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2812 Erwin Rd
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 383-4747
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Photo of Jay Curley Jay Curley
Mar 20, 2019 5

Went here at 11:30 am and was happy and surprised to be able to get a fantastic egg sandwich in a wrap. Also the coffee was excellent. My wife had a really nice home made biscuit with cheese and egg and the service was very good as well. I would definitely go back.

Photo of Raymond Vagell Raymond Vagell
Mar 7, 2019 5

Great coffee and great love. I love their iced Rocket Fuel. Sandwiches are tasty as well as their kettle chips and dips. I like the hummus dip the most. After you order they will give you a card for your table (featuring cute cats/dogs). The server will then bring you your food. Coffee are free refill.

Photo of Kelli Ellington Kelli Ellington
May 13, 2019 5

My husband and I went after a flight from Michigan. So we came with an appetite.. I had breakfast he had a huge burger. The atmosphere was great and the food and smoothies were delicious! Wish they had s location in Michigan

Photo of Amy Comer Amy Comer
May 7, 2019 5

My mother and I ate here for lunch today. Not only was it delicious, but Wendy gave me some of the best customer service I have ever received. We will absolutely be back next time we are in town! I had the chicken sandwich and it was delicious!!

Photo of Gailyn Terkelsen Gailyn Terkelsen
May 3, 2019 4

A Fun, relaxed campus like atmosphere with interesting natural food options. We were at the hospital for a doctor visit and unfamiliar with the area. This was a good chouce for a casual lunch.

Photo of linda leathers linda leathers
Mar 10, 2021 5

My new best spot to eat.

Photo of Jay Curley Jay Curley
Mar 20, 2019 5

Went here at 11:30 am and was happy and surprised to be able to get a fantastic egg sandwich in a wrap. Also the coffee was excellent. My wife had a really nice home made biscuit with cheese and egg and the service was very good as well. I would definitely go back.

Photo of Ciro Mcalpine Ciro Mcalpine
Sep 4, 2020 5

I've had lunch at this restaurant three times over the past year and was very satisfied with my meal each time. I've usually had a panini style sandwich or a salad. Service is fast and the staff is friendly. Please note this restaurant is located close to Duke University so it can be very crowded at lunchtime depending on the time of year.

Photo of Explore Raleigh Explore Raleigh
Sep 25, 2018 5

Pretty dope place! Great spot for breakfast & lunch. Really good coffee. If you're in the area and hungry this is a great option!

Photo of James Mc James Mc
Mar 8, 2020 5

Nosh has some great food choices for the whole day but my favorite is breakfast. Everything you order just has its own unique flavor.

Photo of Melissa Downing Melissa Downing
Mar 16, 2020 5

The food was great. And the music was outstanding. I didnt know if I should eat or dance. It was amazing loved it

Photo of S White S White
Feb 8, 2020 4

I just had this for the first time and it was so good! The bread was soft and the slices of meat were really good quality. I had the pasta salad as well, it was bland so I won't try that again but i will be back to try something else

Photo of Caitlin Alcala Caitlin Alcala
Feb 9, 2020 5

How can Nosh make a simple Rocket Salad so good? And their sandwiches so yummy? Been here 100 times and never had a bad meal.

Photo of Steve Knoblock Steve Knoblock
Feb 1, 2020 4

Light and fluffy pancake. Tasty and fluffy scrambled eggs. Thick cut flavorful bacon. Fresh tasting potatoes.

Photo of Daniel Stepel (The last Baby Boomer) Daniel Stepel (The last Baby Boomer)
Dec 7, 2019 4

The best way to describe this place is to use their own words. They are eclectic. That is, they offer a wide variety of tasty foods derived from a broad and diverse range of sources. Add to this that most of their dishes and desserts are homemade. If you are here for breakfast I suggest the double egg biscuit. I do not think that is on the menu but ask them and they will make it for you. I also highly recommend the hummus and roasted peppers. They have a catchy name for it but I can't recall it right now. To sum it up Nosh serves up fresh delish eclectic food with great service at a reasonable price.

