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Not Just Paper


1010 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 688-6886

Google Reviews

Photo of Varanda Ragland Varanda Ragland
Sep 18, 2021 5

Great, I love them. The staff is always friendly and helpful no matter how many customers are in the store.

Photo of ThaGoodsMTG Goodsell ThaGoodsMTG Goodsell
Jan 27, 2022 5

David is the man, helped us save some money and get exactly what we needed - give him all your business!!

Photo of Kenneth Williams Kenneth Williams
May 28, 2021 5

LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL! Great staff, they treat you like family! Great products, if they don't have it they probably can find it. They had everything people needed in stock to keep us safe for Covid. I love the people here and their service. I wish I could give them 20 stars!!!

Photo of Ronald Corey Ronald Corey
Nov 10, 2021 5

Great variety of merchandise at a fair price and super-friendly staff.

Photo of Sherita Tharrington Sherita Tharrington
Aug 14, 2021 5

I was discouraged while shopping online for bulletin board paper (it was fancy 🙂). I was so excited once I saw it today! Not Just Paper was not on my radar until a coworker mentioned it to me. It was great seeing all the various products and great variety. I found just what I needed! Thanks Not Just Paper!

Photo of Lovely Saunders Lovely Saunders
Dec 15, 2020 3

Wonderful place for all my school supplies needs in 1 spot. I have been a customer here for years. I dont get greeted every time. Workers are definitely not friendly non will they acknowledge you while you are looking around. But the warehouse has great prices for my business.

Photo of Jacqueline Nielsen Jacqueline Nielsen
Nov 18, 2020 5

Always great service and have the supplies I need for my classroom.

Photo of Kenny Thompson Kenny Thompson
Sep 5, 2020 4

Got all the things you need

Photo of Brian Hicks Brian Hicks
Sep 4, 2020 5

I love this place. I have never ventured into the front of the place, I usually just buy goods in the warehouse where they keep food service stuff. Great old building, great staff. One day I'll take the time to see all the teacher resources and stuff. Oh. Highly recommend you open a cash account even if you're not a business. There is an associated discount.

Photo of beastClanEver YT beastClanEver YT
Sep 13, 2020 5

Great place to shop for supplemental learning aids, like flash cards, workbooks and games, as well as test booklets. Always spend too much when we go because there're so many fun and cool educational items to choose from. Most items are reasonably priced so splurging doesn't feel bad.

Photo of Mamie Green Mamie Green
Aug 24, 2020 5

Great Deals For Kids All ages and Business

Photo of Emma Marie Thomas Emma Marie Thomas
Aug 31, 2020 5

Super unassuming store, but it’s a great place for all your party needs! Shopping local is very important, so before going to a chain, stop here and get what you need for a celebration!

Photo of Scott Beer Scott Beer
May 5, 2018 5

Great people, outstanding service.

Photo of Ashleigh Thomas Ashleigh Thomas
Jul 21, 2019 5

locally owned store sells office goods; cards and wrapping paper; and back-to-school supplies for both students and teachers. staff is wonderfully friendly. allows dogs in store.

Photo of Linda Barnett Linda Barnett
Oct 18, 2018 4

Not just paper has the idea supplies needed for a social and or elegant party. They also have an area with supplies in bulk. Their prices are very reasonable and they also have festive balloons, that will maintain shape for several weeks. I highly recommend this store!

Photo of Sarah Chittenden Sarah Chittenden
Mar 14, 2019 5

Very helpful staff with an extensive selection of paper products for home or business. They also have classroom supplies and party supplies and decor.

Photo of John Dinyari John Dinyari
Jun 7, 2019 5

Great selection of cleaning supplies and assortment of paper bags (gift bags with handles) squeegees, squirt/mister bottles, paper napkins, lots more

Photo of Tammie Mcgill Tammie Mcgill
Mar 26, 2019 5

A great place to go if you need educational materials for home or classroom. This place has everything from teaching your child to teaching your students. I highly recommend this place!!!

Photo of Kala W Kala W
Apr 30, 2022 5

This place is a hidden gem! Was looking for cake boxes at Michaels (they were out) when another customer overheard and told me about this place. This place has amazing selection and great prices! And it’s a small business so that’s a huge plus. Between here and the Scrap Exchange, hopefully I’ll never have to step foot into overpriced Michaels ever again

Photo of karen newell karen newell
Aug 7, 2021 5

I can ALWAYS find what I need.

Photo of Julius Prescott Julius Prescott
Mar 29, 2021 5

This is a great local business w/ wonderful & friendly employees.

Photo of Ronni Fischer Ronni Fischer
Jul 2, 2022 4

The supplies in the food service area is great. They had everything I needed

Photo of Mary Okafo Mary Okafo
Jul 24, 2022 5

I love this place the have all your needs if you cater, or you are an educator it's at Not Just Paper!

Photo of Elizabeth “Izzy” McDonald Elizabeth “Izzy” McDonald
Feb 12, 2021 5

I get all my most-needed supplies from Not Just Paper. I run a small business, and these guys are super fast and accommodating even on last-minute orders. They never put me on the back burner like some larger vendors have in the past. What a lifesaver to have found this place, especially this past year when cleaning supplies were so hard to find. Amazing customer service!