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Nora's African Groceries


4837 NC-55
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 680-6618
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Nora’s African Groceries was founded by Monica Boston, a Sierra Leonean business woman who has over 29 years of retail experience in management. Our company’s objective is to bring the motherland to you.

Google Reviews


Photo of BJ Slater BJ Slater
Dec 8, 2020 5

Fun selection of food, save a very nice and helpful proprietor.

Photo of biggs atl biggs atl
Jan 26, 2020 5

Owner very nice good products. Will return

Photo of Micaela Laporte Micaela Laporte
Jan 17, 2021 5

It was a pleasant experience going to Nora's African groceries it was my first time there the owners was very helpful in helping me find the things that I wanted to look for. It was a regular day at the grocery everything was already be to be stocked up and there's plenty of people there people were socially distancing what looking for their stuff. There are plenty of snacks here and there and hot peppers everywhere is back that was I was looking for. Again, great place great people looking forward to coming back again

Photo of Nadege Ouedraogo Nadege Ouedraogo
Nov 21, 2021 5

The store is nice, very furnished and the lady and the man who were there were super nice. I was comfortable shopping there. I wish there was an online store where I could shop cause I was just visiting from the west coast. Keep up the great job guys. I really had a good experience shopping there.thank you!!

Photo of Tenita Poole Tenita Poole
Jan 22, 2022 5

I love that this store has everything my daughter needs when experimenting with African cooking!!! The owner is super sweet and very friendly.

Photo of ONY N ONY N
Oct 18, 2021 5

Good selection of African groceries and non- groceries,you will find most things you need, I am also glad to occasionally find some rare vegetables like water leaf,green, garden egg. She has the most affordable prices.

Photo of M M M M
Oct 5, 2021 5

Favorite African Food items always available. Reasonable prices and friendly customer service.

Nov 23, 2021 4

An African convenient shop where all African foodstuff and some clothing and drinks can be bought

Photo of Alfred Conteh Alfred Conteh
Mar 2, 2020 5

Very nice and friendly place to shop, beautiful African dresses, bags and hair products. I will RECOMMEND this place to anyone that needs African groceries or clothing.

Photo of rafik Tarbari rafik Tarbari
Nov 27, 2019 5

Great customer service! Many African products available. I didn't regret going there.

Photo of Rebecca Tshilumba Rebecca Tshilumba
Jul 25, 2019 5

I went there for the first time and the lady at the check lane was very nice. She helped me find what I came to look for and carried her beautiful smile till the end. I would recommend this store to everyone and I am definitely making it one of my favorite African store

Photo of Dlama and Amy Drambi Dlama and Amy Drambi
Feb 4, 2020 5

Its a one stop for all you need to have a happy African and Carribean delicacy

Photo of Nancy Izah Nancy Izah
Jan 1, 2020 5

They got all I need to prepare my Nigerian delicacy