingredients was amazing. The feeling after eating here was amazing. I had a big smile on my face and my belly was full not over full.

Photo of Robert Farmer Robert Farmer
Oct 24, 2019 5

Huge variety of options. Had the vegan chorizo burrito and it was great. Guacamole was fresh and flavorful. Staff was efficient and friendly. Decor is funky and fun, including the bathroom gender signs.

Photo of David Chang David Chang
Oct 26, 2019 5

High quality food and ingredients, generous portions, awesome staff, super affordable. It's busy but for good reason. Definitely recommend this place on any casual meal.

Photo of JamT JamT
Nov 12, 2019 3

This was an interesting hole in the wall restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring your food to you when its ready. It was busy and the menu was limited but more than enough choice for me. A little bit ordinary in the taste department. Quite respectable and worth a look for a quick casual lunch.

Photo of Princess Jay Princess Jay
Nov 17, 2019 5

First time going here with my family. Atmosphere and decor were pretty nice. Family friendly spot, cute date night, or lunch spot with your girlfriends. Guy that took our order was nice. $5 everyday house margarita which was strong. Got 2 orders of the 3 taco deal a soft drink and a margarita, total was about 25 bucks. I got the calamari, grilled shrimp, and pork tacos... all AMAZING. Rice, beans, and nachos came with the order. You definitely get a lot of food for your money. My boyfriend got the chicken and fried shrimp tacos. Fried shrimp taco was great but he wasn't a fan of the chicken. Overall our experience was amazing, and I would recommend to anyone. It doesn't have a full Mexican restaurant menu so don't expect a whole lot of food on the menu but the quality of the food was outstanding and we didn't wait long for our food. Will definitely go again.

Photo of Eben Buxton Eben Buxton
Sep 6, 2019 5

Hands down the best tacos I have had! Use to live in San Diego and in a border town in Arizona and this is the top of the list. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Great staff as well.

Photo of Talie Madans Talie Madans
Sep 6, 2019 5

Absolutely consistently delicious! Had a wonderful lunch at this place and then picked up their signature Margarita mix for the weekend. If you want great food, a cool vibe and a true local Durham favorite please stop by Nuvo Taco!

Photo of Sean Flynn Sean Flynn
Oct 5, 2019 5

More of the relentlessly good food in Durham. Quick service, fair prices, great food. Includes a salsa bar and also you can't beat a $5 house margarita.

Photo of Gary Scherrer Gary Scherrer
Aug 10, 2019 5

Amazing, consistent food! The lunch special of a couple of tacos with your choice of meats, rice, and beans is a bargain based on quantity and more important quality. There are at least a dozen meat selections ranging from rotisserie chicken, pork and beef, The other end of the dirty meat spectrum including pork belly. Seafood and fish is also an option and their calamari tacos are to die for. This place is a once to twice a week staple for me and my entire office. if you're coming for lunch try to be there no later than 15 minutes to noon or expect a wait.

Photo of La Vee Peachee La Vee Peachee
Sep 16, 2019 5

This taco place was really good. I like how you can basically build your own tacos. They have a lost of meats to choose from, choice of corn or flour tortillas and lots of toppings. I had chicken tacos and my husband had the fish tacos. Everything was great!

Photo of Jasmine Gluba Jasmine Gluba
Oct 2, 2019 3

Not that bad, but also not that good... First, the chips and queso were great! The indoor patio seating was nice too! The tacos had great meat, but Taco Bell quality of toppings—cheap shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, all just okay quality. For food that is a lot more expensive than Taco Bell, I was expecting better. If you like authentic Mexican food, this probably isn’t the place for you.

Photo of Jennifer Ferris Jennifer Ferris
Aug 17, 2019 5

Great food and friendly service. My kids love this place and so do I. The meats are great but if I were vegan or vegetarian I'd have plenty of options.

Photo of Nikisha Newman Nikisha Newman
Aug 11, 2019 5

My 1st visit was AWESOME! A very relax and home like atmosphere. Food is great! The staff was very friendly and on point. Ask for Adam...he was awesome! He'll take good care of you. Thanks Adam for the frozen Mojito suggestion. Yummy😋

Photo of Brandi Ricci Brandi Ricci
Jul 26, 2019 5

Food was good and staff was friendly. The spicy Mexican chocolate milkshake was Delicious and I'll definitely be returning for that and their tacos again. Usually I'm not one to eat tacos but these weren't bad!

Photo of Shane Shane
Jun 14, 2022 4

The fried shrimp tacos were delicious. The pork was very juicy and flavorful. The margarita had a bit too much sour for my taste but overall the waiter was great and it was a pleasant experience.

Photo of eric hofmann eric hofmann
Jul 9, 2022 5

Great spot. Good food and atmosphere. Connor’s service is just the cherry on top, if you’re lucky enough you’ll get seated in his section and if it’s not too busy start up a conversation. We don’t just come for the totally tasty tacos, we come for the terrifically tantalizing talk with Connor. Jeremy and Ethan are awesome too. Your chip basket will never be empty.

Photo of April H April H
Jul 23, 2022 5

Just WOW! What a great spot! One of THE BEST margaritas I've ever tasted! Connor was amazing! Jennifer is so personable and really appreciates all her guests. We had the nachos and street corn. DELICIOUS! Will return soon!

Photo of Chris Chris
Aug 5, 2022 5

Great experience the other day. Connor, my server, was pleasant and took my order quickly and promptly placed chips and salsa on my table. My 3 tacos were delicious and arrived sooner then I expected. Connor made sure I didn't run out of salsa, which made me very happy. Nuvo Taco,.....I'll be back.

Photo of Kathy Bovino Kathy Bovino
Aug 12, 2022 5

Nuvotaco was a delicious, authentic experience. Although ordering is done through a QR code, the direct service is very good and efficient. Choices are unique and fresh and can be customized to your taste buds, including the level of heat in your meal. I ordered something I have been craving ever since ..a duck burrito, customized to my liking. So delicious!! The restaurant itself has a laid back and relaxed vibe, perfect for spending time enjoying your meal with friends.

Photo of Tanner Agle Tanner Agle
Jan 22, 2022 5

Adore this place. Best margaritas in the area. Guac and queso are to die for. I love the fish and shrimp tacos myself, but you can’t really go wrong. A regular stop for us whenever we’re in Durham.

Photo of Ewunike Patterson Ewunike Patterson
May 21, 2022 3

I loved that there was an option to order and pay on my phone without having to talk to anyone. And the complimentary chips and salsa was a nice touch. Unfortunately, my salad had way too much lemon on it. The taste was just ok in some bites and ok overpowering in others.

Photo of Tamar A Tamar A
Aug 15, 2022 4

Great margs, friendly people. Solid guac (I added more lime though!), loved the street corn. Vegetarian tacos were OK. But happy they had options! Would love to try the vegan queso.