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Northern Free Will Baptist Church


405 Orange Factory Rd
Bahama, NC 27503
Phone: (919) 477-6235
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Photo of Jeratha Carver Jeratha Carver
Aug 18, 2018 5

If you are looking for a great church with an awesome preacher come here to visit I bet you will stay

Photo of The Vaping Sportsman The Vaping Sportsman
Aug 21, 2017 5

The members of here are friendly and greet everyone accordingly. Pastor Norman preaches with such fire and conviction, he brings the word of God to life.

Photo of Tracey Gordon Sheets Tracey Gordon Sheets
Dec 27, 2016 5

Preacher Norman Gordon is very dedicated. His sermons are based on the teachings of the Bible. Great youth program with lots of dedicated members. Very friendly congregation to Welcome you to the Church.

Photo of tracy carnell tracy carnell
Jun 7, 2013 5

When I was at Northern Free Will when Preacher Billy Toler was there, I learned so much. I loved his preaching skills and the ability to show companion to people with out judging them. Just about every church I went to, people judge you by what you wear, how much money you have, if you live in a nice house etc.. some people made you feel that was at Northern, but the Preacher was the one I was listening to. Now that he is gone and the preacher that proceeded him was horrible, I choose to leave. I may not live the high and mighty life and I may not be what others think I should be, but I am right with my Lord and Savior. And I owe Preacher Billy Toler for showing me my way back to him.

Photo of Stefan Wolfe Stefan Wolfe
Jul 9, 2017 5

Great church, very welcoming!!!