Photo of Justin Rogers-Cooper Justin Rogers-Cooper
Dec 1, 2019 5

Lovely, friendly spot for breakfast, coffee, lunch, and the like. We had great breakfasts, including an all-star egg, cheese, bacon, and tomato biscuit. The coffee you serve yourself in homey mugs, and the cheerful staff bring you your order to the table with a number or sign. Efficient, clean operation with bright sunny windows and tucked into a nice spot. Local wall decorations and a peaceful, relaxing vibe. Observed many happy families, friends, and customers chatting.

Photo of Justin Perry Justin Perry
Nov 16, 2019 5

Each Nosh is unique and has some of the best food in the state! Try Ronnie's gravy if you get a chance!

Photo of kelly harding kelly harding
Aug 27, 2019 5

Delicious!!! The biscuits are huge and fluffy The scrambled eggs were just right especially with added cheese. The bacon and especially the sausage were perfect.

Photo of S Woods S Woods
Sep 21, 2019 5

Nosh is one of those places that warms my heart just to think about it. The food isn't just good -- it's sincere. The atmosphere is always welcoming.

Photo of Hans Rumble Hans Rumble
Sep 11, 2019 5

I got the the "Duke Slammer" which consisted of a HUGE pancake, FRESH turkey sausage (or bacon or regular sausage if you choose), eggs, and you can choose from cheesy grits, fresh fruit, or curry potatoes. I got the curry potatoes, in my opinion they weren't that great. Traded them out for fresh fruit, which was amazing and truly fresh

Photo of Patrick Nalley Patrick Nalley
Aug 31, 2019 3

Hard to find place, even using Google Maps. However, once found a delightful dining experience. Came for breakfast at about 11 a.m., ordered from the menus on the wall, paid at the cash register, and then went to find a seat. Breakfast was delivered, but then realized I had to go pick out my own silverware and napkins. I had biscuits and sausage gravy with some quartered fried or roasted potatoes on the side. It was very good. Ate the whole thing. My friend had a traditional breakfast, scrambled eggs sausage potatoes. He seemed to like it too. We stayed about an hour after breakfast talking to each other, I think because the setting was just perfect for that kind of activity. I'd go there again.

Photo of Misha Price Misha Price
Jul 19, 2019 4

Great breakfast! Close to the hospital for a post work meal. Best pancakes (add Blueberries)!

Photo of Heath Buckmaster Heath Buckmaster
Aug 14, 2019 4

We visited Nosh for the first time today because we happened to be in Durham and we were recommended by another local business. The staff was helpful and friendly and provided some extras that we asked for. The food tasted fresh and the restaurant was clean and fun. There are board games available to play and there's nice outdoor seating facing the parking lot. I had the steak wrap which was crunchy and delicious. The cole slaw was less memorable but fine. The parking is limited right up front but there is a large parking structure right next to the stores. It seems like it's popular with Duke students.

Photo of Jazmin Minor Jazmin Minor
Aug 29, 2022 5

Very friendly staff! The pita wraps were delicious. The sweet pickles on the wraps tasted great with the hummus. The service and the wait time was also quick. The outside dining area is cute and chill.

Photo of John Morris John Morris
Aug 2, 2018 4

Cleanliness 5/5. Tables were wiped off. Utensils and cups appeared clean. No food debris on floors. Service 3/5. I wondered what tipping is for when you serve and refill your own drinks and put your own dishes away. The only service we received was when our food was brought out to us. Price 4/5. Two meals, two coffees and an extra side brought our breakfast to $28. Reasonable. Quality 4/5. The bacon tasted a little stale, as if precooked some time before that day. My wife and I weren't a huge fan of the parmesan cheese saturation in our two different orders of eggs (Egg pancakes and Maggie's scramble) and felt it dominated, and stripped away at the flavors of the other ingredients. The curry potatoes were...different. Overall, we would come back.